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Well the start to another week why can't time slow down.Went to see Emily yesterday she is 1 today where has the time gone.The weather is lovely hope it stays for a little while.

  Becky x
margaret rorie

Like you Becky, I think time seems to be going so quickly - you think on Monday you have loads of time and before you know it, it's Friday.

It's been a gorgeous day here today so hubby and I made a start on painting the windows.  However the local forecast is for rain for tomorrow!

I've had a busy weekend - I was helping out at the RNLI Open Day on Saturday - it was really busy and I think the event raised lots of money.  Managed to get a card done for a challenge yesterday before going to see Barbara Dickson in the evening.  She was performing with Rab Noakes and they did a variety of songs.  I felt sorry for her because they had difficulty getting to Shetland due to fog in the morning and then their luggage didn't arrive so Barbara had to go to Tescos to get something to wear ending up with a very fetching jumper covered in sequins!

Hope you all have a good week.  Margaret

what a promotion for Tescos! Bet they were rather stressed tho -hope you enjoyed it and have been taking things a bit easier the last couple of days.
I have been taking it easier than usual as I didn't feel great yesterday but did manage a little sewing and finishing the hanging baskets today. It got really blustery this afternoon so didn't sit out much.

This weekend has been the Craft Barn Extravaganza weekend and I've done the Friday and Monday masterclasses! On my way to yesterday's class a tree came down in front of me making me late. I was running a bit tight for time as it was but having to turn round and take the scenic route made me really late. I have spent today trying to complete my project. I am determined not to have any UFOs (un finished objects)!

I came home via M&S where I bought dinner, which consisted of a quiche and salad. When I got my purchases home I discovered that I had picked up a gluten free quiche and I have to say it was delicious. Pastry really crispy. Filling really tasty.

Becky I am so in agreement with you. In a few days time it will be the longest day of the year and then it will be downhill all the way to Christmas! The weeks just whizz by. I don't really want time to drag but might be nice if it slowed down just a little.

Your Tesco sounds as though it is pretty well stocked Margaret - lucky for Miss Dickson, she would have struggled in ours. Having said that, we do have M&S in the same complex so she would have been ok.

Lovely warm day today, hoping it will be nice tomorrow too but I am told that rain is forecast. Oh well, we've had a run of good weather so I mustn't grumble.

Hope you feel better very quickly Vonny.

Mickie x

Morning all bet Tesco was pleased wonder if they actually twigged it was Barbara Dickson.
You have been busy Mickie hope you finish your project and do show us.
Hope you are feeling better Vonny off out crafting today haven't a clue what I am doing  Very Happy.
Hope we can keep the nice weather for a bit longer.

     Becky x

Morning all. Beautiful day again today but I think thunder is forecast for late on.

Have been sitting in the garden - it is really very nice to be able to do that during the week.  

Vonny hope you are feeling a bit better.

Enjoy your craft club Becky and do let us know what you did.

Will post photos later of latest projects.

Have a nice day

Mickie x

Good evening all.....

It looks like you have all been up to loads and been busy Smile

I can only apologise for being away for so long. I mentioned that I had been having a hard time.... I am currently waiting for an operation - hopefully in a couple of months.

But worse than that...... today , after 3 months, I have been cleared of a rather nasty and horrible bullying and harassment allegation - it literally tore me apart.  I am now feeling very tired, very teary (with relief) and enjoying a large glass of wine!!  I knew it was all untrue but it has been really, really horrid!

I'm just incredibly lucky that I have so many wonderful friends Smile

So - this weekend I will be crafting..... need to hurry with my swaps etc!  And can, hopefully, sleep tonight!

sorry to hear that you have been having a horrid time Miriam -that on top of your poor health is really a lot to cope with. glad that you were fully vindicated and that you can enjoy some crafting -and a glass of wine or two.

thanks for the well wishes I have taken it easy and been rather lazy this week which has been lovley- i wasn't ill enough not to go to work (if i was working) but a bit under the weather and am now able to choose to take things a bit slower. Will be back to full on next week I'm sure.

Miriam I am so sorry you had such a bad time but relieved that you have been exonerated.  Enjoy the wine, you have deserved it.  I am hoping there will be no more stress before your operation.  

