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Morning all well for the 1st time in a week I have woken up feeling human  Laughing  Laughing . I guess rose madder paint is made by using the plant then thanks for the info Vonny. Hope you manage to finish the book Mickie it is surprising how look it takes to do and as you say it what you do with the book that takes the time. Nothing planned for today but must attempt to do some crafting I am so far behind with challenges,swaps and cards also hope to pop out later with Keith get some fresh air. x
margaret rorie

Glad you're feeling better Becky. Hope you get some crafting done.

We were out for a meal on Monday evening to celebrate our wedding anniversary - 41 years! Don't know where the time has gone. Had a lovely meal in a restaurant outside Kirkwall with views over Scapa Flow. Food was excellent and just that bit different. I had monkfish in a lemon and chilli sauce which was subtle so it didn't overpower the fish.

This week it's the agricultural shows so hope the weather stays fine. The sun is shining here today.

glad you are feeling better Becky -so much easier to get on with life.
Congratulations on 41 Years Margaret -and the fish dish sounds yummy!
Can't believe I haven't been on here since Sunday! Yesterday went to World of Wool up Yorkshire  way to get various spinning supplies -came back across the moors which was lovely even in the rain (only a shower luckily)

Mickie -the madder dyed yarn is going to be used with a background grey wool to make me a jumper. I cheat a bit and use an extract which comes as a liquid that you just measure, add to the water and mix. I have used dried root before and even tried growing the plant a long time ago (without success)
Knitting group this evening so been having a fairly easy day

managed to make a couple of ATCs today -did get distracted by a short walk to our local river -some cute baby moorhens and also a heron which we have not seen there before.

Morning all well another sunny day here. I have managed to get some crafting done at last. Brought a new laptop and tablet yesterday so now have to learn how to use them  Surprised  In all day but out for a meal tonight for Charli's birthday  she is going to be 25 makes me feel old a granddaughter of 25 eek. xx

Hi everyone - not sure what happened to me this week!  Lovely day here today and I managed to get some crafting done.  

Glad you are feeling better Becky.  Good luck with the new IT equipment - all you need now is to get a new phone to really up the learning curve.   Wink

Shall look forward to seeing the jumper Vonny

Congratulations on 41 years Margaret.  The lemon and chilli sauce sounds lovely

The weeks go by so quickly don't they Mickie too blinkin quick. Had a lovely night out for Charli's birthday so going to have a day in and go with the flow have some atc's too do and still some cards. Looks like it is going to be a lovely day though. x Forum Index -> General
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