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Sorry I never posted yesterday got back from Sidmouth late Sunday feeling rotten think I had too much sun and still feeling grot although I didn't burn,The sun doesn't like me. What are you all up too this week we have rain so it is nice I don't have to go out. x
margaret rorie

Out touring around today - sitting outside writing this as I'm next to the library and there is Internet access. Weather is lovely today - sun is shining so hope it lasts.

Going to a book sale tomorrow so will try to be good.

Hope you're all well.

warm but windy today -have been doing some dyeing. Trying to get a fox type colour but first effort was salmon pink! have now got a bit better colour which will have to do. Have some eucalyptus leaves soaking overnight -they have a very strong smell while cooking -hope it is good for the lungs!

Warm and windy today - walked into town and back.  Halfway home my legs felt as though wading through treacle.  Must look into my exercise routine I think.

Went to an art exhibition preview yesterday evening.   Felt quite privileged to be among the first to see the artwork.

Try to forget that you have some empty shelves Margaret Laughing

Glad you enjoyed Sidmouth Becky and hope you feel a bit more like you come tomorrow.

Don't know about the lungs Vonny but should keep the nasal passages clear Wink

Morning all at least we seem to have the sun back we have had awful rain this week.
Yes Vonny your nasal cavities will be nice and clear.
Was the art work good Mickie when will yours be on show and when can we buy some ?
Hope you had a lovely day touring Margaret and how many books did you buy.
I am off out to see grandchildren today still feeling grot and still haven't really eaten a lot  Sad  but getting there done no real crafting either. x

hope you start to feel better soon Becky and enjoy the grandchildren. Finished dyeing with the eucalyptus then did some spinning in the afternoon.
What sort of art was it Mickie? Hopefully there were some nibbles and drinks too  Smile
Hope the book shopping went well Margaret and that you got a bargain or two

Well, the artwork was in the main amazing - only a couple of items I wasn't sure about.  There was everything from drawing through to oils.  I was quite taken with some very modern acrylics and some modern loose watercolours.  I am still reeling from the experience.  The exhibition was held by Battle & District Art society.  

Am hoping to get to the Rye Society of Arts exhibition which is also on at the moment - just a question of finding some space in my calendar.  D'you know, how I ever had time to work is a complete mystery to me!!

Yes, Vonny there were drinks and nibbles but as I was driving I didn't indulge.  When i got home I thought I might have a glass of the red but found the "wine cellar" empty.  Obviously not meant to indulge!

Becky I do hope you picked up as the day went along and that you enjoyed your time with the grandchildren as usual. At least it was not so hot today.

sounds like a good exhibition Mickie -hope you get to the Rye one. Pretty bad planning not to have a tipple ready and waiting at home tho  Laughing Quick visit to supermarket needed I think.
Lovely day today, just right temperature and little breeze so outdoor spinning  Smile

finally finished spinning all the different colours that I got from dyeing with madder -here they are

Click to see full size image

Wow! So many shades from one plant - no wonder rose madder paints are such different colours from different manufacturers

Been to a book making workshop today and had a lovely time.  Now i've just got to finish the project Rolling Eyes That'll be me out of mischief for a day or two

Fab colours Vonny what is Madder . Yes Mickie you are one busy lady at least you are enjoying yourself. I am afraid I am feeling really sorry for myself  Sad  have had a lousy week  and have achieved craft wise. I will phone doc's tomorrow and see if I can have some steroids as I am sure it is a Lupus flare up and not Fibro  last night I fell out of bed so hurt all over this morning. Having a day in xx

oh dear Becky -sorry to hear you are not good -and falling out of bed doesn't help does it? Hope the doc can help.
Book making sounds good Mickie -you do have lots of good things locally.
Becky -madder is a plant and the roots are used for dyeing -they have been used for traditional dyeing for centuries ( and painting too I guess). spent some of today sorting samples to keep from each skein I dyed so I can use them for reference

You are having a bit of a time of it Becky, and falling out of bed must have been a big shock too.  Do hope the doctor can help you.  

I've been trying to finish a book to say thank you for the day out to the Big Cat Sanctuary at Smarten in Kent we had recently.  Once I had the book finished I thought it wouldn't take too long to put the photos in.  Well silly me is all I can say.  It is taking me longer to sort, print, mount and site photos than it took me to make the book itself!!  Ah well, there's no such thing as a five minute job  Rolling Eyes

What are you going to make with your newly dyed wool Vonny?  Did you buy the Madder dye or did you make your own from Madder you gathered yourself? Forum Index -> General
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