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Morning all very wet here so I am staying in. Went to a craft show yesterday very small and loads and loads of dies which do nothing for me, did manage to get some stamps Finnabar and Ryn ones so having a play today. They did have some new ones Mickie but not many I brought a set of Moths which makes a change than butterflies. Are any of you doing anything exciting this week.

A rather chilly grey day here too. Aimee wet to the kennels at lunch time and I am missing her immensely. She is very quiet but always sitting at my feet, so I feel a little lost.  I am not joining Terry until Wednesday, flying to Inverness and then the train to Plockton. I shall only be away for about 8-10 days as I have a date for my foot op in Glasgow and need to be back in good time. But at least we will have a great time away.

Hallo everyone!  Had a lovely time at the wedding, the sun shone all day and there was a little breeze now and then to cool us, which I thought very considerate.  So nice to catch up with my nephews and nieces and all their children too.  My sister would have been so proud of them.

Next day we drove through fog over to Ilfracombe to see Verity.  If you haven't seen her, do check her out - Google knows exactly where to find her.  She is awesome -had Damian Hirst created her during the 60s, she would have been the icon for the Women's Lib movement.

Came back so tired I kept dozing off and only just made it to art class Rolling Eyes

I will check out the Ryn stamps Becky.  Shame there are so many dies around.  Have you seen Barbara Gray's latest diversion?  She is doing parchment craft with a whole new set of templates and stuff.  Think I'll give it a miss -can't move in my craft room as it is without starting another space intensive craft:roll:

Have a good time Jennie and I do hope you get some nice weather while you are away.   Laughing
margaret rorie

Glad the sun shone for the wedding Mickie. I googled Verity as I didn't know what you were talking about - she is quite some statue! Think I would need to see her in real life before passing comment.

I had a great time at the St Magnus Festival - went to see a couple of plays, some poetry reading and some classical music. I'm afraid I don't know much about classical music but I enjoyed all the events - the Scottish Chamber Orchestra did a couple of performances which were fantastic. I also enjoyed a string quartet who performed in St Magnus Cathedral - very atmospheric. The photo is of the piano in the cathedral.

Hope you have a good holiday Jennie - even if it's shorter than usual.

Click to see full size image

Crikey .. Verity is one amazing statue! I had to google too! Amazing to have been created in the 60s.

Glad the wedding went well Mickie and you had a lovely time with all your family.

I have always wanted to go to a concert in the the St. Magnus Cathedral Margaret. I imagine it is pretty amazing.

Well that is me packed (well a little day bag anyway!) and all ready for the off tomorrow morning at 5.45 for the early flight to Inverness (calling at Kirkwall first). And then I would imagine a stunning train ride over to Plockton to meet Terry and that other lady that takes up so much of his time Rolling Eyes The forecast is not good, lots of rain, but little wind, so it looks as though we shall make our way to Mallaig up Tobermory Sound and around to the Caledonian Canal and come back via Inverness that way. A lot to do in 8 days but great to pack in as much as we can.

Have a great couple of weeks everyone x

Wow Verity is a piece of work I had to google her as well glad the wedding went well Mickie.
Have a good trip Jennie you would have left by now glad you could get away for a while.
Glad you had a good trip away Margaret the cathedral  looks impressive I am not a lover of classical music don't mind a little bit.
Well we booked a hol yesterday we are going to Yorkshire in Sept on the Fri we are going to Mansfield so Vonny if you are free on the 11th we are planning to come via Luton so hope we can catch up and yes I will be going to Art from the Heart which I am so looking forward to hope I am not disappointed have any of you been there.

  Becky x

Oh Becky you lucky girl. Jennie and I went to Art fro the Heart last year for the Finnabear workshop. We had a terrific time.  While you are up there, don't forget to go to Betty's Tea Shop in Harrogate itself.  

Had a lovely time at Inky Fingers yesterday. We made a colour wheel and then made some samples using variations of colour combinations and techniques. The most interesting variation we did was to blindly pick three colours.  I got Vintage Photo, Milled Lavender and Old Paper, which went together really well much to my surprise.  I think I might just go for the Random Colours (that is what it's called) more in the future. Saves all that fussing about.

Dove straight from there to a friends house for a BBQ, which was very nice. We were able to sit out until gone 10:30pm for all it was a bit overcast. Very long day though and this morning I am reminded that I'm no longer in my thirties so taking it all very easy today Rolling Eyes

Guess I will spend some money there will I Mickie someone else said Betty's tea room but they said it was York but will will find it. Having a quiet day today want to finish Keith's birthday  card while he is out this afternoon x

Yes Becky, take lots of dosh with you Laughing Bettys is in Harrogate, although they may have one in York.  The Harrogate one is the original - as I mentioned, the food is good, the cakes are amazing and even the loos are worth a visit - very Edwardian.  I used to work in Harrogate and would occasionally treat myself to tea and cakes at Bettys so have fond memories.

I seem to have a workshop free weekend - whatever will I do?  Hope the weather is good and I can sit outside with a book.  that's the sum total of my plans for the weekend Laughing
margaret rorie

We've got as far as Aberdeen on our way to Jersey - early start tomorrow but we're staying at a hotel at the airport so no problem. Got to a craft shop today so treated myself to some goodies!

The forecast seems good for next week so looking forward to some sunshine.  Very Happy  Hope the sun shines wherever you are. Margaret

Morning ladies well think it is going to be hot here today make the most of the weekend Mickie you don't have many of them at home  Smile. Enjoy Jersey Margaret it is a lovely little place. We are going to Whitely a outlet shopping centre near us but that is it. x

seems you have all been busy -glad you are getting away for a while Jennie!
I have just got back from a week in the Lake District. Stayed near cockermouth whihc is a different area to where I have visited before. lovley week that culminated in a visit to Woolfest (the reason we went to the area really) where we bought lots of fibre as well as some natural dyes and other lovely stuff. Today has been washing and shopping and getting back to normal.

Becky- it would be lovely to meet up on the 11th Sept and it is on my calendar. There is a nice place called Venue 360 just off the M1 for lunch but the only craft shop is in the Mall shopping centre in the town. Or perhaps a visit to Leighton Buzzard would be more useful for craft shops tho Loobys is very small so not sure how you would get your scooter in!
anyway can plan in detail nearer the time.
Last year I resisted going to Art from the Heart (not sure why now, think I had just been to Stamperama) but am sure it will have lots of fab stuff. Knaresborough is very near Harrogate and has a great market and is an interesting town with a castle and lots of fake painted windows! (Has a yarn shop but I didn't find a craft shop)

You didn't mention Mother Shipton Vonny, I wonder if the petrified well is still there and if my sister's teddy remains in situ!  We used to live in Knaresborough.  Well worth a visit Becky if you have a moment.  

Shame you didn't come to Art from the Heart Vonny maybe we can all get there next year for a weekend of workshops and crafty mayhem.

Glad you had a good holiday Vonny.  Shame they always end in a laundry fest isn't it? Wink

I am making notes of all these places think we could be busy and it will be great to catch up Vonny x Forum Index -> General
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