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Morning all the virgin man sorted me out  Laughing he was rather nice so up and running again.
Good to see you back Jennie you have been missed and glad you had a good trip away.Hope Terry gets home soon.
When we went to Selkirk a few years ago we saw the common riding Margaret which I think i s the same you are going to see they ride all around the borders it is brilliant to see.
Hope you make the most of being stuck in your house Mickie at least you have a good excuse.
I have all the small memento ink pads they are so much easier specially if you want to take them out but a bit of a pain when you are using a big stamp.
Having some days in this week have a friend coming tomorrow who I haven't seen for yonks so that will be good and I would like to get some crafting done  I have a little rush and do some and then go blank again  Sad

      Becky x

glad to hear you had a great sail Jennie -hopefully Terry will be back soon.

Becky -glad the puter is sorted  -we miss it alot nowadays.

At the show I also spotted Staz -on midis which were square ink pads a bit smaller than the previous ones but not as tiny as the inch ones -I don't know if they are new colours or not as I only have balck and brown!

Got some ATCs done yesterday as it poured on and off all day. Windy today but managed a bit of dyeing outside

Have been applying myself to the Helen Chiltern project in the September issue of Craft Stamper.  My goodness, it is turning into a bit of a marathon but I am nearly there so feeling grateful to the developers for enforcing this period of "house rest"

Hope they get finished today though as am going to a matinee tomorrow in Eastbourne.

I also need to get to the post office with some packages that are becoming quite overdue.

Glad you are up and running again Becky.  It wasn't really that long ago that we hardly knew about computers and now we really cannot live without them it seems.

Stazon seem to be getting in on the smaller size act too then, Vonny.  I don't really like it as I seem to open a new ink, stamp one project and then the next time I come to use the ink it has dried out.  Obviously doing something wrong there......

Have a good day everyone

Mickie x

Hearing you talk about small ink pads reminded me that I had a box of them that I never seem to use these days  Embarassed I just seem to use the Distress Inks and Arcival. And yes I agree Mickie, Stazon pads seem to dry out so very easily - so not just you.

Terry is still stuck in Orkney - he won't get a good forecast until Friday as Bertha is still around and delivering northerly winds. It would be good to have him back along with all the washing and everything we stockpiled on the boat over the last seven weeks.  It seems a bit strange to be back and not have any of these things! I did have my hair cut today so I feel a bit more normal- it had got a bit WILD ! Terry managed a hair cut in Mallaig but I couldn't get an appointment anywhere.  

I have been catching up with some projects - Mr Mojo seems to have done a bunk and a lot has gone in the bin but thankfully I got a couple of things made.

I haven't caught up with my reading of the magazines yet but your project sounds interesting Mickie.
margaret rorie

Now back home in Shetland- the trip up on the boat was fine despite some weather warnings. Looking forward to getting back to crafting. I did manage to do some on holiday but it's not the same without all your supplies. I won a set of stamps in a draw which Uniko Studio was running and they came today so need to have a play.

I'm having no success in getting my profile photo posted so wondered if anyone can help. I can't even get the old one bak on! I think I've reduced the photo to the correct size but I'm still being told it's too big. Margaret

Glad to see you home Margaret - I wondered what sort of trip you might have had as it is not too bad here but the seas are still quite high.

Re your picture - do you want to email it to me.  I have a new (free) software for reducing my photographs for the DT blogs and I might be able to get it smaller for you.  One of the reasons I only have half a face is that also cuts down the size Laughing

I have spent the day spinning at the Textile Museum - I have really missed it this year, not being able to get there before we went away. We had visitors from Australia, France, Greece and Scotland today, so very entertaining.  I also spun quite a bit of wool too.

I have also started giving the house a bit of a spring clean - a bit late  Laughing but that's what living on a small boat does for you.  The dining room today and it looks lovely.  I found a whole load of my early scrapbook mini books - pretty awful really.  I knew they were there in the drawer but haven't looked at them for ages.  I can;t believe I used so many original photographs - old ones.  I may have a go at trying to get them out and scanning them or taking photographs. I found my first adventure into Distress Inks 2008 - I can't believe I was so pleased with it!

your views of your early work made me laugh Jennie -i remeber as a child thinking i was doing beautiful colouring in, in the lines and everything -then looking at it a couple of years later and it was just scribble! show how much you build up skils and your own style over time.
the spinning sounds great -i have enjoyed having time to spin outside over this summer -curently working on onion skin dyed Portland fleece

Looks like you got the pic sorted Margaret -nice to see it!

Just finishing off my ATCs and hope to post tomorrow. Off to paint and underpass this afternoon!!! Shocked
margaret rorie

Thanks to Jennie I've now got a photo again.

It is interesting looking at your earlier creations - I have a few scrapbook pages I'm not happy with but I see them as part of the learning process!

Vonny - what are you going to do in the underpass?!

Off to my lunchtime book group today - we're reading Mansefield Park by Jane Austen at the moment. I read it recently after watching a dramatisation on TV and really enjoyed it.

Enjoy your painting Vonny hope it is a decent colour.I always thought they gave those jobs to peeps on community service  Laughing

Good to see you back Margaret and great profile pic not sure why but my old Blackberry takes the right size pics so I now use it as a camera as I have a different phone now.

I looked though some of my old crafting stuff and they are awful I can't believe I sent some of the cards to people.

I have nothing planned for the next few days and hope to keep it like that out for a meal Sunday night for Charli [grandaughter] birthday she is 23.

      Becky x

Wondered what you meant when you mentioned painting the underpass Vonny.  Thought it was some new dyeing technique at first but I think it is all clear now in my head  Rolling Eyes

Love your new photo Margaret.  Good to have you back.

Glad it wall worked out in the end.  Becky I never would have made the connection between the options on the phone and the re-sizing of the photos!  Quite obvious when you think about it.

I suppose when we started off crafting we were all as bad as each other.  I was inspired by the conversation to look out my old stuff and I am thinking of recreating a couple of bits and journalling both the old and the new on facing pages.  Thought it might give me hope when the mojo goes on holiday Wink

Mickie x
margaret rorie

Just been sorting out my photos from my holiday so I've put some in my gallery.  Lots of horses!  

I seem to have had a busy day today starting with a visit to the gym in the morning - I haven't been for ages and am feeling quite unfit.  Then did some baking in the afternoon to use up ingredients which were getting near their "use by" date.  So then we had to sample the baking which undid the good work of the gym!

Hope you've all had a good weekend.  Margaret Forum Index -> General
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