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Morning all well another lovely sunny day lets hope it stays with us for a while  although  I have to avoid the sun but it means I can stay in and craft.

      Becky x

Hey lovely ladies,

Apologies for not being very chatty on these general boards lately but life seems to be keeping me busy recently, but mostly in a good way Smile

I went to a Dabble day in Leighton Buzzard last Sunday and we made 6 different projects which really opened my eyes to some new products, new techniques and ideas. One of which I used on this months CS stamp ATCs. I'm going to get home and when I get a spare 5 minutes I shall take pictures of my completed projects and create a gallery on here for you all to see. I can't wait for the next one which should be in October.

I hope you're all well
margaret rorie

A dabble day sounds like great fun - love to see your work on your gallery, Rachel.  Your ATCs were super. Margaret

Dabble days are brilliant - you can try new things and see if you like them before making an expensive purchasing error Wink  n Look forward to seeing what you have done Rachel

Any excuse Becky Wink

Art class went amazingly well this morning once the tutor sorted me out!  I really must learn to pay more attention.  Might let you guys see this one once I finish it

Went shopping for an outfit to wear to my nephew's wedding.  Didn't see anything at all.  Of course I forgot that the sales would have started so it isn't going to be easy.  that should teach me to leave it to the last minute Rolling Eyes

the dabble day sounds great Rachel and glad it inspired you.

Sorry the shopping didn't go well Mickie- i hate it when you just HAVE to buy something as this automatically clears the shops of anything you like  Laughing

Line dancing this morning then a bit of crafting this afternoon

I love the idea of a dabble day Rachel - sounds fabulous! Looking forward to seeing your gallery.

News of a dabble weekend - I heard yesterday about Andy skinner doing a Sunday workshop in Coventry in November so I have managed to book!!! I am doing Saturday with Michelle Webb so a worthwhile weekend given the travelling.  It is being run by Tando and I think there are still a few places left on the Sunday workshop with Andy Skinner. Am I excited  Very Happy  Very Happy  Very Happy

It has been a hectic weekend entertaining Norwegian textile visitors (as you do!) and then last night and today packing up the boat as Terry has a good forecast for sailing to Faroe. He leaves at 4am in the morning. So now I am sitting here with everything finished. I need to now start on the house which looks like a tip  Crying or Very sad

I hope you find a wedding outfit Mickie - I always find I can never find anything when I need an outfit.

You will enjoy the workshop with Andy Skinner Jennie a really nice guy lets hope you are up and about by then. If Terry is off on Mrs Muir does this mean you are having your hols.
Do hope you find something to wear Mickie I tend to buy to early and then don't like it when the time comes  Laughing
Off crafting today not sure I will get a lot done had a bad night. We are also catching up with Grandaughter Emily who is 2 today.

     Becky x

Jennie well done getting on the workshop with Andy Skinner.  Are you staying at Great Lakes Golf Resort?  If you are it is a nice venue.  They have a lot of crafty events there and if you keep your eyes open you will be able to pick up lots of beads and brads that seem to bypass the vacuum cleaners Laughing In the meantime, enjoy your "holiday".

Think I might have found a dress for the wedding - had to order it though because they didn't have my size in the shop.  I'm hoping that when it comes, it will a) fit and b) go with my jacket.

Shame you had a bad night Becky.  Hope you manage to enjoy the crafting and I know you will enjoy Emily's birthday  Will there be cake?

Not such a good day here.  Before I left for the hairdressers I looked on my BBC weather app to see what was occurring and it showed sunshine and cloud so I didn't bother with anything weather proof.  Half way there the rains came down!  Happily it had stopped by the time I reached the car park otherwise I would have been able to cut out the wash part of my hairdressing treat Wink

at least it rained before the hair do Mickie!
cold and windy here again.
Had lunch with my parents which was lovely- we are trying all the venues that do special meal deals -£4,99 for 8oz steak today and pretty good too. Also a 2 course over 60s meal for £3.99 or an extra pound for a 3rd course. Service a bit slow but not a problem unless you have to rush off in the afternoon.
margaret rorie

