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Morning all well didn't we have some rain yesterday looks like we are in for more today although I can see some white clouds. We have to go out today to do a freezer shop. We have a easy week with just a few things to do what are you all doing. x
margaret rorie

We seem to have the best weather in the country today - I've been tidying up the garden. Going to do some crafting this evening - I have a 21st birthday card to make and this month's tag. Off down to Orkney on the boat on Wednesday for a couple of weeks. I'm going to some yoga classes there and we'll catch up with family and friends. Hope your weather improves "doon sooth"!

Well the weather is better more sun than dark clouds but breezy have a nice time away Margaret I have been good this months tag is all done, my CS atc's  are done and  all my birthday cards for Aug have been done not sure how come but more time for playing now. x

managed to make a wedding card today and my tag is done so hope to send off today or tomorrow -first stamping I have dome for ages. Have just finished a lacy shawl and it is blocked and drying on the bed as I type. Committee meeting tomorrow morning and probaly writing the newsletter in the afternoon!-currently I am making lists to ensure I get the things done that are priorities  Smile

Oh Becky - you have been busy.  I find the more I try to get in front with the ATCs and such, the more behind I get Rolling Eyes Never mind, one day .........

Such a change for you to get the better weather Margaret, you will be having to water your plants in a minute Wink .   Have a lovely time in Orkney.  Hope the travelling will be interruption free.

Its decidedly blowy here at the moment - on the bright side at least it isn't raining.  Sunday was a dreadful day - the rain never stopped.  Don't think there will be any water shortages this year.

Vonny you seem to be getting busier and busier - makes you wonder how you ever had time to work doesn't it? Laughing

Had art class yesterday followed by a funeral.  I hate to admit it but I am beginning to like oils.   When I finally got in I felt quite drained.  Both the days events being tiring in different ways.  

Think I must secretly like being tired because tomorrow I am off to The Craft Barn for my Inky Fingers fix.  This week we will be making our own stencils.  Hmmm.  Perhaps I better pop a couple of plasters in my pocket Wink

Morning all well we have sun at mo.Have a lovely time at The Craft Barn Mickie I brought some Andy Skinner stencils yesterday. Are you going to Stamperama  this weekend Vonny.

Sorry not to have been around - not actually sure where the last few days have gone to really. I got my dressing changed on Monday - all very clean however the embroidery is not what I was expecting and whilst the nurse was exclaiming how amazingly different it all was I was just about passing out  Embarassed Some rather painful snips followed and sadly since then I have been in a lot of pain but I can at least get the foot wet now so am sitting five times a day with my foot in a bowl of warm water  Laughing I am not getting around too much yet so I think it will be slowly slowly.

I had a huge stampin up delivery yesterday which brightened the day. Have to say I rather like some of the new stamp sets which are quite grungy and miles away from the usual twee stuff.

Hope you have had a great time at the Craft Barn Mickie.

Sorry you are in pain Jennie hope it settles down soon when can you start walking on it. Up early again fed up with not sleeping and I have a busy day physio this morning and then spending time with a grandaughter  so going to be a long day  Sad  x

Oh dear Becky and Jennie, I do hope the day improves for you both.  

So sorry you have so much pain Jennie, especially as you have the other foot to look forward to now and now exactly what to expect Rolling Eyes

I had a lovely time at Inky Fingers yesterday.  We started off designing our stencils and then cutting them out.  The cutting was hard work - the operation scars on my hand all went white.  Normally you can only see them if they are pointed out to you Rolling Eyes   However, all worth it.  We also had some big dies that we were able to cut stencils from.  We all came away with four stencils each measuring 6x6.  Three of mine were hand cut and the fourth was die cut all on Mylar (?) like "proper" stencils Wink  Then we made a 12x10 mixed media canvas which just needs a little bit of finishing off and I'll post a picture in my gallery.

