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Morning all well it is very wet and dull here and looks as though it is here to stay but as I don't have to go out I don't care.Had a bad day yesterday and most of my craft ended up in the bin so gave up and watched Horse Whisperer where I could have a good old blubb felt better after wards  Laughing
Will try again today so fingers crossed I will get something done. x

It's the same here today weather-wise. Very dreary and wet and miserable. Stark contrast to last night where I struggled to remember we were in fact in October! Had a BBQ with a few friends yesterday and ended up with a blanket or two by the fire in the garden, marshmallows and all! Was a lovely end to the BBQ weather I feel.
Becky, sorry to hear you had a bad day but glad to a good old blubb made you feel at least a little better. I had one of them moments myself last week so I feel for you.
I was getting crafty in other areas this weekend and had my very own fancy dress party with a Cartoon theme. I handmade my outfits for my boyfriend and I, I'll post a picture or two up in my gallery Wink Also got a bit inspired by this years Great British Bake Off and baked a few goodies at the party, also cartoon inspired. I know they're not strictly stamping related but it's all fun none-the-less. Looking forward to a less busy weekend to come.

Sorry you had a horrible day yesterday Becky but it did give you the opportunity to watch the Horse Whisperer again.  If you really need a club you should read the book Laughing

Your party looked to be a lot of fun Rachel.  Good for you using up the last nice evening of the year in a constructive way.  

It's raining here too today.  I guess autumn is really here now.  Do love the trees in their new colourful foliage too.   The art class went well this morning.  We used oil pastels, which I had never used before but definitely will again. The theme was chirpy little robins and I managed to do an homage to WW1 which threw the tutor.  I think she had Christmas cards in mind whereas "In Flanders fields the poppies grow........." came into mine. Question  After the break I calmed down and produced a "radioactive" robin.  Certainly I had fun this morning!

sorry you had a bad art day Becky -at least you have a way to outlet your frustration a bit!

Rachel your party sounds great fun even if it was a bit of work, bet you got lots of photos tho.

Mickie -love your take on the robins..just shows how things inspire us differently -I am intrigued by a radioactive robin tho Confused

No crafting except a little knitting today -have been collecting info ready for my tax self assessment that I have been putting off for ages

Had a better day yesterday but have then had a lousy night I can't win I thought it was 6 so got up for a cuppa and it was only 5 so a long day for me I am out crafting with a friend so at least she will keep me awake.
Sounds as though you have been busy  Rachael but also some fun.
I have oil pastels Mickie and got to be honest not sure how to use them I tend to scribble with them perhaps I should go and have a look on you tube.
Will this be the last tax assessment Vonny now you have retired. x

Sorry you had a bad night Becky.  I was up with the larks this morning too!  Didn't go to bed till almost 1am and then at 4.45am I was wide awake.

Becky we tooksome thick paper and applied the pastels quite thickly and then use a paintbrush dipped in white spirit to lightly "paint" over.  Gives a sort of oil paint effect.  Unlike chalk pastels, you don't get covered in it yourself!  The difference between children's wax crayons and oil pastels is that the oil ones are more dense in colour and blendable.  I'm thinking that Gelatos are a much softer version.

Just a bit of useless info here - Oil pastels came about when the French firm Sennelier were approached by a young man in 1949 to supply him with a bespoke colouring medium that would be similar to oil paint but without the drying time and that would also be portable.  The young man was Pablo Picasso.

Good luck with the tax assessment Vonny.  Hopefully it will be the last one you have to do Laughing  The background to my second robin was bright yellow, orange and a bit of red blended together in a random fashion, which came out very bright and then with his chest being bright orange red.............well, you can guess the rest Laughing

Looks like the sun is trying to come out so I think I'll have to go for a walk along the sea front and see what the world looks like today

have done the self assessment and it seems I am owed 80 -can't really understand this but if I get some money back then I will continue doing the self assessment. I thought the same as you, that this would be my last one tho as the only income I now have is all taxed at source.

Hadn't thought about gelatos being like oil pastels as they mix with water. Like the little bit of art history Mickie  Smile

Off to the dentist this afternoon so hope the rain stops before then

Thanks everyone for your comments, I enjoy dressing up no matter the occasion Very Happy Any excuse or time to bake is a bonus too, especially when there's other to enjoy it and not leave me with a mountain of naughty goodness when I'm trying to be good and lose a little round the middle.

