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Morning all another Monday morning weather could go either way when is summer coming I have even had my toenails done for the sun. It is Keith's birthday today have nothing planned we are going to Fairford air show next weekend so will get him something there we managed to get somewhere to stay as well so will treat him to a meal somewhere as well. I do hope Jennie is having a good time and the weather is being good for them. What are you all up to today x

Happy birthday Keith!!! I'm sure he will enjoy the visit next week  Smile
Don't seem to have done much today -no line dancing as the teacher is on holiday. Did cut some fabric ready for Friday when I am going to a quilt group for the first time. And did some housework  Sad Going out for a meal with my parents this evening so looking forward to that.

Happy Birthday for yesterday Keith.  Enjoy the air show!

Shame abut the line dancing Vonny but expect a nice dinner with your parents made up for it.

Busy day yesterday - Painted a Chinese Junk in watercolour at the Art Class.  "Junk" just about summed mine up and that may well be where my painting is headed  Rolling Eyes You cannot win 'em all

Then I went to an arty friend's house for a "quick" sandwich - two hours land two cups of coffee later I went home to cook a curry for dinner with another friend.

Taking it slow today Laughing

sorry the painting didn't go too well Mickie -perhaps it was just the subject matter!
Managed a little crafting this morning and made a card. Went to my stitching group this afternoon but most of them had gone to a sports event. So just me and another lady knitting together  Smile

went for a walk this morning around a local chalk pit. Did see a few butterflies but they are very sparse this year.
Nice enough to spin outside again this afternoon.
Dentist tomorrow   Sad

Beautiful day.  Lovely and warm, lots of sunshine, no wind.  Fabulous.

I gardened for a couple of hours first thing, then my left shoulder decided it has had enough so I caved in and tidied the kitchen and then painted for a couple of hours; got ready and met some friends for dinner.  Just back in time for some rubbish tv and maybe an early night Laughing   What a life Wink

Morning all have had a lovely couple of days of nice weather today is dull we have had rain in the night but I have put washing on.
Can you not gesso over your painting Mickie and do something else must say that is something I like about journalling .
Well that was a quiet knitting club then Vonny hope you had a lovely meal with your Mum and Dad.
Went back to hosp yesterday biopsy showed inflammation but there is a lump now so she is going to see me again in a few weeks because it is not right which is a pain hoping I would be discharged . Got craft club tonight x

Weds sounds like hard work Mickie -hope the TV rested you tho!
Sorry you didn't get discharged Becky but hopefully it will get sorted.
went to a new quilting group today -really friendly ladies and nice atmosphere so will be going again. Will have to juggle it with my Friday volunteering tho -like you say Mickie -what a life! Noticed that at the same hall there is a scrapbooking club (not going to get sucked into that) and a U3A art club. It is obviously the place to be  Smile

I find it most interesting how some  Halls, are so very busy and others have hardly anything happening.  They all cost much the same to hire so don't think that comes into it.  Anyway Vonny, the Quilting Group sound lovely as does the venue.  Enjoy.

Sorry to hear your news Becky.  Hope they can discharge you soon.  Loved the gesso suggestion and when I got everything out to proceed I found that now the painting was dry it wasn't so bad and I ended up finishing it.  Don't think it will ever be hung but it has a place in my course notes

My shoulder is still being unfriendly so am taking it very easy today in the hope that it settles down.  Have a workshop with Neil Walker tomorrow in Lingfield making an expanding book.

Enjoy the weekend everyone

think you over did it Mickie! Shouldn't stop you enjoying the workshop tomorrow tho -sounds fun.
Actually did some crafting this afternoon and started this months ATCs  Smile Forum Index -> General
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