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Morning all can't sleep so been up for a little while planning to craft today or at least finish some projects that I have started . It is not raining and the sun is trying to pop out but will wait and see. What have you all planned for today or even this week. x

Dull and windy here today.  The birds sound quite happy so its not all gloom.  Think I will try and finish some projects too Becky.

went to line dancing but it was not on as the teacher is on holiday (next week too). Decided to do some dyeing instead.
Tomorrow is knitting group then Stitching group in the afternoon  Smile That should keep me out of mischief

Off out crafting today so that will be fun and at least the sun is shining. x

Have hairdressing this afternoon and guess what the weather forecast is?  Yup.  Rain.  Wouldn't you just know it and I am out to dinner tonight too Rolling Eyes

Enjoy the crafting Becky.

Knitting and stitching certainly makes for a different day Vonny.  I still have the odd moment thinking about getting the knitting out and then I see a pencil ......

hope your hair didn't get rained on Mickie  Smile and that you got lots of crafting done Becky

evening all...

Hope you didn't get your new hair do wet Mickie.

Becky- hope you had fun crafting...

Vonny - dyeing sounds interesting.

Busy start to the week already - absolutely shattered....  it's only Tuesday!

I am going out straight from work tomorrow - Bristol comedy festival.... we are seeing 4 comedians - 1 of which is Reginald G Hunter.  Really looking forward to it.

enjoy Miriam -having a good laugh is supposed to be good for your health  Laughing
found some weld growing which is used to get a bright yellow dye - the source I found 2 years ago was landscaped by the council! Aim to dye with it over the weekend.

had a good afternoon sewing felt birds with my group -left late tho and hit all the school traffic  Sad
Meeting a new group tomorrow doing memory books -I don't run this, just turn up and help which makes a nice change

Hope your new group enjoyed doing the memory books Vonny you are busy with your little groups. Hope you had a fun night out Miriam.Morning all we have at last got the sun shining which is good as we are going to Libby's school fete this morning. x

We have sunshine.  Yayyy!  Trying to be a little subdued as it doesn't look as though it is promising to stay the whole day.  Don't mind if it goes over to you Becky - sports day in the wet is no fun really

Was supposed to be doing another workshop with Helen Chilton today but as only two of us signed up for it, it has had to be cancelled.  I guess I'll just have to go to the Art Society meeting this afternoon and watch a watercolour demo instead.  Such a hard life I lead........

Vonny what is weld and how did the new group go?

Did you have a good time Miriam?  Quite envious you saw Reginald G Hunter.  I expect he is much better live  than on the telly.  Are you still laughing?

the new group was great -I worked with one man who had very limited physical skills but really enjoyed being there and doing his bit to help stick things in his book (He had a photo of him with a sexy model of Kylie which was quite a talking point). I have one more week of this group as it was only funded for 4 sessions and wasn't able to do the earlier two.
Mickie weld is a plant that often grows wild in newly disturbed earth e.g. by roadworks. It is used to dye wool a bright yellow. I actually dyed with it today then overdyed it with logwood to get a green -this was my aim and was successful -natural dyeing is not always this predictable.
Ashame about Helen's workshop mickie -hope it isn't a sign of things to come -good that you had an alternative  Smile
Becky hope the sun shone on the fete and that a good time was had by all

Thanks Vonny - it is very interesting all the different colours that can be obtained from plants growing around you.

The demo yesterday turned into a Masterclass on painting flowers without first drawing an outline so although I missed Helen's class I'm glad I was able to go to the Art Society meeting

Trust the weather held for the sports day Becky.  Expect it was a lot of fun and you all enjoyed yourselves

things do turn out for the best sometimes Mickie!
Has been nice enough to sit in the garden and spin today  Smile
margaret rorie

We've had another nice day up here so I did some tidying in the garden. We seem to be getting the best of the weather at the moment. Still nothing happening about the house but I'm planning to speak to the solicitor this week and see what our options are.

You all sound as if you've been busy recently. I wonder where Jennie is at the moment. Hopefully she's getting good weather for sailing. Forum Index -> General
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