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Morning all not sure what happened to yesterday. had a great weekend away the weather stayed dry and the air show was brilliant nice to be home though today I am out crafting and the catching up with grandkids so a busy day.
Hope you had a good workshop Mickie and your shoulder was ok. xx

gald you had a good break Becky. I have been busy today with knitting group -I updated everyone about the planned knitted nature trail next year.
then stitching group in the afternoon -somehow the ladies had lost their embroidery threads -luckily I had a few spare colours in my bag, as they were getting quite upset. they have both now nearly finished the butterflies they were working on  Smile
Raining here and if it continues tomorrow I aim to get my ATCs finished
margaret rorie

Sorry I haven't been around much recently - we're off to Edinburgh tomorrow for a wedding at the weekend so looking forward to the break. The wedding is being held at a lovely country house on the outskirts of the city so we're staying there over the weekend. Looking forward to doing some tourist things and also visiting a craft shop - not that I need anything!

You all sound as if you've been very busy.  Hope the weather is fine all over the country.

The rain it falleth and wetteth everything it findeth is just possibly the nicest thing I can say Laughing I was planning to do some more gardening.  All the good I achieved will be grown over again by the time I get the next opportunity to garden  Wink

On the bright side - lovely workshop with Neil Walker and I'm looking forward to using my lovely new book.  My phone not syncing with PC at the moment so will sort that and then I can post a photo

We have lovely sunshine today and I am enjoying a day in the 1st this week doing some atc's and catching up with some things that I have to finish .
Glad you had a good workshop Mickie and look forward to seeing what you have done. Have a lovely weekend away Margaret we are dog sitting this weekend so that will be fun x

enjoy the wedding Margaret and the country house -hope it stays dry. Bet you find something to buy in the craft shop too.
Had a quiet morning as the week has been pretty busy then straw painting in the afternoon with my craft group.
More memory book making tomorrow so off to prep a couple of things for that

What is straw painting Vonny never heard of it. Have fun with your memory book. We have the sun here this morning and it is lovely. Having a day in till we go to Zoe's this evening.

Have a lovely time Margaret, hope the weather is good for you too and try not to get carried away at the craft shop.

Looking forward to learning what straw painting is.

Lovely day here today so I think I shall be in the garden instead of my craft room!

Enjoy your day in Becky

straw painting is using straws to blow watery paint around to make patterns. We only used blue and green paint and are going to use the painted paper to make the background sea for some fish cards, as well as the cover for a small notebook -then I am having a rest over August  Very Happy

That sounds like fun Vonny bet they all have fun.

Oh I see what ou near Vonny.  I actually envisioned using straw as opposed to paint brushes Rolling Eyes  Embarassed   Must be this unaccustomed heat

that would work too -the blowing is actually hard work so best not to do it in hot weather Forum Index -> General
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