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Morning all have had a lovely couple of days away but nice to be home. My stairlift has decided to stop working have the man coming out later hope it is not major, miserable weather today so having a go with the flow day. x
margaret rorie

Hope you get your stair lift fixed soon Becky. Weather here is dry at present - we've all given up looking for summer weather here!

I had a great day yesterday crafting and did a few cards for challenges and started on a couple of scrapbook pages about the Island Games. I don't do much scrapbooking at home so it was great fun. I haven't finished the pages as I need to drag the Cricut out to make titles. Must go and do some shopping this afternoon - I found a new recipe for shortbread yesterday which needed semolina but I couldn't get this at my local supermarket - do people not eat semolina pudding anymore?!

Jennie - I hope your op goes well and that you are still able to sit and craft. Margaret

Hallo everyone - what weather!  I cannot believe that Saturday was really hot well into late evening!  

Had a lovely day on Saturday, I got together with a couple of crafty buddies and we rented a space in TCP in Polegate to spend time crafting together.  We had such a good time we thought we might make this a regular monthly occurrence with each of us taking the lead in what we are doing and hopefully, others would join us.  I was asked to start off with a book, which went down well and it looks like I shall be doing another book in September.  All very exciting if potentially pricey as anything that has been forgotten can be purchased from the shop Wink

Sorry your stair lift was out of operation Becky.  Hope its fixed now.

No Margaret, I don't think semolina is known so much nowadays, along with tapioca.  Hope you manage to source some easily though - seems a funny thing to have to have flown in doesn't it? Rolling Eyes

Art class was interesting today - our introduction to oils.  Oh my goodness.  Hoping I don't get hooked as it would mean a huge outlay for me.  So far everything else we have done I have had at least some of the materials but I have no oil paints at all, not to mention the mediums that are used with it.  Also having drying canvasses hanging about the place doesn't fill me with joy.  We shall see.  However, we started our Toucans and for all I have to do mine again, it was a good class and I'm looking forward to next week.

Well I am off tomorrow morning to Glasgow for my feet op on Wednesday,then back on Thursday. My to do list is full of ticks and it looks as though I have managed to complete everything - crafty work as well as paying the bills  Laughing Terry managed to get Mrs Muir back at 6pm last night and I had done three lots of washing before we went to bed and finished the rest this morning! Will let you know how I get on, although it is feet up for 14 days and no walking  Very Happy

Glad you enjoyed the oils Mickie - yes an expensive bit of art kit. I was lucky that I had all my Mum's to play around with. I loved it as you can keep tinkering until you get it right, unlike watercolour.

As Margaret says, no summer here - it really is miserable.

Hope you get your chair lift sorted soon Becky - it must be difficult without it.

Well speak with you all at the end of the week x

I am still awake hope all goes well tomorrow Jennie. I have oil panints and don't really know how to use them you will have to tell me Mickie. Libby won the drama award at school this morning I am so proud of her.

Click to see full size image

Oh Becky, how fabulous is that?!  Well done Libby Cool

Today started off overcast and a bit windy with the threat of rain and I was a bit concerned as I had hairdressing in the morning and a BBQ this evening.  What a joy it was to see the sun come out mid afternoon so all in all a good day, except that I can't go to bed yet because I have eaten too much Rolling Eyes  Rolling Eyes

good luck with the op Jennie -hope it went well and is not too painful.

Well done to Libby -she looks proud of herself too  Very Happy

Am starting to get back into my swimming regime a bit at a time -it really eats into the morning tho and also tires me out -tho my body does feel well stretched!

Did some dyeing earlier in the week and managed to make a couple of ATCs yesterday. Painting sun catchers with the group this afternoon (No sun currently to be caught tho!)

Hope you get some sun by the end of the painting session Vonny.  

I hope you have a good journey home following your op Jennie and that your foot is not too uncomfortable

Becky I will be happy to share my oil painting knowledge with you, once I have some!  All I am sure of at the moment is that it takes forever to dry and until then, every time you touch it you leave fingermarks!  If I wasn't so impatient I might get on with it better.  However, on the plus side, you can go back in and blend easily.    Oooh.  Think the interest might be peaking there.  I suppose I could always let Santa buy me the paint.  Hmmmm.........

