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Well yet another Monday I am sure a week has 7 days. Had a lovely time with Dad yesterday and we took him back to the house for one last time we all sat around the dining table and had tea and cake. The house is now empty it was quite sad to think we will never go again.
Hope you all had a good weekend and are enjoying this heat I would prefer it a little cooler, I will go with the flow today must do some cards,

Just read that the temperatures this June look set to exceed those of the last really big heatwave in June 1975, which I enjoyed very much - that was then.  Now I'm with you Becky, I could do with it being a bit cooler, especially at night Rolling Eyes  Doing my best to waft some of the heat up to you Jennie and Margaret:lol:

The upside of all this lovely weather is that I am discovering extenders for paint which is quite fun.  I am not convinced they do keep the paint open for that much longer but at least it isn't drying on the brush on its way from the palette to the paper/canvas.

Glad you enjoyed your last tea and cake with your Dad at home Becky.  It must have been quite a happy sad moment for you all

glad your Dad got a chance to say farewell to his house -sad too tho of course.
Too hot for me and line dancing is not something I am doing!! Did manage a bit of work on ATCs yesterday. Have mainly been weaving (between the heat induced dozing!) as knitting is just too sticky. No doubt next week we will be moaning about it being cold Very Happy

It feels a bit cooler today as we have a breeze which is nice. Yesterday we went to Libby's sports day they did most of it in the school but did have some proper  races at the end  Libby won her's so she was happy not sure about Zoe she had to push the wheelchair Libby just had to press a button on her lap at different points along the way.  The kids enjoy it and the smiles even when they come last are Huge. I am having a day in we are going to lunch with Dad tomorrow we have a computer table in his room I am hoping it is too big as he really doesn't need anything else in his room . Stay Cool

Well I would love to have your weather! We've had days now of cold wet grey windy days. I have had to give in every day and put the heating on at some point. The wind is relentless - just not dying away at all.

On the brighter side I have got an awful lot done in the craft room catching up with all my DT makes for July AND August and have got all my entries finished for the SWRI Craft Show in August. But I would love to see some sunshine!

Terry has sailed from Faroe and is now in UK waters although I am not sure where he is making too at the moment as he is in the middle of the Minch! I track him on AIS once he gets closer to land so at least I have some idea of where he is.

Libby's sports day sounds lovely Becky but going back to your Dad's house for the last time must have been full of emotion. Perhaps I should take up line dancing for keeping warm ..........  Laughing

Sorry you have having lousy weather Jennie saying that you will get lovely weather there when you are away on Mrs Muir, mind you today's weather doesn't look too good dull and overcast I would like a good old thunder storm to clear the air.

glad it is cooler now but quite windy -sorry you haven't seen the sun Jennie
Well done to Libby for winning her race -great that they all have fun. It is learning disability week this week and the group I volunteer with had a celebration -as part of this the Bramingham signing Stars put on a show -they signed (and often sang) a range of songs with great gusto and big smiles -fabulous.
Went to sewing group this morning and have bought a ticket to go with them to the Quilting Festival at the NEC this August. then went to my parents house to help my Dad sort out his large number of e mails. then later they came round for a BBQ -tho we sat in side as it was so windy.
Quiet weekend -I have some dyeing to sort out and my loom to re warp and am going to a line dance social sat evening -Yee Hah!

I went to a Stampin' Up charity card making workshop. We had to buy a kit that contained everything except glue and make 20 cards. 10 of these were then donated to the Ronald McDonald House charity. It was fun and I came home with my first SU stamp set and a mini ink pad. It was quite nice to follow a pattern for a change and not have to think about what to make.

The weather isn't sure what to do today so we have had big black clouds and mizzly rain then bright hot sunshine so deciding what to wear is problematical Confused
I haven't been computing for a while as I haven't been able to sit for too long - I managed to 'do' in my back and have sciatica too so walking is almost impossible, so is sitting and standing Sad  I never learn and then wonder why I am paying the price!
An elderly gentleman across the road asked me if I would like to look through his wife's craft stash and take whatever I could use. Sadly his wife is suffering from dementia and is now in a home. She used to do a lot of complicated looking quilting, painting in oils and acrylics, machine embroidering and paper crafts. I filled a box with all sorts of goodies and then stupidly carried it home thinking it would be okay as it was only across the road! Three weeks on and I am regretting the impulse!

I paid several visits to the man's home to sort out the rest of the craft stash - his daughter and granddaughter had taken quite a bit too - so I ruthlessly threw out all those tiny bits of card and paper that us crafters' keep and packed the rest of the useful stuff in a box to go to a Care Home. I now a huge stash of card stock. more stamps, inks and lots of other useful goodies. It seemed so sad though and I think Colin was sad that I had finished the job. He is a very interesting man and my hubby has offered to take Colin out in our classic car one afternoon Very Happy

Scrapmate that sounds like fab way to make money for charity and have fun too.
Rusticus -as you say it is sad when someone isn't able to sue their craft things anymore but at least it has gone to good homes. Sorry to hear about  your pain tho -hopefully it is getting better slowly. Didn't know you had a classic car -bet Colin will enjoy a spin in it. do you go to shows with it?
Am glad it has cooled down and I was able to go to the line dance social as planned last night. Knew a lot more dances this time (well more or less) and didn't have to sit out for more than a couple in a row. The ladies of 70+ seem to have boundless energy. Do feel rather tired today but have managed to warp up my loom for yet another scarf.

Well, I have survived the week Rolling Eyes   This Haycold won't leave me I'm obviously a good hostess.  Too good!  (In case you are wondering Haycold is what I'm calling this condition that is sapping my energy and bringing me low.  I can't quite decide if it is Hayfever, a summer Cold or a mixture of the two!)

Went up to the Craft Barn for an Inky Fingers session with Helen Chilton - we stamped on glass pieces, embossed them and then painted them with Helen's version of glass paint, which worked a treat and you get any colour you like.  Put small blob of DecoArt Triple Thick Gloss Glaze on your craft mat and add a drop of alcohol ink (or two drops if you are mixing colours)  and then paint your embossed image.  The embossing helps to keep the paint where you want it.

From there I went to a BBQ - all on the hottest day since 1976.  The thunder storm the next day was very welcome Wink

As you say Vonny, we shall bemoan the cold in the coming week Wink   I wonder where the 70 year olds get their energy from?

Sorry you've done your back in Rusticus I can't help thinking it might have been worth it though!  Sorting your neighbour's stash must have been quite poignant.

Like the idea of a charity stamping session Scrapmate.  I agree with you, sometimes it is relaxing to be working to a set of instructions.

Well done Libby!  and Zoe too, expect they're both glad they didn't do it on Wednesday when it was so hot.  

Glad some of the warm weather made it up to you Jennie - all that huffing and puffing I did was all worth while Laughing  Laughing

Hope you feel better soon Lynn - back trouble can be so debilitating. It is sad having to go through a deceased person's things but I think the person would be pleased it's gone to someone who will appreciate it. I know I would.
I had problems with my right arm last week, it was painful to raise it but it seems to be much better now thank goodness. Forum Index -> General
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