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Morning all well I made 1 card yesterday Zoe was taken to hospital and we spent the day with Libby which was lovely but not what we had planned so going to try again today, having my hair done this morning but that is it. The sun is out but a bit cooler this morning so better for me. Congrats on passing your Viking Module Margaret. x

Another hot one today so guess I'll have to water the plants.  have a good display this year; think its probably due to alternate days sunshine and rain we had for a long while plus the application of a well known growing medium Laughing

Another super art class.  Today's subject was Chinoiserie (yes, I had to revert to my old mate Google too).  Not my favouritest subject I fear but nonetheless I'm glad I stuck with it.  Had dreadful trouble holding my brush right - shall have to practise more.

Sorry to hear Zoe was taken to hospital yesterday - how is she today Becky?

hope it is nothing too serious for Zoe Becky? Hopefully she will be home soon.
Mickie -as you googled perhaps you could explain that term?? The art class is certanily covering a lot of things.
Sunny but cool today so did some more dyeing. i always think it will leave me loads of time while the pots bubble away but this doesn't seem to happen.
Swimming tomorrow morning then eye test in the afternoon -and no doubt expensive new glasses  Sad

Zoe is home they did loads of tests to rule out anything nasty and have said she has damaged her neck mainly though lugging Libby around but it is giving her rather nasty headaches.
I had to google that word as well Mickie would love to see what you did.
When you dye Vonny does it take long to dry.
I have blood tests this morning fasting one so want a cuppa then off to friends for a crafting day. Damp here today.

Not so nice here today; it can't make its mind up whether to rain or just be windy.  Watered the plants anyway just in case Laughing

Poor Zoe, glad she is home and I hope she recovers quickly

Vonny Chinoiserie is a term for Chinese style painting - think wallpaper with flowers and birds on a silk background

Good luck with the new specs - hope they aren't too expensive.
margaret rorie

Not a very nice day here - got caught in heavy rain this afternoon.  Think it's just as well we went away last week as I feel we're not going to get a summer this year.

Thanks for your good wishes on my course - I was looking for something in the post but it's all online including the results.  Must be the modern way!

Haven't done any crafting since I got back but will need to try out the goodies I bought in Aberdeen. I was disappointed with Hobby Craft - very little paper crafting stuff although did get a nice stencil.

Hope your blood tests were okay Becky and that you got a nice pair of specs Vonny. I'm always amazed how expensive specs are with all the extras they add on.

very surprised that I didn't need new specs! left eye hasn't changed and has 20/20 vision (with glasses of course) Right eye marginally weaker but not enough to change glasses  Very Happy
Hobby crafts round her are getting worse re papercratf stuff- last time I went in there were loads of spaces on the shelves. they do seem to have a better range of art stuff tho. Enjoy the stuff from Aberdeen Margaret, when you get to play with it
Becky hope you enjoyed your crafting day -do you get much done or do more chatting?
AGM at the Craft and Coffee group I am on the committee of so hope it goes smoothly and quickly -will need some arm twisting to get a new treasurer I think!

oh Becky, forgot to say after the dyed stuff has cooled I rinse it then spin it then it doesn't take too long to dry at all -expecially if it is sunny.

Bet you did a little happy dance when you found you didn't have to fork out for new specs Vonny.  I'm sure I would Laughing

I agree with what you all say about Hobby Crafts.  Our local one doesn't even have too much art stuff either except for piles of stretched canvases.  

Good luck with getting a new treasurer.

Shame about your lack of summer up there Margaret.  Hopefully you will get a mild winter to make up for it

Hope the crafting day more than made up for having to fast overnight Becky Laughing

Afternoon all did manage to get some crafting done I have craft club tonight tomorrow we are off to Yeovil we are going to a air show Sat so looking forward to that.  x

Had my nails done this afternoon along with a facial and an Indian head massage.  Feel quite spaced out at the moment Laughing

oooh nice Mickie!
I meet another group of adults with learning disabilites today and I am going to do an art and craft session with them alternating with the group I do already, and see how it goes. A few of them said they like sewing so will have to see what they can do and think of a few projects- often hard to think of things the men would like to make (not that any said they wanted to do sewing but one man sews flag on plastic canvas with wool -didn't meet him but saw his work)
Am helping at a carnival on Sat on Carft and Coffee stall and we are letting memebrs sell their items with 10% going to the club so I will be sorting this out tomorrow. We didn't quite get a Treasurer but we did get a new committee member who I think can be persuaded!

Hi Everyone! Just reporting in that I am back. I got back late Monday but it has been a bit of a whirlwind the last couple of days (no idea why as Terry is still stuck in Kinlochbervie waiting to bring the boat home) Weather was very windy, wet and cloudy, although we did get a few little sessions of calm, sunny weather, but they didn't last! I hope Terry gets home soon as I go to Glasgow on Tuesday for my foot op!

I have just been catching up with all your news. Well done on passing the Viking exam Margaret, you seem to have got through it quite quickly.

What an amazing art class you are doing Mickie - so many different types of art. Is it just one person delivering it ? Must be very talented if so!

Sorry to hear about Zoe, Becky, hope she starts to feel better soon.

Great news about the specs Vonny! I have to get mine done at some point and am dreading a huge bill. I was supposed to get them done before I went away, but as Terry wasn't here I had to cancel as the eye drops mean you can't drive for 6 hours and I couldn't get home!

Still trying to catch up with some DT work and a very special one in August which I am very excited about. I can't say anything just yet but will let you know when it happens   Very Happy

Welcome back Jennie, if only for a short time 'till you are off again.  Will you be convalescing at home?

The art class is run by an artist called Louisa Dominguez, she is ably helped by a very talented ex pupil, who looks after essential supplies and an art student, who is also very talented.  All three are always happy to guide and advise if called on.  Louisa's teaching methods are very subtle but, obviously, effective. Forum Index -> General
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