There are some advantages of getting older! Margaret

Beautiful day here today.  Had lunch in the garden but couldn't stay out there too long - it was too hot for me Rolling Eyes   I bought a thermometer this morning to hang on the shed near the house, which is in the shade, it read 20 degrees!  Shall get another thermometer next week to hang on the shed at the bottom of the garden which is in the sun.  Think it might be interesting to see the difference in temperature from one end to the other..  I've nothing better to do you know Rolling Eyes

Your meals out sound to be terrific value Vonny.  I do agree there definitely are some advantages to getting older - not least of which is that you get paid for staying at home to craft (although they don't include an allowance for that in their sums do they? Laughing )

I'm jealous- it has been very cold here -6 degrees first thing, and windy. Sun did come out late afternoon but still not very warm. hopefully your sunshine is coming my way Mickie  Smile

Craft and coffee session today and got some knitting done. Am also trialling a simpler accounting sysyem which now seems to be going ok -except there was a Jersey 20p in the takings so i have got to work out how to account for this!

Well it is bloomin freezin up here in the very north. Had both the lights and heating on today.

Terry had to return after 10 hours sailing to Faroe as the weather was worse than forecast but he is having another go tomorrow. There seems to be a reasonable weather window but the wind is just not doing what it is supposed to do. Needless to say I have got nothing done these last couple of days - he was bored stiff today with everything packed away and everything else on the boat.  So we made cakes and fudge  Very Happy Absolutely no hope for my waistline  Laughing Hopefully get some crafting done tomorrow  Very Happy

Morning all sorry to hear Jennie that Terry had to turn around but I guess that is something you get use you if you sail hope he has better luck next time.
I don't get my pension yet, heating allowance or a bus pass so I don't exist after 62 years I am a nobody  Crying or Very sad  Crying or Very sad but I don't care  Laughing  Laughing
Mum had her op yesterday it went well she had it done under local anesthetic  so will pop round to see her and change her dressing Keith will do some shopping for her.Going to craft club tonight.
   Becky x

The sun is out today but so is the pesky wind which is blowing all that lovely warmth away it seems. Hopefully it'll die down later but to be honest I'm not too bothered as I'm stuck inside at work all day anyways. I'm just thankful for the lighter evenings now so I'm not leaving in the dark Very Happy

Jennie, I'm glad Terry is sensible enough to turn back, I've heard horror stories from my boyfriend when he's gone out on his best friends boat when the weather has turned rough. Thankfully his friend isn't too much of a risk taker either.
Mickie, hopefully the dress is everything you want it to be. It's always a good feeling when you've found the right thing for just the occasion, even when it was a headache getting to that eventuality.
Vonny, I'm sure Jersey money is "legal tender" (according to the voice of Michael McIntyre in his comedy sketch)
Becky, my mum is in the same boat as you at the moment at 61, awkward middle ground between getting money off for her haircut, but not allowed to get a bus pass. I wish your mum a speedy recovery.

I've got all my photos taken, now just to get onto my tablet and upload them onto here later during my lunch break hopefully. Going to Slimming World straight after work tonight so hopefully once that's all finished and if my waistline is working in the right direction I can spend the rest of my evening giving my craft desk a thorough sorting out, it's in dire need of one.

Fingers crossed for the waistline Rachel but do be very careful about the desk Rolling Eyes  Mind you, searching for stuff you could just lay your hands on before the tidying can be a good total body workout Wink

Interesting about the bus passes - they dole them out from age 60 here.  It is all very confusing.

Shame the weather was against the trip to Faroe.  Hope the second attempt goes without a hitch and Terry gets there safe and sound and you can get some stuff done Jennie.

Hope Keith's mum makes a good recovery Becky.  Enjoy Craft Club.

I'm off to the Clarity open day at Crowborough tomorrow.  Got the tickets in January and now I'm not so sure I want to go Rolling Eyes  That probably means I shall enjoy myself.  I am not sure about the direction they seem to be veering towards

Becky- in our view you are definitely not a nobody. It is interesting that some people give discounts to pensioners (well I get a pension but not a state one) others to over 60s (which is clear) and others to OAPs -not sure what age this is.
Glad to hear the op went well

Rachel good luck with the dieting -always a bit easier in the summer except for ice cream -but been to cold for that recently.

Mickie-enjoy your clarity day- I'm sure you will find something od interest and to spend money on!

