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Morning all had a lovely day out in Sidmouth yesterday but it was a long day so having a quiet one today. have to pop out and see Zoe as it is her Birthday. What are you all up to anything good have fun at The craft barn Mickie. x

We had a gorgeous day of weather yesterday and I managed to sit out all day - just fabulous. Today couldn't be more different ……..  cold, wet, windy and grey. Oh well at least we had summer for one day.

I am getting around a little more now, although I know when I have done enough and need to get my foot up! I managed an hour in craft room on Saturday, just a few things on the desk but it was lovely and I really enjoyed it. Hopefully I will get there again today.

Have a good week everyone - you all seem incredibly busy!

Glad you are able to get some crafting in Jennie.  Sorry about the weather - it is another scorcher here today.

It was the last day of our Art Class today until end September.  We had a lovely time and I managed to finish my pointilism style canvas.  Still have the Toucan to finish and hopeful I will be able to do that tomorrow.  I think I'll spend the rest of the break trying to get to grips with my watercolours, which was my last successful part of the year to date.

Hope your day is going to plan Becky.

Morning all hope your weather is better today Jennie and glad you are starting to get about again. Hope you managed to get your Toucan finished Mickie. Ended up doing nothing yesterday, I have  been awake since 5-30 taking Keith's Mum to have her new hearing aids fitted but don't think I will get anything else done today. x

It is so horrible when you can't sleep Becky. Hope you have a better night tonight. And good luck with the toucan Mickie !

Had a nice little crafting session yesterday but it ended abruptly when my crutches fell over and knocked a large stampin up punch off the table ....... Yep ....... Right on my foot  Sad I have suffered more from the crutches than anything  Laughing

Oooh Jennie, those punches are heavy!  Bet you enlarged your vocabulary, I certainly would have done.  Hope you are ok now.  I am told that just as you and the crutches get to act as one; you no longer need the crutches Wink

I really do hope you get to have a good night's sleep tonight Becky.  It's certainly no fun when you can't sleep.  Hope your day improves

We seem to be having one of those all seasons days today.  It started off beautifully warm and sunny with a little breeze so I thought I might do some washing.  Think that might have been the wrong decision Rolling Eyes

oh dear Jennie that wasn't a good way to end a craft session.
Becky hope you have a better night tonight- Mike often doesn't sleep well and it must annoy him when I am lying there dead to the world!
Managed to make 2 ATCs and 2 cards today -lovely to have the time.  It was because it was just too windy to even sit outside both today and yesterday, even tho the sun is glorious.
Going to  a knitting group first thing tomorrow- haven't been for a while so will be catching up with folks -i will still be knitting socks, but at least a differnt pair

My exciting news today - guest designing with PaperArtsy. The post has gone live tonight. Very honoured to be asked.

It was a bit nerve wracking as their stamps and paints are not really geared to a mixed media scrapbook page (which is what they wanted). But I was pleased with the end result. Hope you pop over and have a look xxx

this is amazing Jennie- it really doesn't look like the things you see the team producing at demos -you have really made it in your own style. Very well done  Very Happy  Very Happy  Very Happy

Just popped over from PaperArtsy - how fabulous to see you there Jennie and what a lovely page too.  Just goes to show you don't have to be grungy to be PaperArtsy  Laughing

Thanks Vonny and Mickie. I was very nervous about it as it really isn't their sort of thing. But Leandra absolutely loved it - thankfully!

What a grey day it has been here. Had to put the lights on at lunch time. Very wet which doesn't help when trying to hobble into the Health Food Shop. Terry has been buying me the most amazingly (awful !) yogurt, so I just had to go and get my own. It was a lovely lunch  Laughing

Oh dear!  shame about the yoghurt but glad you were able to get out Jennie.

I had a day out in Rye with a friend today.  We travelled over on the train and other than having a good mooch around we took in the Rye Society of Artists annual exhibition -some lovely work and some work that was beyond our understanding.  There were some really good mixed media pieces which I really enjoyed seeing.

Had lunch on a terrace overlooking the flood plain, where we were invited to count the butterflies.  So many!  Really was a conversation stopper.  On the way back to the station we came across this plaque on the wall of a very old house:

Click to see full size image

great plaque Mickie -and lovely to see a lot of butterflies. Two years ago a buddleia bush near us was covered in them -then the ownser cut it down!
Glad you are able to get out a bit Jennie even if it is at a hobble.
Not doing much latetly but out for lunch with a friend tomorrow then a wedding on SAturday

Absolutely love that plaque Mickie !

It is our 39th Wedding Anniversary today so went went out to lunch at the Museum. I managed it fine, but my foot was pretty swollen by the time I got home. It really is hard walking even a small distance on crutches!  We will have to start planning for our Ruby Anniversary but I think we might keep it very simple and just go away for the weekend. The boys are quite relieved!

I sat in the greenhouse for the afternoon = temp about 20 degrees = only to get a phone call from my friend in Switzerland who was experiencing 40 degrees in the shade! Oh what I would l give for that! She hates it!

I hope you all have a great weekend x

Morning all sorry not been around have had a lousy week.

Mickie is Simply Stamps still in Rye and the plague is brilliant.
Saw what you did Jennie for Paperartsy it was lovely well done you and ouch with your crutches I have enough problems with my walking sticks  Laughing
Hope you enjoyed your lunch Vonny and have a lovely time at wedding. x

Hope you have this beautiful weather for the wedding today Vonny

Not sure what the temperature is but it is too hot to stay in the garden even though there is the occasional cooling breeze.  

Becky Simply Stamps closed down a few years ago sadly.

Won't to be lovely when the problem with the foot are but a dim and distant memory Jenny?  How you will look back and laugh at the predicaments you got into.  In the meantime I do hope the swelling went down pretty quickly and that the pain is diminishing day by day. Oh yes, and Congratulations on 39 years.

I'm back up to The Craft Barn tomorrow for a workshop with Neil Walker.  We shall be looking into interference paints.

Have a good weekend everyone

congrats on the wedding annniversary Jennie -and a quiet weekend away next year sounds lovely.
the weather for the wedding was lovely but unfotuantely I didn't make it - I fell out of my back door, sprained my wrist and had 2 gashes on my leg. I had to have stitches in one and steristrips in the other so was in A&E for 3 hours. Am feeling rather better today but am hobbling around a bit like Jennie!

Ooh Vonny you are suppose to drink after the wedding not before  Laughing hope you are not too sore.
Congrats on 39 years Jennie x

improving all the time thanks Becky. Wish I had the excuse of drink but will blame it on age!

Oh Vonny that is such a shame !! I do hope you are feeling a lot better now x

Oh Vonny - what a thing!  Hope you are feeling better and your ego still intact Laughing   You'll have to take more water with it Forum Index -> General
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