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Afternoon all late on here today. Weather is lovely and I have had a quiet day in which has been lovely in fact I have a fairly relaxing week and going to make the most of it. What are you all up to this week.
margaret rorie

Still working on the new house - have got the painting finished so now trying to empty boxes. We had our Shetland stuff delivered last week so now I'm finding things I haven't seen for about 18 months. Can't unpack my crafting stuff until hubby builds some units. I seem to have a lot of boxes marked "craft"!

The weather here is a bit dull today but still dry. We did have a nice day yesterday with some sunshine but the forecast for this week seems mixed.

I'm still working on my circle book - I need to die cut something and can't find the plates for my Cuttlebug so will visit my sister this evening.

Hope you all have a good week.

must be so hard seeing the boxes but having to wait Margaret. I guess your sister is into papercrafting too then? Hopefully it will all be worthwhile when it is sorted  Smile
A quiet week can be good Becky -and you have some new stash to play with I think  Laughing
I have had a quiet day as feeling a bit odd and light headed. was due to go to a friends in Hitchin to craft but didn't think driving was a good idea. Did make a couple of ATCs at home tho. then went to my parents for dinner and helped my Dad print an e mail attachment. Now need to spend some time sorting out his very full in box!

At least you are getting started to move in Margaret bet you are glad  and I am sure it won't be long before you are in and settled. Hope you are feeling ok today Vonny We have the sun here and already warm just waiting for a phone call from a friend to go and get from Hosp to take her home and that is that.

Glad you are settling in Margaret, albeit slowly.  Hope you get your shelves soon.  It will be so exciting unpacking those boxes - you won't know what to use first  Laughing

Good idea to have a quiet week Becky, especially as the sun is shining and it is warm with it.  Even if you can't go outside you can have the windows open and listen to the birds

I'm off to the hairdressers this afternoon and looking forward to having a narrow parting again!  It is all well and good having lovely colour but as it grows out, the parting gets wider............. such a giveaway Rolling Eyes

Hope you all have a good week

Know what you mean Mickie but you the colour of my hair it is obvious it is coloured I have said if I stop colouring my hair I will shave my head and then let the grey grow. Got some crafting done yesterday and want to make some simple cards as spares. Hope you are all enjoying the sunshine.

You're right Becky - why I am worried about the wide parting being such a giveaway when I've probably got the 50 Shades of Red look anyway I really don't know  Laughing  Laughing  

Hope you have all had a good week.  The weather has been lovely here, if a little on the warm side for me.  I found a spot in the shade with a little bit of a breeze and dozed the afternoon away yesterday.  Felt quite refreshed when I surfaced and did some more craft room clearance in the evening.

Think I have the weekend clear so will put the time to good use - I have a book I would like to get on with.  I came across the instructions during one of my clearance sessions.   I had forgotten ll about it and worse still I designed it Rolling Eyes

Sorry I haven't been on much recently. My dog was put down and I miss her terribly. She was 15 and was finding it very difficult to get around. we didn't want her to suffer so it was not a hard decision to have to make for her but a tough one for us. This year it seems like it's just been one thing after another.
The day after, a salad dressing bottle exploded in the fridge! I'm not kidding, it was a Waitrose dressing we bought from the chiller section in a small plastic bottle. It was on a shelf on the fridge door. The force cracked the bottle at the bottom and propelled it upwards where it hit the shelf above and dislodged the shelf which had 6 eggs on it. The clean up took us 2 hours as we had to remove, throw/wash everything. I took pictures and sent them on to Customer Services but a quick look online showed up several other instances of this happening.
I'm just looking forward to quieter times ahead for me.

Oh dear!  So sorry to hear about your dog - you will miss her so much but you will also have great memories of her.  

What a shock with the dressing blowing up in the fridge too - I do hope you are reasonably compensated.  They obviously know about it so a warning on the label wouldn't be a bad thing for them to do.

Wish you a peaceful weekend Scrapmate with no more traumas

So sorry to hear about your dog it is so hard to make the decision she was a good old age and you will always have the memories.
That is not good a bottle exploding have there explained why it did  it

Also sorry to hear about your dog Scrapmate -but at least you know it was the kindest thing for her. Can't think what could made the bottle explode -quite worrying really. I have recently had an exploding yoghurt -it was within date but the lid had swollen up and it shot out over me when I opened it -and I don't even like yoghurt unless in cooking! Now I know to bin a swollen lid and not to open it.
Week seems to have flown by. Weds there was no line dancing so went over the Priory House in Dunstable to see the tea exhibition and have lunch in the café there -Also looked round the garden and I had to be restrained from picking some woad leaves for dyeing! Lovely trip as we normally just go in and shop then home.
Yesterday went round the woods the Jill from the library to decide where each of the knitted creatures should be placed -and had to put out a fire where a pupil from the local secondary school was burning his course work after exams -didn't make a very good job of it tho so D- for science. Laughing

Had to smile  Vonny at you  putting the fire out he obviously wasn't happy with his marks, mind you it could have been nasty especially in this heat. I was hopeless at school only took 1 O level in RE failed it miserable and my Dad is a vicar   Laughing It is already very hot here glad I am staying in tomorrow we are going for lunch with Dad.

So sorry about your dog and fridge, Scrapmate. Margaret, at least all your boxes were labelled 'craft'. When we left for Rome the packers labelled all the boxrs from my study as 'Mumble Jumble'!

Sarah wrote:
So sorry about your dog and fridge, Scrapmate. Margaret, at least all your boxes were labelled 'craft'. When we left for Rome the packers labelled all the boxrs from my study as 'Mumble Jumble'!

That sounds like something my husband would do Rolling Eyes !

Thanks everyone for your kind thoughts. One  of our neighbour's cats seems to have adopted us and comes for a tickle whenever I'm in the garden. As long as she doesn't start leaving me little presents I don't mind.
I popped into Wisley this morning as there was a small plant society show. It was very peaceful and I managed to leave before it got too crowded.

Love the Mumble Jumble Sarah - makes moving much more fun!

I'm spending today painting with a friend.  That is if the paint doesn't dry on the brush on its way to the paper - it is a bit hotter today!  

My craft room clearance has come to a halt - it is far too warm in there to be doing any stretching and bending exercises.  Hope I will still be in the mood to carry on when the weather cools down again

Have an image of you beating out the fire with sticks Vonny Laughing  Poor chap must have been seriously glad to be done with his exams

Good that you were able to go to the plant show Scrapmate and that you have found a friend too. Forum Index -> General
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