Mickie, your art classes are making me a little green with envy, I wish there was something similar around my area. Maybe when I get a little more spare time to myself in future I'll have a better look around for something. Can't think of anything better then having a set time to just draw/ play/ paint/ colour-in. Not much time at the moment though with my boyfriend living a little way away, spend most of the time working or driving to and from his. (Or vice versa in his case).
Very interesting fact about Picasso initiating the invention of oil pastels though! Love it, hopefully that'll come up in a pub quiz one day Razz

Last time I used oil pastels was at school. I remember doing a big picture, then sectioning it into four and using 4 different mediums in each one. Oil pastels, pencil shadings, colouring pencils and pastels. I loved it but I've not got all the resources to hand to do it again. That's why it would be good to do a class where all the resources are there but you don't need to invest in them or find a place to keep them at home. I can't wait to see how you're robin turns out though, I'm intrigued.

Vonny, sorry I didn't make crafting last night, but Paul had a rough day at work so felt a night in with him and a DVD was the best medicine. I see you didn't manage to make it either though so I don't feel as bad Razz

Becky, my friend Gary once scared his mum by doing something similar, he got up at 3am, had a shower and everything to get ready for work when he didn't even start till 7am. His mum thought he'd gone a bit doo-lally but he just looked at the clock completely wrong, difference is when he realised he just went straight back to bed for a few hours. Talk about eager Razz lol.

Rachel there is a place called At Van Gogh in Knebworth that do art classess and there are also things on at the Settlement in Letchworth. Both have websites to whet your appetite. They are not exactly on the doorstep but are within travelling distance (and it sounds like you are used to driving anyway)

Just finished off my tag and aim to do ATCs later. Was going to do some conservation work but my hip is a bit painful and it is really too wet as well (the weather not my hip Laughing ). Hair cut this afternoon too.

I have found the following groups on the SAA website Rachel: the Luton and District Art Club whose postcode is LU2 7DL and the Bedfordshire Art Society for which I have a link:  and I think there's another at Biggleswade.

Another miserable day here - the traffic is absolutely bonkers too.  So once I got back from visiting my sick friend I entered the smug zone thinking hurrah!  I don't have to go out again.  I've just remembered that I am meeting a friend for dinner tonight (which is very nice) but the school I have to drive past has its Parents Evening until 9.00pm tonight (which is definitely not nice).  Were it not for the rain I would walk down but it is not nice arriving for dinner soaked to the skin:lol:

In the meantime I shall do some crafting
margaret rorie

Autumn has well and truly arrived here in the far north with gales and heavy rain. As we have so few trees, we don't get the lovely autumn colours here. The leaves never get a chance to change colour - they just get blown off!

I had a great weekend at Jennie's workshop - we made a book using Graphic 45 paper. Thanks for another great workshop Jennie. I've put some photos on my gallery.  

I'm still not able to do much crafting as we're still getting folk to view the house. We have set a closing date though - next Wed. After that we'll be able to get going on the packing - at the moment we seem to be living in limbo.

You all sound as if you're very busy with all your crafting and baking.

Morning all you have all been busy interesting facts about oil pastels Mickie I was watching someone on YouTube using them and he was using a make named Sennelier.
Have you had a few viewers for the house Margaret fingers crossed it sells have you found somewhere to go.
Took Mum for a assessment  to have her cataracts done the first one is in 10 days she is so funny we took her shopping she wanted to go to Iceland and so we did she couldn't buy anything as her freezer was full  Laughing.
We have the sun out so have put some washing on fingers crossed it will dry. x

It is a beautiful day today and I laid over!  (That's Sussex speak for oversleeping) Laughing   What a shame to miss the sunshine when we need all we get.   I did walk down to meet my friend after all and I walked back afterwards so what with the exercise, a lovely meal and some wine I suppose I needed the extra sleep:roll:

Having my nails done this afternoon and looking at them, I must be healthy as they've grown so long so quickly.  All but the little fingernails are 2cm long.  The little fingernails are 1.5cm BUT look just as long as the others. Just goes to show you can't believe your own eyes and I've obviously got too much time on my hands Laughing

Hope your house sells soon Margaret.  Being "on the market" as we say, is so unreal even for naturally tidy people.  Fingers crossed for you

Becky I did smile at your trip to Iceland  Laughing My mum was a new woman after she had her cataract op not only could she see again, she also got her sense of humour back Laughing

Margaret -hope the selling goes well -good idea to put a close date on.
Mickie -sounds like retirement is relly suiting you if you have lovely healthy nails
Becky, your story about your mum made me smile -but they do sell non frozen items so she could still have bought some things if she really wanted.

