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Afternoon all a lovely warm day again a bit cooler which I like. Had my hair done this morning so nice and red again then I have been doing a couple of journal pages. What are you all up too this week. x

Another beautiful day.  Had an impromptu lunch at a friend's house after art class.  We sat in her lovely garden and enjoyed the sunshine and put the world to rights

Expect you are o cloud 9 Becky.  What would we do if there were no more hairdressers? Laughing

When I try to upload a photo I get the following message, cant anyone help?:

Error: failed to copy: to ../../../gallery/2000385.jpg.z

great that your hair do inspired your art work Becky!
Don't know what the problem is Mickie -sorry -perhaps Miriam can pop on to help.
Cooler today so line dancing was not so tiring -had a walk in the afternoon too!

Hurrah and whoop-de-doo finally managed to upload my journal page in challenges.  I took another quick photo and that worked.  Not sure why it didn't like the nicely edited photo I would have preferred to upload but you can't have everything Wink

Am really tired today and it isn't so hot either.  Shall take it easy and do my ATCs.
margaret rorie

Now in Orkney so have been to a yoga session this morning. It was a bit different from the yoga I do in Shetland - quite gentle.

Then I bought another bookcase as we've dragged down most of our books from Shetland and I was running out of space. That was despite having given loads to charity.

Tomorrow the car goes in for a service so might have to go for a wander around the shops!  Not doing ant crafting at the moment.

not surprised you feel tired Mickie as you seem to have been very busy recently and even enjoying yourself can be hard work  Laughing
Well done for finding a yoga class Margaret -I guess there are different types. Now you have a new bookcase you can get a few books while shopping!
Have been doing some sewing today and made a new peg bag -our old one must have been 20 years old at least and was held together with tape -sad to see it go as the fabric was designed by the pupils at the school I used to work at.

Another fairly "quiet" day.  Had lie in playing games on my iPad, followed by lunch with friends which was very nice and went on until gone 3pm.  When I got home I sat down to read a letter that had arrived and woke up around 6.30pm.  Feel on top of the world now Laughing  Laughing

Cooler today too and it drizzled ll morning so hope the garden enjoyed it.

Shame to lose the fabric designed by your pupils Vonny - can you incorporate it into a quilted picture to preserve what is left of it?

I should wander into a bookshop tomorrow Margaret - you never know what you will find to add to your collection (or while away the time if you prefer Laughing)

Afternoon all have I missed something have you moved Margaret if so hope you are settling in ok. I had the same message Mickie I just resized the pic and it worked. Same about your peg bag Vonny as Mickie says can any of it be salvaged. We have been freezer shopping this morning and now home to do some crafting. We are going to Sidmouth for the weekend to the folk festival which will be nice hope the weather stays dry.
margaret rorie

No Becky we haven't moved yet - just down on holiday. There is a book sale of old books next week that I'll be going to.
Very Happy

Thanks for the suggestions re the peg bag but it was pretty worn throughout and stained -it will have to be a memory only now.
Enjoy the folk festival Becky.
Mickie -the snooze is a great way to rejuvenate yourself- If I am at home I often have 10 mins at lunchtime!
Went to sewing group today and made two blocks which is probably more than I would have done at home!(no 10 min snooze there!!)
Going to Fibre East tomorrow, a local yarn and fibre fair. My friend wants to look at raw fleece so that will be greasy and smelly- think she can do the handling and I'll supervise

enjoyed fibre East and got everything on my list. Hadn't been tempted until right at the end.. when I saw some gorgeous linen yarn and bought a selection of colours! Forum Index -> General
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