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Morning all up early this morning can't sleep so going to give in get up and do some crafting looks nice outside think it is going to be a hot one. X

I was up early too Becky.  Not sure if it was the heat or the excitement of going to art class Laughing

Art was exceptionally enjoyable today, I completed painting hydrangeas, got the torn newspaper background finished for a bicycle themed collage type thing and started the canvass for an abstract design decorated with metallic markers, which will be my homework

Beautiful day today - quite makes up for not so beautiful day yesterday Wink

wow Mickie that's impressive! Lovely here too so I washed a fleece I bought at Woolfest and it has dried in the sun. Did some knitting outside too -actually feels like summer  Very Happy

The weather yesterday was lovely don't want it any hotter as it is I am back on antihistamines because of my skin.
You will have to tell us how to get the torn paper effect Mickie you are certainly enjoying your classes and learning something.
Enjoy the sun Vonny you are lucky you can sit out in it what are you knitting.

Another beautiful day.  Weatherise that is.  I have a funeral this afternoon.  An old friend who passed away suddenly earlier in the month.  Im glad the weather is good as we shall be walking to the Church and then onto the wake.

Have a good day everyone

Hope the funeral went ok Mickie it is always sad when you say goodbye to someone.
Taking Mum for a hearing test later today hopefully they will help make her hear better although she hears when she wants too. x

well it is really too hot today -thermometer says 35 C!  Cool
Did some dyeing outside first thing but now moving as little as possible!
Your mum sounds like my Dad with his hearing Becky -can't see him agreeing to a test tho  Smile

The funeral was lovely - if such a thing can be said about such an event.  Turned out that our friend had written her own funeral service, choosing her favourite hymns and readings and not to mention her own eulogy.  It felt as though she was amongst us.  So lesson learned - write your own funeral Wink

Baking hot here today - no breeze and a bit of a heat haze.  Not sure I could spend too much time outside though, my craft room thermometer is registering "Excess heat" so it has to be more than "excessive" outside.  

I am meeting a friend for dinner at a new Italian restaurant that has opened in the town.  Think I shall set off early and walk down very slowly - the idea was to walk at a good pace to burn a calorie or two before the meal but I don't want to arrive looking like a horse after heavy exercise Laughing

You have both made me smile with your comments on hearing aids and parents.  We only got my dad to have a test by pointing out to him that he was missing what his youngest grandchild was saying half the time.   He came back from the test quite shocked at just how much hearing loss he had

Hello ladies!
This heat is proving to be a difficult one for most. As annoyed as I was to be working inside and longing to be sunbathing in my garden  Cool  I'm at least grateful that my library is air-conditioned. I've been relatively unphased by the heat, that is, until I go home and desperately try to cool my bedroom down enough to sleep comfortably Rolling Eyes
I just feel sorry for my boyfriend who has to work in a stuffy barn on a farm all day for his job on a day like today Shocked
Mickie, I'm glad the funeral went ok, it's always good when it all fits in so nicely with the person whose life you're there to celebrate. Also, your art projects are coming along nicely, I always look forward to seeing the finished products in your gallery Smile

Thank you Rachel.  Feel quite sorry for your boyfriend..............I'm thinking barn with hay and bits of tractor and such.  Certainly would set off my hay fever.  

As for cooling the bedroom - keep curtains closed during the day snd when you get home from work open bedroom windows and a window or two on the opposite side of the house to create airflow.  Don't have a cold shower - it makes you sweat.  Have a cotton top sheet which is cooler than polywhatsname and also you can wrap yourself in it if the night should turn chilly.  These are snippets of wisdom I have gleaned from various people over the years I thought I'd share with you all.

It rained this morning - great glorious globs of it  Am thankful as I shan't have to water the plants.  It is still on the hot side of warm though

Well, I can report that the new Italian is very nice and happy to go again but it will not replace the Trattoria in my affections.  I walked there along the sea front - it was baking hot, and I don't think all the portable barbecues helped!    It was a shame that we couldn't sit outside the restaurant to have our meal, or maybe we should take up smoking and then it wouldn't matter Rolling Eyes   I walked home too so feeling quite virtuous.  