Made a few Xmas cards alongside Mike this orning -we rarely craft together just the two of us but are going to try and do this more often now.
this afternoon we decoupaged some glasses with my group -sticky but they all enjoyed it and the glasses looked great.
margaret rorie

We actually have a small house in Orkney so we'll go to that initially and then take our time to find a slightly bigger house, without stairs! My wish list includes a kitchen with a dining area and a craft room (of course). There are a few other things on the list but we may have to compromise.

A beautiful day here after all the rain yesterday. It's the accordion and fiddle festival this weekend - I'm not going to any concerts as I can only take so much of that kind of music! Most of the visitors this weekend like dancing and there is plenty of opportunity to do this.

Vonny I've just had a thought; don't nails and hair continue growing after death? Laughing  Wink  

Nice that you and Mike can craft together - enjoy!  It must be good to have someone you can bounce ideas off and gain inspiration from.

Good that you have alternative house to go to Margaret.  That must take a lot of the stress out of the situation for you.  I like the sound of your "new" house, or should I say bungalow?  It would be lovely to have one of those

I have a long list of crafty bits to do this month and I don't seem to be able to settle down to do any of them.  Am hoping an early night will see me right

Crumbs - where did this week go !!! Just the usual round of busy but the week seems to have passed in a flash!

We've had some lovely weather, so I have been out walking and helping Terry get the outside of the house painted. I hate having to foot the ladder (it is so boring) but health and safety wise essential.

We have also had some horrendous weather and spent a day mopping up the window in the craft room - the only one which has not been sorted this summer. Terry is hoping to make some repairs next week but (horror horror ) I have to move most of my stuff out of the room. !!!!!!!

Tonight I have been out at Nesting Hall for a three hour session of Shetland Scrapbookers. We've left everything and have all tomorrow crafting as well. Will be fun!

You all sound as though you have had a great week. Will try and do better next week  Laughing

Did a workshop yesterday with Brenda Brown she is such a lovely woman and great teacher we did a memory box will put in my gallery. Out today to see my oldest friend which is always fun but I really must not arrange to do thing both days of weekend it is too much for me . x

Glad you have another house to go to Margeret and can take your time finding your dream home if it exi sts  Smile
Jennie sounds like you have been pretty busy and making the most of better weather -hope clearing your craft room isn't too traumatic -maybe you will find a few forgotten items. Scrapping sounds good especailly when you can leave everything out.
Becky glad you enjoyed the workshop and enjoy catching up with your friend.
I spent yesterday demoing spinning at Leighton Buzzard library -it was a pop up museum showcasing British wool. i was spinning Shetland and there was a talk on Fair Ilse in fashion which was very interesting. Also a nostaligic film about from sheep to garment based in rural Ireland -one lady put paraffin oil on her wool before carding it!
Have plied up some of the yarn today and am just going for a walk as the sun is out.

Lovely day here and been looking the gorgeous autumnal coloured foliage in all the gardens.  

Also made a tomato sauce for pasta in my slow cooker.  How easy was that?  Very! Laughing Am going to use this for the basis of a mozzarella stuffed meatball dish tomorrow. Wink

Was so jealous of you Becky - doing a class with Brenda Brown - looking forward to seeing your Memory Box.  She does do some lovely things.

Jennie, my life is passing like you week has just done.  It seems I have no sooner come back from art class and it is time to go back again.  I know it is much more preferable to being bored but I wouldn't mind things a little bit slower Laughing

You had a busy day yesterday too Vonny.  Sounds like it was a lot of fun though.

that sounds yummy Mickie -are the meatballs stuffed with mozarella or vice versa?

Glad you had a great day with Brenda Becky. Brenda has become a very good friend over the years and I have stayed with her on a number of occasions and we have had some fabulous crafting sessions. We FaceTime now and then to share ideas. She is such a lovely person. I love the book you made - I made one with her too and really love it.

Well the meatballs were amazing, although not sure they needed the mozzarella (which went inside the balls Vonny).  Have frozen half so looking forward to having them again when I feel the need for a treat Laughing

Hope you are all keeping warm,  Its another chilly day here but dry.  Still no heating on but have succumbed to having the fire on in the evenings so I suppose that's the start of the slippery slope.  

Off to Tuesday Group tonight.  We have a talk on Photography and I'm looking forward to it very much, if a little concerned that this might be yet another club to join Wink

Think that you are out so much that you don't need the heating on Mickie  Laughing Forum Index -> General
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