Good to see you Vonny!  Glad it is nothing serious.

I decided that I really do need to build some exercise into my day and so I walked into town for my magazine.  Decided that a cuppa at the Beach Hut Cafe would be good and ended up on the beach eating ice cream.  

How was Craft Club Becky?

Mickie x

Well went to craft club and did nothing but chat and catch up  Laughing .
I am so glad it has been sorted Miriam I knew it would turn out ok hope they have got rid of the one who accused you you can now relax and get better fingers crossed the op will happen soon it has been long enough.
Glad you are feeling better Vonny.
Ice cream sounds nice Mickie hope you enjoyed it.
Nothing planned for today going with the flow struggling a bit with crafting but must do some cards.

  Becky x
margaret rorie

You have had an awful time recently, Miriam. Glad it's been resolved now.

Vonny - hope you're feeling better now.

Planning to do some more painting this morning then do the supermarket shop. Looking forward to lots of crafting over the next few weeks while hubby is watching the World Cup! Hope you all have a good weekend. Margaret

Crumbs Friday evening already! Where did that week go - and I am here on my own too  Laughing

Miriam what a time you have had - do take care. And you too Becky and I hope you are feeling better now Vonny.

Like you Margaret I've been painting outside - I am now fed up with fences so I might tackle the shed tomorrow. What a lovely story about Barbara Dickson!

I have got loads of crafting done in the evenings - one night I didn't go to bed until 2am and saw the sun came up, but I was on a roll Laughing Difficult to take step by step photos though! I have had to complete two and a bit months of DT projects for the period that I am away, but I seem to almost be there now. It takes just as long to do the photographs and the blog post sometimes - but I am so lucky and really enjoying it. Tim Holtz seems to like my work - I've had seven pieces pinned in the last month.

Have a great weekend everyone x

Haven't done much today.  Am saving myself for book club tomorrow when back up the A22 I go. Rolling Eyes  Still it is good to be busy this month.  I will take it easier next month I think.

I'm loving the football - have a collection of DVD's to watch as even with all those channels, there is still nothing much on the telly is there?  I will be in danger of crafting all night and sleeping in the garden all day if the weather is nice.  So nice to be able to indulge in uninterrupted crafting.  

Well done to you Jennie for getting two months worth of work under your belt.  I wish I was as focused.  I am so easily side tracked these days  Laughing

So ladies, have a lovely weekend.  Expect you will be celebrating Miriam - enjoy!

Mickie x

I agree with you Mickie not much on telly I can see why you don't have one Vonny.

You are doing so well with your crafting Jennie and well done for getting so much done I am struggling with even doing a card let alone anything else.

You can really relax now Miriam and have a fun weekend crafting.

Not sure what we are doing today the way I feel it will be nothing going to see Dad tomorrow.

        Becky x

Another grey day, but dry and no wind, so more outdoor painting this afternoon.

I have been finishing some bits and pieces off this morning and have everything photographed ready to go on my blog. I find it actually easier to do a whole load together - whilst one is drying I am doing something else on another. The problem is with six weeks away I can completely forget what I used to do - Mr mojo problem - so I have even got September's pieces sampled out so I will be ready to go  Laughing

Thankfully we are not a football house so the world cup is not really a problem - rugby however .

Have a great weekend x

Well it is dull and overcast here this morning but very stuffy.Of fto see Dad
this afternoon going for supper which will be nice. I started a journal page last night and would like to finish it this morning.

      Becky x

Hope you got your journal page finished Becky

It is grey over here too but quite warm.  A taking it easy after Book Club yesterday. I still have mine to finish off so will be doing that later.  In the meantime I shall watch Wallander.

Enjoy your day everyone

Mickie x

you all sound very busy crafting -it must be hard work to get ahead Jennie, I only just cope with the ATCs. Managed to get these done today as it is not sunny so don't mind staying in. Yesteday I was spinning in public at a Carnival in a local village -got rained on for a short while but luckily the gazebo was up so we huddled under it- unfortunately all the people on the floats got soaked!

Another week looms and I will be back to all my exercise activities  Smile Forum Index -> General
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