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Had a nice lunch with ex colleauges. Added a few touches to a panel for craft club display and sat and spun in the garden for a while.
hope the heat isn't too much for folks  Smile

I am afraid I wilt when it is hot as well as watching my skin  Sad . Here is a pic of Isaac with his eyes open

Click to see full size image

He is doing well.

The plan is to have a day in and stay cool.Keith is waiting for our Doc to ring and we might have to pop there his legs are getting better but it is taking ages too slow for Keith's liking anyway.

    Becky x

I sit in the shade when it is so hot Becky but do like to be outside. Spent yesterday cleaning the carpets! Hired a Rug Doctor -easy to use and did a good job too. Still got craft stuff all over the place -it was the room with the most 'junk' in  Laughing
Quiet day to recover today but putting up some yarn bombing this evening ready for fibre east at the weekend

It is quiet on here this week. I am afraid this weather is no good for me it is too hot just a tad cooler would be good.Staying in today to watch the games and keep cool hope Margaret is having a good time at the games.Have fun with the yarn bombing Vonny take some pics.

   Becky x

should have taken pics on the day as won't go past most of it when I go to the show on sunday.
going to tiddenfoot canal festival tomorow and looking forward to seeing the yarn bombed boat and mermaid as well as enjoying a number of stalls etc. hope there will be some photos to show you of that!

Have a lovely day Vonny hope it is not too hot. I must have a boring life I am not doing anything  Laughing mind you not really up to doing anything to much  Sad

       Becky x

Hallo, I'm back.  It has been so hot hasn't it?  Both day and night.   I have feared at times I would become just a puddle on the floor Laughing

Didn't stop me having a super, super time.  This has been the best one yet!  Will post some pics as soon as I can.  Some of what we did you will have seen, either on the telly or Barbara's blog.  However, it was good to do these techniques under supervision!  

Becky, we got to use the Spectrum Noire pencils and, yes, I have succumbed.  They really are lovely to use, although I don't know too much about colouring and I see that there is a class on these pencils coming up at the Craft Barn so I might have to sign up for that.

Margaret, people come from all over to these workshops that we now call a Retreat.  There is a regular contingent from Ireland and of course, some folk from Scotland.  Barbara is such a good teacher that you don't even realise you are learning!  

Anyway, back to earth and am hoping that the mugginess will go and I can a) get some quality sleep and b) get my swaps done!

Good to see you have been busy.  Did you manage to get any pics of your yarn bombing escapade Vonny?  It does sound a lot of fun.

Mickie x

sounds great mickie -glad you enjoyed it.
No pics of the yarn bombing that I put up but some of boat and mermaid to follow once downloaded. Hectic weekend so need a few days to recover!!

Glad you had a good time Mickie and enjoy the pencils.

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