Very Happy  Very Happy  good old Santa he comes in handy sometimes.
Hope you are home now Jennie and comfortable
What is going on with this blasted weather no 2 days the same.

 Becky x

I wouldn't mind the weather being wet and dry - just wish it were more consistent so I could plan my week better.  At least I'd know when to hang the washing out Rolling Eyes

Am hoping to finish a few projects that are outstanding swaps elsewhere today - this weather doesn't help with drying times.  I am finding texture paste is taking a lot longer to dry - maybe it is a medium more for winter use when the heating is on Wink

Enjoy your day everyone

Hi Everyone! I got home late Thurday afternoon - a painful journey but glad to be back. I am now spending my days sitting or lying with my foot up. They only did the left food in the end and in hindsight I am glad as it does give me a bit more mobility. The op was a little more complex than they had thought as they found cysts and all manner's of other gubbins in the joint. I will still have to have the right one done at some point but it should be more straightforward.  Not sure what has been done yet as it is heavily bandaged and I have a lovely (not!) boot to wear for the next six weeks. I am still a bit dopey from the drugs but I start weaning off those tomorrow, so I might be able to concentrate after that.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend. I might be a bit more with it on Monday to chat.
margaret rorie

Glad you're now home and convalescing Jennie. Sounds like a big operation you've been through so take it easy - it takes a while just to get over an operation.

Mickie - your art classes sound great. What a range of techniques you've covered - great to try different things before concentrating on one or two.

Not sure what I'm going to do with the rest of the afternoon - it's a toss up between gardening and trying out the new distress inks which arrived today - a lovely shade of blue. Very Happy  Enjoy the rest of your weekend, everyone. Margaret

Good you are back home Jennie - even if somewhat woozy.  Think you are very brave to be even thinking about having the other foot done at this early stage in your recovery

That is a lovely shade of blue Margaret but my favourite of the new colours so far has to be Hickory Smoke

I've been in the garden again today much to the disgust of the birds - they should know by now that I would not harm them in any way - you would think the Robin would have word...... Laughing

was some sun by the end of the session Mickie so thanks for thinking of us. lovely here today and went out for a walk to spot butterflies (lots of marbled whites) and have a picnic. Nice to be warm enough to actually sit and enjoy the countryside.

Glad you are back at home Jennie- always more comfortable. Probably better to only have one foot out of commision even if it means anothe op. hope you are managing to find things to keep you occupied.

Micke i woild be impatient waiting for paint to dry as I have trouble even with the mediums that we commonly use -often leave a fingerprint in glitter glue etc  Smile

Margaret hope you got to play with the new ink even if the gardening got left!

Am seeing a friend for a crafty session and a meal tomorrow and have to sew the binding on my quilt or it will not be finished for the wedding in August!

Glad you are at home and resting Jennie I did wonder how you would cope with 2 feet done at same time and at least only having one you can move around easier, have you got crutches.
I am loving all Tim's new colours my fav at mo is twisted citron and abandon coral I am getting paints and sprays as well  Very Happy getting mine from Craft Obsessions the pads are 3-95 and you only have to spend 20 for free p&p.
Going to catch up with friends today. x

Another beautiful day here.  Not surprised though as it is the Clarity Retreat at Crowborough this week and the weather is always amazing for that.  In fact, over the last five years there has only been one thunderstorm and that was quite dramatic.  

Am now frantically trying to catch up with all outstanding swaps elsewhere and to get my Rebels Stampers ATCs in the post.  Am I still sending these to you Margaret?

Hope you had a good night Jennie and the foot is getting more comfortable
margaret rorie

Yes Mickie - I'm doing the ATC swap this month. If you could send them to me by 28 July that would be great as we're off down to Orkney. I can send you my address there if you need it.

Like Becky I like all the new distress colours but I think the Hickory smoke will be very useful. Country View Crafts do free postage and you can pre-order. It's exciting when the package comes as it's a surprise! Forum Index -> General
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