Maybe if I catch up with the Christmas card challenge I will feel even more virtuous Laughing

Well another hot day but I am staying in so not a prob.
Glad the funeral went ok Mickie my Mum did hers which is why we sant In The Mid Bleak Winter in April and Paul had done a tape of music which was played at the crematorium and suddenly we had Mum talking which was a bit weird but Mum would have loved it.
At least you enjoy the hot weather Rachael I am afraid it is too hot for me so I am better staying in and at least I can watch the tennis. x

good that the funeral went well and it was what your friend wanted Mickie. You did well to walk on Weds as it was scorching. i wnet for a meal that evenng to a new Wehterspoons in hitchin -luckily it had air con, but it was a shcok coming outside again at 9 pm. At least the last couple of days have been a bir cooler. We have had a few big drops of rain but no more.
Been spinning (wool) this morning and am just about to take my library books back. Card making session (and lunch!) with friends tomorrow -and one wants advice on some of the items for her wedding.
Keep cool everyone   Cool

It has been a lovely morning - I even managed an hour's gardening.  Feels like it is getting a little humid now so have been doing some crafting.  No inspiration whatever and I'm late with a swap with a friend however, have just benign Becky's gallery and have some inspiration at last.  Thank you Becky Laughing

Can't believe it is Friday already - where do the weeks go? On the plus side it is nearly time for the new DI colour to drop through my letter box.  It is a lovely blue this time.

Have no plans for the weekend again - shall just chill out but that will depend on the weather won't it?  Might just have to bake out!  anyone doing anything interesting?

just noticed that the time stamps coming up on the posts are a bit out- this one is at 14.04 and my previuos one was only a couple of minutes earlier

Glad to have been a help Mickie  Very Happy  I think the time clock has always been weird Vonny. Keith's birthday today and we are going to Zoe's for a BBQ after we have been to Libby's school fete. We have someone coming this morning to do the garden for us poor bloke it is so hot.
Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

I do feel for your gardener Becky - I did the clearing up yesterday late afternoon, after my gardening session the previous day and I was so hot I had to sit down quietly in a breezy spot I found for a while afterwards.  Shan't repeat that in a hurry. Rolling Eyes

Happy birthday wishes to Keith

Enjoy your day everyone - are you sunbathing Rachel?
margaret rorie

We're on our way home after a great week in Jersey at the Island Games. We had lovely weather and the Shetland team did really well winning lots of medals. It was fun going as part of a group of supporters. We managed to see a little of Jersey - it is a lovely island. I couldn't get over all the flowers - I planted some bedding plants before I went away so it will be interesting to see if they've grown! Have a good weekend everyone. Margaret

Morning all good to have you back Margaret glad you had a good time. We had a lovely day yesterday I caught the sun and I did cover myself in sun tan lotions but guess it is not as bad as it could have been.The garden looks tidier and now hopefully Keith can potter and keep it under control if not we will get Scott back.Very dull outside but very hot and stuffy having a day in and plan to make some cards. x

Nice to have you back Margaret - the Island Games sounded super.  Hope your bedding plants have survived without you

It is dull here too, Becky.  However, we had a bit of a monsoon this morning so on the plus side, no need to water the pots today.

I have been trying to do the masterclass in the June edition of CS.  The article certainly put me and the texture pastes through our paces but once it all dries out I a sure it will be fine.  This is not the kind of weather to attempt to do something that needs a bit of drying time

Have a good afternoon everyone
margaret rorie

Home now and 2 loads of washing done and a big shop - it's amazing what you can get done when you get off the boat at 7.30am! We arrived here to thick fog but the sun does seem to be breaking through now.  

The games were great fun - we supported both the Orkney and Shetland teams. Shetland did very well especially in swimming and athletics winning 23 medals in total. The medal ceremonies were really emotional especially when the Shetland flag was raised. The next games are in Gotland in 2017 so will need to start saving. I've found out that there is an excellent Viking museum there.  Good news - I've passed my Viking Studies module.

Off now to make my tag. Margaret

Well done on passing your Vikings module - worth all the effort of getting back into the rhythm of essay writing Margaret Cool

sounds great Margaret, especailly being there to see the flag raised. the only thing i know about Gotland is their sheep -lovely grey fleece! And congrats on passing your module -you will get more out of visiting the Viking museum in Gotland if you get there.
Becky -hope you got some cards done today. i have done some housework as it is cooler but the afternoon was warmer with some sun so went for a little walk that tired me out! Forum Index -> General
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