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Happy Monday everyone

Oh dear not sure if I have done the heading right.  If it is wrong I guess it can be changed?

Lovely day today but the temperature kept rising.  I had to go shopping and I came home with some Peanut Butter ice cream.  I did wonder what had got into me when I unpacked the groceries BUT it is surprisingly yummy.

Mickie x

I am not quite sure where yesterday went Keith had to go to doc and is now on antibiotics he has poorly legs.

Hope your ice cream was yummy Mickie I am not a fan of peanut butter.

Dentist today but that is it found my lost glue it was in with my gems still I am well stocked up now brought some Dina Wakely stamps Sunday so hope to have a play with them.

     Becky x
margaret rorie

The Queen's Baton has been in Shetland today and the sun shone.  Here is a photo of the baton holder passing the end of my road. We're going down to Glasgow for the Commonwealth Games later this month so looking forward to that.  We were disappointed not to get tickets for the Olympics so glad that we're going to see a variety of sports in Glasgow.

After taking photos in the morning, I spent the rest of the day in the garden trying to get it tidied up.  Hope to do some more crafting this evening.

Glad you got some new stamps at the workshop, Becky. Always fun to try out new craftie things.

Click to see full size image

I am looking forward to the commonwealth games hope there is good coverage on the telly.

I am having a day making cards I have no spare and birthday's coming up.

         Becky x

glad you got stamps as well as glue Becky (and I know you would find the other pot!). Sorry to hear about Keiths legs!! If he has to sit still too much he might want to start making cards Laughing

Enjoy the sport Margarte -glad you got tickets this time

Mickie -glad you enjoyed your impulse buy -just right for the warm weather.

Knitting group this morning then hair cut at a different place this afternoon (as usual hairdresser has just had a baby!). did a good job tho.

Off to try and make a mobile for my voluntary group -have to keep at least one week ahead!

Knew you would find your glue Becky - enjoy your new stamps.   I do like a new stamp, sometimes I think I enjoy new stamps too much.  Must curb my spending now but now sure how I am going to achieve that

Margret good you got your tickets - I know you will  enjoy the games.

Good that the new hairdresser turned out well Vonny - it can be a bit of a nightmare when your regular stylist goes absent.

Had a day out with a friend today.  We went to Merriments Gardens near Hurst Green and once we had walked round the gardens we enjoyed a lovely lunch in the restaurant, most of which is outdoors and on such a warm day absolutely lovely.  Then we toured the nursery and treated ourselves to tea and cake!  As we chatted over our tea we both bemoaned the fact that we didn't seem to be able to lose any weight!  Then we realised what we were saying!! Oooops!

Mickie x

Laughing  Laughing Mickie think we all do it when tucking into something yummy.
Glad you have a good hairdresser Vonny I would miss mine so much if she moved away she is a friend as well now.
It is Keith's 60th birthday today so I am taking him out for a meal this evening the kids have a surprise for him on Sun he is not good with surprises so that will be fun  Laughing staying in and making cards today my mojo is still lacking a bit but coming back.

  Becky x

enjoy your meal Becky -and birthday wishes to Keith. hope the surprise goes ok!

Happy Birthday Keith.  Enjoy your surprise today

Becky I am sure your mojo will be coming back big time any moment now

It seems to have rained all night - the garden is saying thank you, thank you.

Enjoy your day everyone

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