It was a fantastic day, marginally spoiled by the long slog home.  The last third of the journey took nearly twice as long as the previous two-thirds, mostly in first and second gear.  Happily there were a couple of interesting programs on the radio to keep me calm and entertained Laughing

Laughing  Laughing I am a happy girl slept well and woke up to sun although I went to bed in a green nightie woke up in a grey one and nightie drawer open  Laughing

Glad you had a good time at Inky Fingers Mickie you certainly go to some good workshops  although I enjoy the ones I go to at Pickwell I find I never get pushed out of my comfort zone and do something different. x

I did laugh Becky - were you having a fashion show in the night? Laughing

Think I'm lucky in that The Craft Barn have such a good team of tutors and that a good 50% of the people at the workshops are regulars so we feel we are always crafting among people we know quite well.  I think all this helps to encourage us out of our comfort zone.  We have some super guest tutors coming up too - Lin Brown, Darcy (PaperArtsy) and Lindsay Mason again.  Woo hoo must book that one!  

Have just been looking through the September issue of Craft Stamper that arrived today.  Check out page 76 everyone - I never thought to do that with the June Freebie stamp that we all disliked Cool now that's imagination.

Beautiful day over here - hope it stays for the weekend.

How are you today Jennie?  I'm hoping you are in less pain and able to get around better.

Have finished my canvas from Wednesday and it is in my Gallery if anyone is interested

Oh dear Jennie -sorry you are suffering. hope it is improving tho.
Becky glad you had a good night even if you had a bit of fun, it sounds like!!
Mickie -making stencils sounds great and I think Mylar is correct -it's like a heavy weight plastic isn't it? I have puched a coupld of stencils from acetate before but it is a bit thin -does work tho. i have wondered about using laminated sheets (just the plastic)
Craft and Coffee today and I actually got some spinning done. We had 2 younger ladies come along which is great- reduced the average age by about 30 years!! We are also going to start regular evening sessions -especailly as we got charged a lot less for the room than we expected.
Our next session in Aug is a Play Day (for adults, why should children have all the fun) and we will have lost of things to try that tend to stay hidden in the boxes e.g. scoring borads to make boxes/envelopes etc, glass/fabri/ceramic paints, heat embossing, embossing and die cuts and we are going to make Craft and Coffee mugs using decals! Great fun hopefully.
Knitting group tomorrow afternoon and I haven't been for a while so will be good to catch up

Morning ladies wish I lived nearer the craft barn Mickie although I would probably end up bankrupt I did see that awful stamp in mag but it makes you think although I think it was Jennie that just used the hair.
You are very busy Vonny is there anything you need for your club I want to have a sort out so if there is please say and I donate I can give it to you when we meet in Sept.
I was good last night slept well and think I stayed in my bed  Very Happy  staying in today but going to Sidmouth for the day tomorrow so that will be a long day. xx

Laminated sheets is good Vonny - I have done them with and without anything in-between the sheets (as it were).  The advantage without is that you can see through the stencil clearly.  The other plus is that the laminated sheets are nice and flexible so you can bend them over a box edge for instance, to get the pattern even

Craft and Coffee evenings sound great fun - good to re-visit all those boxes of stash and actually use what's inside instead of putting it fallback to use "later".

Glad you had a better night Becky.  Have a lovely day in Sidmouth

I'm off to sample a meeting of a local art society this afternoon - make a change to do something locally Laughing and off to the Craft Barn tomorrow for Book Club.  We have to be there for 9.00am, which means an early start for me so I'll have an early night tonight.

Have a lovely weekend everyone

thanks for the offer Becky -we actually have a lot of stash already so unless it was something different it's likely we have it. A  few dye inkpads might be good tho!
Mickie thanks for that about laminated sheets for stencils -think I might try as acetate is a bit thin. As a child I can remember having stensils made from waxed card.
Went to Stamperama today with no real expectations but was happy to find an oak leaf stamp that I wanted (and reduced price). Again lots of dies  and stencils and fewer ranges of stamps- one range was on at least 3 stalls which is a bit of overkill when only about half had stamps already. There were some bargain boxes tho and I spent most of my money there after rummaging and finding a few stamps I liked. I was in and out in an hour (!) which says a lot. It was also very quiet. Forum Index -> General
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