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Morning ladies we have a nice clear day a bit breezy but blue skies how long it will last for.

Great pics Margaret love the one of your BIL with his horses my type of horse.

I don't know. had a nice meal out last night but tiring. We are doing nothing for the next couple of days well I'am  not Keith has stuff to wrap and pack.

What are you all up to this week.

   Becky x

Hi everyone, hope you all had a good weekend.  I actually knuckled down to some Christmas cards woohoo!

Weather over here is a bit dismal.  There's a big grey cloud hanging around up there.  The developers still haven't got to grips with resurfacing the road so am feeling a bit marooned.  How long can it take to put a bit of tarmac down? Maybe they are having trouble getting up the hill Rolling Eyes Never mind it will be beautiful when they've done

I seem to be suffering from a lack of inspiration all round so if anyone's got any to spare please pass it on.

Mickie x


That tarmaccing does seem to being be going on a bit Mickie!

Terry arrived home in the early hours of Saturday morning and of course with all the washing! So the washing machine and tumble drier have been going non stop as it was too wet and windy to put anything outside. We have all the food off now, so the next week will see some interesting culinary delights Laughing

I have been tidying up the craft room a bit, mainly to remind myself what I had Laughing and of course it needed it. All the Tim Holtz stuff is in one place now so I can access for A Vintage Journey projects a bit easier. I was surprised how much I had Embarassed

I have a hospital visit first thing in the morning - my liver is finally functioning properly (it has taken since May to get it back to normal) but they still don;t know what it is, so tomorrow is rather a lot of prodding and looking, but hopefully I might find out a bit more.  I am now feeling normal and got loads of energy again, which makes me think I actually wasn't very well although I thought I felt ok.

I can't believe it is the start of another week - where do they go!

Morning ladies well we have a sunny morning here with no breeze how long it will stay like this I don't know.

Gosh Mickie the tarmacing is taking ages how are the people coping who have to go out to work it must be a pain.My mojo is sort of back pops his head in occasionally.

Glad to hear your liver is working properly Jennie perhaps you had a virus that attacked it but do hope they get to the bottom of it.

Off out today crafting with friends.

   Becky x

Glad your liver is recovered Jennie - it would be interesting to know what the problem was. Do hope you are making good use of all the energy you now have Laughing

Good to know the mojo is on its way back Becky.  Crafting with friends will have a positive effect on it too.

As to the road - they seem to have finished.  We are left with a patchwork quilt effect.  Pre development the road and pavements were good.  Post development and the road is a mess, existing pavement refurbishment only a third attempted.

Becky the roadworks have not started each day before 9.00am and they have finished before 4.00pm so people going to work have not been too badly affected.  As for the rest of us, it is a good thing that Supermarkets are open late nowadays.

Other than Roadworks, life is good.  I spent the day yesterday over at TCP in Eastbourne just generally helping out and socialising.  Now my head is buzzing with ideas and I don't know where to start first Laughing

Mickie x

Friday already! where does the week go. I have been trying to tidy up all my stamps and papers and I have got rather engrossed in it AND . I managed to part with a few things. They have gone to a friend who has a very small pension but loves crafting.

My liver problem is a bit of a mystery - even the head Consultant at the hospital is perplexed. None of the usual problems - virus, stones etc. and not alcohol! So more tests in three months, then six months. I am certainly feeling well and have got my energy back so I am going on the basis that I am OK Very Happy

It is a very wet and dark afternoon so I am going to work on a DT piece which is just not coming together. I might have to shove it in the drawer and try something else! Have a lovely weekend everyone x

Glad you are feeling fit now Jennie -it is true that sometimes you don't know how il you were until you are well.
Have just got back from a week in Harrogate with my parents! Fisrt hols with them for probably 30 years!! Had a good week tho it was certainly nippy up north (!). And Mickie we had people tarmacing the footpaths outside the flat -seemed to get on with it well -sounds like they need to come down your way  Very Happy
Quiet day tomorrow to recover! Forum Index -> General
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