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Morning all hope you have all had a good weekend hope you are not too sore Vonny after your mishap and Jennie hope you are more comfortable now . I am hoping to get some crafting done this week having my hair done this morning so that will make me feel better. x

made my T tag this afternoon so things are looking up. couldn't get an appointment with a nurse until Friday to change my dressing so made one for having stitches out in 2 weeks at the same time to make sure I am booked in

Well it is a lovely day here today and by 11 this morning I had got all the towels washed (I throw them around to get them from the bathroom to the washing machine  Laughing ), made yogurt, boiled some exceedingly old plums I noticed at the back of the fridge, made bread (sitting down - not easy) and got soup for tea tonight in the slow cooker. Absolutely cream crackered now ! I spent the rest of the morning sitting in the greenhouse which was lovely, but it has now clouded over a little, but is still reasonably warmish.

I do hope you are feeling better now Vonny and the stitches are not hurting too much. Mine are still dissolving! I have found Aloe Vera gel very good at taking away the itching and burning and it does help dry skin too. I am down to a dressing today - trying to go without the bandage, but it feels a bit weird in the huge shoe!

Hope everyone has a good week - enjoy the hairdressers Becky.

No more injuries please ladies (inflicted or accidental). Do hope you are both feeling much better today. Jennie you do sound to be Laughing

Vonny it is terrible you are not able to get an appointment for dressing change. Imagine you couldn't do your own or lived alone. Doesn't bear thinking about.

Jennie even when laid up you seem to fit in more than I do! So far today all I have done is a jigsaw, played some patience, gone shopping and made some slimmers gooseberry fool for tonight's pudding.

Had a lovely time at The Craft Barn yesterday. We played with interference paints, which was good and the drive home wasn't bad either. It was hot though unlike today which is cool and dull again. At least it isn't raining so I'll get my exercise in a mo watering the plants Laughing

Hope your day went well Becky

We had the same problem with getting a appt for Mum to having her dressing changed and that was after  the nurse asked us to make another appt hope it is not too painful for you Vonny  arnica is good for bruising.
Good to see you up and about Jennie how long before you lose the boot and crutches.
Did you enjoy the paints Mickie trouble is trying new things you then want them I am not spending any more on craft till I go to Art From The Heart which isn't long now  Very Happy  Weather is grotty here x

You do well to save up for Art from the Heart Becky - they do tend to have a good sale section.  I was just glad I was on the train so had to watch the weight of my suitcase Wink

The Interference Paint workshop was very interesting in that I had previously only used these paints on dark backgrounds and Neil had us using them on lighter backgrounds.  The Gold Interference over Orange Acrylic looks like metal that is going rusty - I liked that effect.  Otherwise they give a very nice sheen which is impossible to photograph.

How are the invalids today?  Both continuing to mend I hope.

thanks for all the health tips- can't get anywhere near the wounds or surrounding area tho. Generally feeling ok and walking better too -just a bit of stiffness where the stitches pull a little. Have my foot up quite a bit too now as my ankle has swollen up.
I like the sound of the gold paint over orange Mickie -i would never have thought about doing this. Perhaps they would look good on a Gelli plate?
Managed to go to Craft and Coffee yesterday as it was a Play day and seemed to go really well but it was very tiring so a quiet day in today.

Thunderstorms on and off since 4am.  I do like a good storm but I think this one has gone on long enough now Rolling Eyes  

Had my nails done this morning and a fascial so feeling pretty good despite the weather.

Am going to see if I can't get my ATCs, tag and Christmas Card done today.  Wish me luck Wink

Think I might have to get the gelli plate out too now that you've given me an idea Vonny so that will be me having a quiet rest of the day indoors

Thanks for the tip about interference paint Mickie. I got some luminarte paints which do the same thing, but have only used them on black. I will try the gold on orange - sounds interesting!

Vonny I hope you are feeling better as each day progresses. Sounds as though you are being quite wiped out with it all. I decided yesterday to take my dressing and sock off and get the air to my stitches and what a relief !!!! In just a few hours I could feel the difference and slept only in a sock last night and it was very comfortable. - well and pjs  Embarassed I am managing a bit better in the craft room now. I emptied two drawers by my desk and filled them with all my favourite things which has helped. Difficult to do any die cutting though. But another week

Who are you doing a workshop with at Art from the Heart Becky? I loved being there last year at the Finnabair workshop with Mickie. It really is a fabulous shop.

Right off for my afternoon session sitting in the greenhouse with my knitting  Cool

you made me laugh wuth the pj comment Jennie -and I love the thought of sitting in the greenhouse and knitting. Glad you are on the mend.
I had the dressing changed today and the gashes are healing nicely so I just have 2 big padded plasters on now which is much less tight than the padding and bandage dressing
mickie sounds like you had a good thurs -hope you got done all as planned  Very Happy
off to start yet another pair of socks with yarn I have dyes in a purple gradient -these are going to have  a simple lace pattern so the ones on the go will be for knit and natters as no thinking is required!

Jennie and Vonny you both sound as though you are getting better quickly now.

Jennie I did fleetingly wonder, in view of the chilly summer you are having up there, why you were only sleeping in a sock...............and then I read on Embarassed  Laughing

Vonny. I didn't do as well as I had hoped and still have the card to do, not to mention play with the gelli plate.  However, there's always what's left of today and I am not doing any classes this weekend.

Quite hot here today so am hoping it os set for the weekend.

Have a good one everyone

Glad you are finding things easier Vonny without the bandage, We've been out for coffee this morning - a bit of a walk (well it is at the moment) into the museum and then had a look at the photographic exhibition in the gallery. I had a seat for a while - felt like a right OAP  Laughing Amazing how many people come and speak and ask you what you've done!

It has been very wet here today so I did manage a while crafting this afternoon. I have been invited to join another DT - will let you know at the beginning of September, but I was very pleased to be invited. It is not too onerous, which i great.

I can't believe that August is romping away so fast. The schools go back here next week  Shocked Have a great weekend everyone x

Glad to hear you are a bit more mobile now Jennie just don't overdo it.Hope you are doing ok as well Vonny.
Mickie you were lucky having a warm day we had rain most of yesterday today we have the sun.
Sadly Jennie I am not doing a workshop at AFTH we are going to Yorshire for a weeks holiday which will be lovely although tiring, we can't go all that way and not visit the shop that would be so rude  Laughing  Laughing Forum Index -> General
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