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Morning all wet and horrible here hope it clears up as I have put washing on.
Can't believe we only have 6 weeks and we are then into year 6 of our little group. Nothing planned for today Keith has gone to take my Dad to his radiotherapy session he has only got 3 more he is feeling a bit fragile at mo.

glad you keep us up to date with the weeks Becky. Funnily enough I had just thought about the 6 weeks until our birthday too  Shocked
Got quilt binding finished yesterday but don't seem to be getting any time for stamping at the moment  Sad

Crikey we have all been together for quite a while!

I am now off the heavy painkillers so able to concentrate a bit more  Very Happy  and Terry has moved the computer downstairs so I can type away on my lap here on my chair (with feet up!). It is all going well - a little painful at times, but not as bad as I expected. It is getting a little boring not being able to just hop up and get what you want  Laughing I managed a shower and washed my hair this morning,which was painful and exhausting but oh so lovely  Very Happy

Weather isn't too bad here, although I am only looking out of the window! Hope you all have a lovely week. xxxx

Yeah we have the sun today I am off crafting with friends today we are doing some shaving foam backgrounds today. Glad you are coping ok Jennie you must find it hard you are always rushing around the next foot you will have to have done in winter when it is better to be indoors  Laughing  x

glad it is going well Jennie and that you are getting a bit more mobile. hope the extra surfing time leads only to inspiration and not spending!!
Spent yesterday dyeing then getting my hair cut. Opted out of swimming today and hope to get the tag made later. Was going to be volunteering at Fibre East tomorrow but not needed so will probably go to knitting group in the morning -then the afternoon is free!

Well where has this week gone we have rain and lots of it glad I am staying in  will try to get some Xmas cards done.
Vonny you are so busy think you are busier now than when you were at work. x

I can't believe it is Friday already! Thank you for the lovely cards - so very kind of you xx

I had a painful day on Wednesday for some reason, but it has settled down a bit now. I have managed to sit out in the greenhouse a couple of times (with my feet up - but don't tell the nurse!) It was lovely to feel the fresh air. I have not been doing too much surfing as yes Vonny I thought it could get a bit expensive! I have though been putting together some photograph books of our holiday and particularly New York. It is quite absorbing and certainly makes the day go quicker! I can't wait for them to arrive.

I did get upstairs this morning for a shower again (bliss!) and a little trip into the craft room to pick up some flower making bits and pieces which Terry has brought down for me so I think I will have a go this afternoon. When your feet are up unnaturally high you arms are affected  Laughing so it is has not been easy to do knitting so I hope I can get the flowers made.

Well done for getting Christmas cards made Becky - I start around .. December ..  Laughing

This week has just whizzed by!

I drove over to see my poorly friend on Tuesday morning and couldn't believe how much traffic there was on the roads.  She lives twenty minutes away from me (to the west) under normal road conditions.   Travelling time was an hour in each direction.  The same went for the friend I went to the Clarity Retreat with.  She lives twenty minutes away from me too (but to the east) and it took her just over an hour.  The traffic on the road to the Retreat was also extremely heavy.  

So what I want to know is; where exactly was it they were handing out 20 notes? Laughing

The Retreat was amazing, can't say too much as we are all sworn to secrecy until after the repeat in August.  We spent an afternoon using the Groovi board and plates various.  There were four projects to go at and we all managed to get three done.  One of which was a bookmark and my poorly friend is one of the few people I know who reads books (i.e not a digital device) so I made it for her.  We also used Fresco paint with the Gelli plate and it works very well indeed, as do Distress and Adirondack inks.

For all the two days flew by and many of us thought a three day event might be even more fun; I have to admit to being very tired on Friday.  My car was booked in for service and happily they came to collect it as I don't think I would have stayed awake long enough to take it to them.  Rolling Eyes

Good to see you are getting about a little Jennie and glad your recovery continues to go well. Your flowers are amazing.

Well done on getting your Christmas cards done Becky - the rate I am going I might well be buying them this year.....

Have a nice day everyone

sounds great Mickie but I know that you have to concentrate and work hard at these things when you are having fun. Haven't tried any inks on my Gelli plate yet but I think there is an article in the latest DS re this. I have tried some Distress paints but they didn't work to well as they went blobby instead of spreading as they must have quite a bit of water in them.
Becky- well done for getting Xmas cards on the go.
Jennie -glad you are finding things to do and the time is going fast

Went to Fibre East today (yes Jennie I do feel busier than when I was at work but at least I can have a lunch time snooze when at home!). It has got even bigger and walking round a number of times is tiring. The colour is quite stunning with the hand dyes yarns, then the are the natural ones and all the lovely soft fibres too. One stall that restores old wheels always smells lovely because of the Danish Oil. Met lots of people I knew too so took even longer to go round. Bought mainly fibre but a skein of hand dyes cotton yarn as this is very unusual must do more spinning and knitting now!

Glad you are getting on ok Jennie I like sitting in my chair with my feet up but couldn't do it all day can't be long before you can start using it do you have a nurse come in to change the dressing etc.
Sounds as though you had a good retreat Mickie look forward to see what you did I know Barbara  posted on FB that 2 days wasn't long enough.
At least you are having more luck at Fibre East than the craft shows this year Vonny hopefully next year will be better.
Got 6 Xmas cards done and a few more almost done I must say Mickie think I will end up buying some or not sending this year I don't enjoy Christmas like I use to.Enjoying having a whole weekend in a friend came yesterday and had tea with us which was nice so hoping today to get some crafting done. x

must say that the fibre related shows seem to be growing and developing, unlike the papercraft ones Forum Index -> General
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