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Morning all another Monday morning we have the sun here today we are going to see 2 of the Grandkids today. x

Sorry not to have been around much. Last week was Wool Week here in Shetland and I had Julia Stratford-Wright staying with me (some of you will know her blog and work) and we had great fun doing workshops, knitting at the hub and generally just gadding around Shetland doing wooly things and enjoying the scenery. She fell in love with Shetland and can't wait to come back! We didn't go into the craft room at all - just knitting, spinning and felting. Great fun!

Terry was very poorly the previous week with Aberdeen Hospital messing around with his medication after a routine op on his wrist, but has now picked up very well now that I have managed to get everything back on track. Hoping that life will settle down a little now - ha ha !!

glad you got Terry sorted Jennie -and sounds like a great Wool Week.
Beautiful day here -crafted with friends in the afternoon and made my first Xmas card of the year. On the way home stopped at a local beauty spot for a short walk as it was just such lovely warm sun -long may it last!

Sounds like we are all having lovely weather.  I'm much more comfortable now that it is a bit cooler but nonetheless I still love the sunshine.

The tutor, organiser and some of us classmates sat outside during our break yesterday morning basking in the sun and found we were getting more and more I now how the wasps feel!

Went for a walk along the seafront at lunchtime - it was so relaxing to feel the sun and see it sparkling off the sea, almost like walking with a friend.

Wool week sounds interesting Jennie - fancy not going into the craft room for a whole week - however did you manage?  Glad Terry is back on track with his meds.  

Well done on the Christmas Card Vonny!  I've just realised how late into the season it is for cards - might be having to buy mine!!

Glad Terry is on the mend Jennie sounds as though you had a fun wool week.
I think I will also buy my Xmas cards Mickie haven't even thought about it  so well done Vonny although I have started a Xmas pressie so must finish that off. Got a appt with nurse this morning and then we are going shopping and then home to the warm x

pretty shocking buying cards!! Shocked But does mean you can concentrate on other projects and that you don't get stressed. I don't send many cards now and have a few left from last year which gives me a head start  Smile

I am naughty really but don't have time to do cards  Crying or Very sad . Waited 2 hours to see nurse yesterday to find I had been booked in to the wrong clinic I had been booked in for a health check instead of stroke clinic at least I have had my flu jab.

oh dear Becky, what a waste of time! I had to re book my dental appointment as they were running late.
Made dream catchers with the art and craft group today -the sewing part was hard for most of them but luckily there was an extra member of staff to help  Smile

Well I have surpassed myself - I put a prescription in on Monday morning saying I would be back about lunchtime.  Hmmmm....... note to self; which lunchtime did I have in mind?! Rolling Eyes

It is lovely and sunny out, with a bit of breeze, thought I might pop down to the town.  Abandoned that idea; it is quite chilly out there!

Will get back to my ATCs - done the leaves just the book paper to go

Have a good day everyone

perhaps that was why you didn't specify Mickie!
I have been doing tag book and ATCs today too. Did go for a walk after lunch just for some fresh air

That's so funny Mickie - just nice to know I am not the only one doing that sort of thing ...........

We've had some lovely weather here the last few days, very sunny and at times quite warm. Robin came out yesterday on his bike wearing his summer strip!

It is just panto panto panto for me at the moment ...... I long for the time when I can think about something else! I did do a bit of crafting this morning, but most of it went into the bin   Crying or Very sad

I am afraid I can beat that Mickie I forgot a prescription all together and ordered the same thing and when I picked that one up got the 1st one as well.  What panto are you doing this year Jennie.  It is sunny here but cold have a grandson's who is 9 today so will pop to see him.Dad is not well sadly failing fast he is on morphine so hopefully he will feel more comfortable. x

not good when your crafting goes in the bin Jennie -your mind is obviously elsewhere.
Sorry to hear about your Dad Becky but hope he is feeling more comfortable as you say.
Went to do some conservation work in Bramingham Woods (where our knitted nature trail will be) yesterday. Learnt what a bill hook is and how to use it then spent the afternoon removing a large number of logs and debris (including one coat but thankfully no knickers!!) from the pond -then it started to pour down, even tho rain wasn't forecast. At least it washed the slime off!
Taking it fairly easy today -have been trying to locate curtain shops as I need some new nets -these are very few in my area it seems

Your tale about no nets struck a chord Vonny. I went over to metal venetian blinds as a consequence of lack of availability of nets locally.

Becky hope your Dad is more comfortable now.  Thinking of you all xx

Loved your prescription story Becky.  I don't feel such an idiot now! Especially when they look at each other and smile when I go in that chemist now Wink

Hope your work going into the bin was just a minor blip Jennie Forum Index -> General
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