Been much hotter here tho still a bit blowy but did sit outside for a while to try to start a bit of a tan. Did £D decoupage cards with my craft group today which was new for most of them and they made a good job of them. they all had male themes ready for Fathers day.
Knitting group tomorrow morning

When it comes to deciding when old age begins Vonny, I was told that that is always ten years on from where you are now Laughing  Laughing

Lovely to hear all your news Rachel - hope this evening was successful (slimming and craft room!!). I have just been clearing out a dire corner and found some Gelatos I didn't even know I had  Embarassed These are in addition to the ones I do have and don;t know what to do with.

Yes it is strange that at 60 here in Scotland we do get our bus pass and two free return trips on the ferry each year which is fabulous. Concessions at the cinema are good here too. No cheap menus though.

Well Terry tried again for today but it was obvious the wind was going to be against him so he didn't even leave the berth. I think Faroe is probably off for this year, but I think he is going to leave for Orkney on Saturday and then to the West Coast. He has again been rattling around the house wondering what to do with himself. If the weather had been better I would have given him a paint brush and the paint and pointed him in the direction of the garden gates  Laughing

I was demonstrating spinning today at the Textile Museum and met some lovely visitors.

Have a great time at Clarity Mickie. I have been saying to myself while tidying up today - no more stamps, no more stamps ….. but well  you know there is always another one you need  Laughing Laughing

Well, I had a lovely time at the Clarity Open Day.  Weather was great, if a little too warm (26 degrees on my way home at 5.00pm).  Kept saying no more stamps but three sets crept into my basket Rolling Eyes

Don't think anyone was demoing anything new as such.  (Except Barbara was showing her new parchment craft stuff)  More like showing a different approach to old techniques.

Think it was such a good day because I met so many people I craft with at other venues.  It almost felt as though we had agreed to meet up and catch up with everyone's news and plan future workshops. Laughing

Am now very much looking forward to the Clarity Retreat towards the end of July.

Hope Terry managed to set sail for Orkney - shame about the Faroes.

Hope everyone else had a good day too

Morning all glad you had a good time at Clarity open day Mickie and I am sure you will love the retreat.
Hope Terry does get some sailing in so hope the weather settles for him, you are keeping busy Jennie any date for op yet.
Got some atc's done yesterday  the CS stamps ones do not think much of the stamp that is all I did was not a good day for me.
Not sure when you become a OAP now my problem I have got no proof of my age to get discounts I really don't want to carry my birth certificate around with me.Hoping to have more of a play today have to pop out later this afternoon.

  Becky x

Just get yourself a bus pass Becky - all you need to do is provide a photo and your birth certificate would do for proof of age.  Then you could use the bus pass as evidence of your seniority should you need to show evidence of age.  Seems a shame to miss out on any discounts going Wink

Bit dull today out there.  Other than filling the car with petrol I shall be staying at home and attempting to get my ATCs, etc done.  This month I have all the ideas and none of the time it seems Laughing   Off to The Craft Barn again tomorrow for Book Club Reunion.  Which reminds me that I should get my art class homework done today.  

Have a good day everyone

Morning all......  Thank goodness the week is over!  Though it means that I have zero energy for the weekend and have not been well!!   The weather is dreadful so perfect excuse to craft!

You all seem to be having a great time - classes, dancing, slimming, cooking.....  

I think the Rebel Stampers link does work!!  I think I had a funny 5 minutes!  For those of you that offered to share the payment, thank you... but it's really not expensive so I don't mind footing the bill.  Thank you for the offer though.  

Dan is late-night tonight and tomorrow so am really hoping to get inky!!  I have some gorgeous new Stampin' Up stash so want to have a play!

What SU stash did you get Miriam ? Hope you have a great crafty weekend.

Terry has got to Orkney so at least he is AWAY !! That sounds awful, what I mean is that he is on the boat doing what he loves. And ……. I get to craft whenever I want. So win win all round. Just wish the sun would shine. It was the Lifeboat Open Day on the pier today and I was frozen after three hours selling raffle tickets. At least I was IN a tent. So sorry for those that weren't  Crying or Very sad
margaret rorie

You're making me feel guilty Jennie because I didn't help out at the Open Day - I had another book group in the afternoon and was painting a fence in the morning.  Hope the Open Day raised lots of money despite the weather.  Glad Terry managed to get away even if it was south and not north. Orkney's not such a bad place!

