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Good morning ladies a lovely sunny warm day here hope you have the same although I don't think Jennie is having a lot of nice weather. I watched Kate Crane on Hochanda she was very good so hoping she will be back soon so I am playing today have some projects to finish and cards to start and hope a messy play as well. What have you all planned x

very warm here. Back to line dancing =haven't been for so long it was really hard work! Found time to craft a little in the afternoon but then took it easy. Having a day in London with a friend tomorrow and visiting the Wellcome collection

Hot and humid day today.  Art went well though despite the stuffy hall we use.  Maybe the heat freed our minds Laughing

Managing to keep the house cool so feeling smug.  Not sure I could have line-danced or done anything else of an energetic nature.  Tomorrow we should have more of the same.  Lovely

Hope it won't be hot and horrible in London for you Vonny.  Enjoy the exhibition

You must be mad line dancing in this heat Vonny enjoy London. Glad you are keeping the house cool Mickie tell me your secret. Don't really like it this hot so tend to stay in although going to see Jay [grandson] today so have to go out.
margaret rorie

Had a great time at the wedding - venue was lovely and everything went well. Had some time to sightsee in Edinburgh including visiting Holywood Palace to see an exhibition of the Queen'Street dresses. Gorgeous evening gowns. Now sitting at the airport waiting to see if the plane is going as there is fog in Shetland. The joys of living on an island.

Hope the fog lifts and you won't have to spend the night at the airport Margaret.  

Really, really hot today.  Walked to town this morning to meet some friends for coffee.  The coffee shop is called T42and we hope it will be there for a good long time.  Then walked home along the seafront where there was a welcome breeze.  However coming away from the seafront there was no breeze and I arrived home feeling as though I needed wringing out Wink  

Becky you have to keep all your doors and windows closed, together with the blinds/curtains.  I heard on the Chris Evans show someone saying that to keep bedrooms cool at night you should open the loft cover.  Haven't tried that but it would make sense; hot air rising and all that.
margaret rorie

The fog lifted and we got home without any problems. Have unpacked, done 2 loads of washing and some weeding so needing a rest now! Don't think this nice weather is going to last here.

Will need to get crafting tomorrow as we're only here for a week and then going down to Orkney. I was very good in Edinburgh and only bought a Tim Holtz doily die, a set of mini stencils and a Ranger ink to see what it was like.

Hope you are all coping with the hot weather.

Glad you got home ok Margaret and weren't you good not buying to much craft stuff I have just got some new stamps from America have had a little play but back give going into spasm which is a pain so hopefully tomorrow will be better. Still hot here so I have stayed in.

wasn't actually too hot here first thing Monday and the sports hall where we dance is pretty cool. Did get much hotter in the afternoon -and London yesterday was scorching -was lucky to get a train with air conditioning (!!!) on the way in and the WEllcome collection had air conditioning so we stayed there all day. We visited the Voice exhibition, too part on something called "The Quiet Volume" in the library that my friend wanted to do (rather weird) and then join a group discussing how age is portrayed in fashion -we did a collage and also altered some very boring garments- what fun!
then did have to go into the syrupy heat to find food -a small Italian restaurant -felt cool when we went in but not by the time we finished. The train back was packed and very hot but at least I got a seat.
Quiet day at home toady but did have to take my parents shopping in the morning

Sounds like you had a good day Vonny.  With my luck the train wouldn't have had the air-con working and I wouldn't have found a seat either Laughing

Another hot and very sticky day today.  The drive to Lingfield for Inky Fingers as fraught with delays due to roadworks on the way there and dust "storms" due to same cause on the way home.  Other than that we had a good time making an Alice in Wonderland themed scene.  shall have to re-work mine though as I have nowhere with enough space to put it   Rolling Eyes

Glad you didn't have to hang around the airport too long Margaret.  Sorry we cannot send some of this heat up to you.  We have enough to share Wink

Hope you have a better day tomorrow Becky.  What stamps did you get?

hope your back is better today Becky.
Mickie the scene sounds good but I think tutors forget some of us live in small spaces.
Used the straw painted paper to make a card with a fish on and a small notebook at the group today.

Warm dry day today.  Forecast is showing rain for tomorrow evening.  Boo hoo!  Was just beginning to get used to being hot (what am I saying? :lol): Of course i do mean weatherise - not wishful thinking Laughing  Laughing

Going on a day out with the art group tomorrow.  One of our members is treating us all to a visit to an animal sanctuary/park and two more are treating us to a picnic.  How kind and generous is that?  Will have to find my camera and get my sketching kit together.  All very exciting

Good you you had another good day Vonny

Hope you are ok Becky

that sounds like a lovely treat Mickie -what a nice bunch of people they are -hope it stays dry but not too warm  Smile
Knitting group this morning and a catch up with people I haven't seen for a while. Then in the afternoon I popped up to my mum's to see my uncle who was visiting her.
Card making session with friends tomorrow

Really lovely day on Friday although we really need to go again sometime to see all the cats!  It was so hot most of them stayed indoors in the shade.  We did see a pride of white lions though.  Magnificent.  Also a cheetah, who walked up and down the front of the caged area as though on a catwalk. (Forgive unintentional pun Laughing)  Unfortunately he/she didn't realise that the real life models actually stop and pose for the cameras Laughing   We managed to find  shady spot for the picnic, well I say picnic; it was more of a feast Laughing

Another hot day yesterday and I went to an art workshop.  The theme was a child's face in a new to me watercolour  technique.  Loved it.  A super way to send the day even if  did have to wring myself out when I got home Laughing

A quiet day today.  Tried without success to upload a photo in the Challenge for August.  Will try again tomorrow, perhaps it will have settled down by then

Hope yu all had a lovely weekend Forum Index -> General
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