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Morning all had a great day yesterday saw Dad in hosp he has had a fall and then while in hosp he has had a TIA so here we go again he is having a op today.

Weather still good and having a day in although we have to visit a friend as it is his birthday today.

   Becky x

Sorry to hear about your dad Becky.  Lucky he was in the right place when his TIA occurred. Hope all goes well

Dull day over here.  I have just finished another book (making one that is).  I have to get some groceries and then I think I will just craft for the rest of the day

Mickie x

hope the op goes well for your dad Becky, always a worry.
Made some ATCs and a few cards this afternoon -best thing to do while it is raining!
margaret rorie

Sorry to hear about your dad Becky - hope his op goes fine.

We've had a lovely day here today so more painting the windows! Managed to wash the car too as it's going for a service tomorrow. I view washing the car in the same light as housework - not to be done too often!

Had a great crafting weekend and got some anniversary cards made and this month's ATCs. Still have to get the tag done. Have put a card in my gallery.


Dad has had his op all went well we are going to see him later today.
Your card is lovely Margaret  been and had a look. I managed to load my atc's but it wouldn't let me put a tag on and my challenge card.

   Becky x

that's a bit odd Becky =perhaps it will work later.
Been swimming this morning but very busy as the other local pool has closed for 4 months for a new roof!

My water feature that I set up on Sunday is actually working as there is enough sun (intermittent) to work the pump- lovely to hear the tickle of water when in the garden.

Off for a spinning session this afternoon with a lady I have just met.

Hope Dad is recovering well Becky and that you are ok too.  

I have had trouble loading photos recently too.  It has let me load the first one and then I have had to come back a day or so later to load another.  

Your water feature sounds nice Vonny.  I love to hear the sound of water in a garden.  Is it squirrel proof?  The little so and so's had my fish last year and so far this year they have had all the roses and it looks like they have started on the clematis!

How was the spinning?  Are we talking static cycle or fleece into wool?

I agree with you on the car cleaning Margaret.  I shall take mine to the local hand wash enterprise when it is time for its service Wink

Mickie x

No squirrels round here Mickie so no worries on that count. the spinning is of wool into yarn -off to the Oxford Guild of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers this weekend to buy some freshly sheared fleece!

I hope your Dad is getting on well Becky.

I have just been catching up with the weeks news! how does the week go by so quickly ? It has been a busy one for me on the cycling front - yes I have been out on my bike. It is the Shetland Wheelers 25th anniversary (cycle club) founded by Terry and a friend and of course I was an original member. I did the 10 mile ladies ride on Monday night and on Wednesday the 15 miles from Lerwick through the Tingwall Valley and back again - on the tandem  Laughing On the original ride 25 years ago Robin was 9 and on the back of the tandem, so he rode on the front and I was on the back this time. It was a fast ride  - he likes to be out front - and given that the bike is really heavy and Margaret will vouch for the five big hills, a bit of a trial, but I made it  Very Happy I was marshalling the road race last night and doing another 15 tomorrow morning for the sportive. I haven;t lost any weight this week either   Crying or Very sad

Have a great weekend everyone x

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Bet you have toned up a bit though Jennie and muscle weighs more than fat  Laughing.
We are lucky we don't have too many probs with squirrels see one occasionally dart across the road but that is it.We have a starling family at the mo mummy,daddy and about 5 babies it is lovely to see they don't half make a noise.
Dad is ok and doing well although he phoned me up wednesday night to ask me if Ashlie is pregnant she is and he knew but it seemed a strange thing to ask about I had Mum asking odd questions and now him  Very Happy.Having a quiet day had 2 teeth out and 3 stitches yesterday and have a workshop with Hels tomorrow so want to be able to do that.

     Becky x

Jennie- bet you have a tender derrier now -can't believe you haven't lost weight, how annoying!

Becky glad your dad is doing well -i bet he is jsut sitting there mulliing over things all day with little to do hence the seeminglt odd questions. Enjoy your workshop with Hels- bet it will be good.

Went to Oxford guild of weavers, spinners and dyers today -a lovely bunch of people. bought a few (!) fleeces so the car was a little ripe on the way home. If the weather is nice tomorrow will make a start on washing one of them.

Well done Jennie.  Hope you are able to sit comfortably after all that bike riding.  

Becky enjoy your workshop.  What are you doing?  I made a clock today with Mark Gould at That Craft Place in Eastbourne.  Will post a photo in a day or two.

My mum's birthday tomorrow so feeling a bit fragile.  It was so strange not making her a birthday card.  I did a bit more work on her book instead.

Glad your Dad is holding up Becky.  They do come out with some odd things don't they?  Expect it is to keep you on your toes.

Hope you get the smell out of your car quickly Vonny.  I wonder how the fleeces rate in competition with wet dog? Laughing

Enjoy the weekend everyone

Mickie x

that's difficult for you mickie -what is the book you are making? RE smells I think I prefer fleece to wet dog but perhaps thta's because I'm a wo;; type person. Washed one of the fleeces today so it is now lovely and white -and non smelly! Very Happy

Well that's me all packed for the 0735 plane for Inverness tomorrow morning and then a long day eventually arriving in Lochinver at 1700. As usual I don't expect to get much in the way of WiFi or mobile, but if I can pop in I will.

See you around the 8/9th August  Very Happy

Enjoy the summer  Very Happy

Jennie x

I guess you have gone now Jennie have fun.

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