Glad you mum's op went well, Becky.  

The Clarity retreat sounds very interesting Mickie - what does it involve? I like some of the Clarity stamps and I love watching Barbara demo the brayer - she makes it look so easy!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone - the sun is shining here!
Very Happy

Well it is dull and overcast here but have put washing on so hope the sun comes out.
I have been told Mickie I am too young for a bus pass but must try again mind you can't remember the last time I went on a bus.
Glad Terry has managed to get away Jennie and do some sailing you stay in and keep warm and play.
I must say Margaret I love my brayer although don't use it enough in fact I will play with it today Laughing
I have to finish some cards today have started things but don't seem to be finishing them mind you having a headache does not help   Sad

  Becky x

Another fun day at The Craft Barn with Kathy Byrne's Book club.  We made a book in a drawer today.  Will post a photo just as soon as I can figure out how to photograph the whole thing.  Have to put a handle on the drawer too.  It was an early start too - the project was bigger than the normal workshop day so we had to get there to start at 9.00am which meant I was up at 6.00am to leave at 7.00am Rolling Eyes

Hi Miriam - good to "see" you.  Hope you feel a bit better after all the crafting.

Margaret the Clarity Retreat is a series of eight technique driven workshops using products available from their shop.  Of course the whole thing is tutored by Barbara with the aid of an overhead camera and ably assisted by Paul Church.  Lunch is also provided and any amount of tea, coffee, etc.  On the first evening it has become traditional for everyone (including Barbara) to meet and have dinner together at a local eatery which is lovely.  You have to find your own accommodation and pay for that separately but you don't have to bring any craft stash - all you will be using is provided.  I find this good value because I've been on retreats where you are expected to bring all your own inks for instance!  This year will be my fifth or sixth Clarity Retreat  Page 7 of my gallery has a few of the projects from a Clarity Retreat a couple or three years ago to give you an idea

sorry, seem to have gone on a bit but not easy to condense the information Rolling Eyes

Glad Terry has got off so you can get on with things Jennie  Smile
Mickie -you do so many workshops now -it is really amazing -but also homework  Sad hope it gets done ok
Miriam good that you will have a chance to get inky especailly with new stamps to play with
Margaret -hope the book group went well -and it sounds like you have to take the opportunity to paint fences when you can!
Becky -how about an ID card? Don't know much about them tho

Sounds like evertone it getting on with theri ATCs even the CS stamp that we don't like much. mine are ready for posting so hope to get that sorted soon.
Have spent some of today sorting out a bag of natural dyed yarns that Mike found in the loft -was surprised by some of the things I had used including tomato leaves
margaret rorie

Thanks for the info about the Clarity retreat, Mickie.  I looked on the website but couldn't find anything.  The problem we have is the additional cost of getting to the mainland.

I've done my card for the Less is More challenge which this week is home - think I may make a matching ATC! Need to get a move on with them - haven't got a clue what to do with the face.

The book group I was at yesterday is called Saturday Slaughters - we are reading books written by the authors who will be visiting Shetland in November for a Shetland Noir book festival - this is based on a similar event which happens in Iceland.  I do enjoy thrillers and have found a lot of new authors though this club. Just need more time to read the books!

love that title Margaret -think it is good to try different authors. I get a lot of books from charity shops and will try different things especially as at the moment they all seem to be competing with books as cheap as 25p each  Smile
Had a crafting session with friends this afternoon and made a couple of cards but spent more time talking. One has got into Zentangle and had done some amazing things -have any of you done any?

I have done a bit of zentangle Vonny - it gets a bit addictive.

Will have to take a note of some of your authors Margaret - I am at a bit of a dead end with reading at the moment.

I have tried it Vonny but I don't have a lot of patiences with it but love the effect of it I even have some stamps perhaps I will give it another go. Guess you could do that with your feet up Jennie,

I used to zentangle during boring meetings at work.  Don't do much nowadays - obviously no boring meetings to attend Wink

Mickie wrote:
I used to zentangle during boring meetings at work.  Don't do much nowadays - obviously no boring meetings to attend Wink

Laughing  Laughing  Laughing

Yes me too!

need to find a boring meeting then!

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