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Another week folks!
Stamperama was not very inspiring -a lot of die cuts, stencils and decoupage -stamps in much shorter supply and very little for scrapbookers. Luckily just before I left I found some Artistic Outpost stamps at a reduced price so this made up for it  Smile

Glad you found something nice! Maybe Iíll manage to get to a craft fair or workshop again one day. Doesn't sound like Stamparama is the one to go for though!

I think most shows are die cuts,stencil etc us stampers seem to have been forgotten a bit. Can't sleep been awake since 3 and up since 4 I have done some pastel backgrounds and stamping which will be go to see in daylight if there turn out ok might get up at this time every morning   Very Happy.
Had a lovely day with Dad on Sunday weather was good and Sidmouth was buzzing with the folk  festival.

      Becky x
margaret rorie

Sorry that Stamperama wasn't very exciting, Vonny. Living up in Shetland I am sometimes a little envious of you folk going to workshops and big craft fairs. However there is so much available online that it must be difficult for shops to compete.

It's been a lovely day here today so hope the good weather continues for the rest of the week as we have a few more agricultural shows to attend. I am the "official" photographer for my brother-in-law when he shows his Highland ponies at a show on Thursday.

Hope you're feeling better Becky and get a good night's sleep tonight.

sounds like early mornings stimulate your creativity Becky  Smile
Are there no crafty things in Rome Sarah? The big Scrapbooking show at Alexandra Palace is a good one to visit -stunning views over Londond too!

hope you get some good shots of the ponies Margaret -and I should be grateful for having craft shows to visit even if there are fewer stamps than before

We don't have  that many shows down in the south Margaret they all seem to be up north.

Hope your brothers ponies do well I love the highland ponies does he have any dun one's  it is my favorite colour and I have been lucky to own a couple in my life.

Steroids have kicked in so feeling better I am sleeping better but have seem to have  lost my craft identity not sure what I want to do  Sad

    Becky x

just try some different styles Becky -after all there is no reason that you can't use different ones to your usual one -it can be refreshing to have a change  Very Happy

Something odd is happening here. I wrote a fairly long post yesterday and it has vanished.  I'm sure I wasn't being controversial - other than I feel that there is a move to have stencils take over from stamps.  I shall not be joining in - quite like to use them in tandem.

There also seems to be a move to cut your own stencils and die cuts.  Anyone own a Cricut?

It would be really nice if the Worthing show could be reinvented.   That was always a good one and you met the nicest people there too Wink

Margaret whatever has happened to your photo?  Has it gone the same way as my last post? Rolling Eyes

Mickie x
margaret rorie

I deleted my photo because I was going to update it but the new photo is too "big" so will need to alter it once I get home to my proper computer.

I have a circuit which I bought from Create and Craft on special offer but I have to admit that I don't use it that often although it is useful for making titles for scrapbook pages and numbers for special cards.

I agree with you Mickie that stencils work well with stamps.

Another warm day here spent at the show - my brother-in-law did well with his Highlands but there wasn't a lot of competition! County Show on Saturday which is a big event - already the town is very busy with visitors.

Hope you are all well. Margaret

I like stencils too -but a balance is definitely needed.
Did like the mini dye inks so got a set with 3 of the newer colours that I didn't have. the prices ranged a lot tho from £5.99 to £8.50!

I had a circuit and never used it so gave it to a friend I am with you girls stencils and die cuts have they places but STAMPS come first every time.It is a real shame stamps are so versatile.

I agree with you Mickie about Worthing  Wink it was a lovely little show and yes you met lovely people.

We are having probs with broadband so up early waiting for virgin man to come out.

    Becky x

Just popping in to say hi and I'm back! I seem to have been away for ages! I got back yesterday morning after a long day travelling across Scotland - two buses and two trains and then the ferry. We had a fabulous time - wonderful weather, fabulous sailing and saw some amazing places. It was so hot at times that I was sailing in T-shirt and shorts just like the med - unheard of in Scotland!!! Terry managed to sail to Orkney (Westray) on Friday but is going to be stuck there for quite a while as he waits for the remains of the "hurricane" to pass through.

I don't know where the time has gone these last two days though! Aimee was delighted to be home, but seems a little lost as well. I will try and catch up with all the news tomorrow. Although if this rain doesn't stop Aimee and I may be floating out on the dinghy which is in the garage.

Hope you get on ok with your "virgin" man Becky  Laughing
margaret rorie

Welcome back Jennie! Glad you had a good holiday - the summer seems to have flown past. We've only got a couple of days left here before getting the boat back up to Shetland on Tuesday. It's a beautiful day here today after torrential rain yesterday - it really spoilt the County Show. I'm off to see the Riding of the Marches now when about 100 horses go around the boundaries of Kirkwall. Hope to get some good photos.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, everyone. Margaret

Welcome back Jennie  good to hear you had a fabulous time.  Expect you have a fantastic tan too!

Hope you got your photographs Margaret - we have weather down here today.  The rain drops are really big and warm, almost as though someone has turned the hot tap on.  

Hope your Virgin man sorted you out Becky.  Now why does that sound cheeky?Wink

Have been attempting a tidy up in my craft room today.  I seem to have been at it for hours but not got very far.  Not the easiest of rooms to tidy up really.

I'm thinking it might have been a good idea for the smaller distress inks to have been brought out before the regular size Vonny - amazed at the price range you found.  I reckon the smaller size and a reinker would be enough for most of us and think of the space we would save.

My neighbours and I are all incarcerated in our own homes today.  The developers have decided to re-do the pavements and the road surface by way of apology for all the mess they created during the building works over the road.  It seems that we will be confined to our homes tomorrow too as they finish off.  Might have to do some crafting to while away the time

See the TV schedules have gone from nothing to watch but sport to three different channels airing new dramas tonight.  Thank goodness for iPlayer

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