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Morning all sun is out  am feeling so much better so I am happy. It is very quiet on here at the mo what you all up too. x

Glad you are feeling better Becky

I can't believe how fast August is going.  I know we've not had much of a summer but I don't feel ready for Autumn yet

I have a couple of paintings to complete and I must also do some watercolour exercises if I am ever to get to grips with it.  

Have to go shopping this afternoon - think I'll call into Tesco and see if they have this month's Simply Homemade - the cover kit is a felt poppy that I quite liked the look of........................

glad you are feeling better Becky -my leg is doing fine and I am forgetting about it most of the time (am very careful going out of the back door tho!)
Jennie -you have been on loads of DTs now -getting a name for yourself I reckon!
Mickie -i know exactly what you mean about August -has been good today and hot but has clouded over now. did sit outside and do some spinning -felt like summer!! Hope you got your mag hand have managed some watercolour exercises- when do your classes start again?
margaret rorie

Just got back home yesterday after our holiday in Orkney - we had a lovely time catching up with friends and family. We went out for lots of meals - one of our favourite places has just been extended and now has a huge window looking out over the sea. Good food too! We had a few sunny days which was an improvement on July's weather - I was getting to the stage I was thinking about booking a holiday abroad just for the sun.

You all seem to have been busy while I've been away. I would love to go to a watercolour class Mickie but haven't found one here. Our adult learning programme is due out shortly so might find one. I always think that summer is over when you start planning evening classes!  

Congrats Jennie on another success as a DT - love seeing your work. Hope you will soon be back to full fitness. Take care with your foot Vonny.

Jennie I am on tenterhooks waiting to learn which DT you are going on. Hope you can tell us soon.   Laughing

Glad you had a good holiday Margaret and that you found some sun!  Not to mention good food.  Hope you find a watercolour class but if you don't then I wonder if an online class might be the thing to do?

I managed to get the magazine and now I just need a moment or two to get the poppies started.  I believe there is enough felt to do at least two if not three poppies, but will have to supply my own beads so that's not bad.  I saw people wearing felt and even crocheted poppies last year and I was quite taken with them.

If I tell you I went to the hairdressers this afternoon, then it will come as no surprise to learn that it also poured down and is still drizzling.  Not quite 6.30pm and I have had to put the lights on. Crying or Very sad

Morning all some of the ladies at Library club did the felt poppies last year Mickie they are lovely and last longer.
Good to have you back Margaret glad you had a good time and nice weather.
Congrats on another DT Jennie you are being kept busy.
Glad you are on the mend Vonny.
I am back crafting thank goodness still in pain and tired but feeling so much better.I have physio this morning and the going to Salisbury to see Dad. x

Well even more happy news but I can't say anything just yet  Very Happy

I am certainly managing to do a lot more now and was a little naughty on Sunday and went off for a sail on Mrs Muir! It was one of those wonderful sunny days with a little wind, not particularly warm, but lovely for a gentle sail. I wasn't too sure how I would get on the boat, but the Scalloway Boating Club have just put in a new pontoon which could grace any harbour on the south west coast of England and it was just a matter of stepping over. Then I just wedged myself in the aft cockpit and enjoyed it!

Wether has been pretty awful since .. but I am getting more things done in the craft room. I am off to Glasgow on Sunday for my appointment with the consultant on Monday so I am hoping to be rid of at least one of the crutches by then.

I can't believe it is Wednesday already! You all sound busy and glad to hear you are getting on well too Vonny.

Glad you had a good holiday Margaret and the restaurnet with the window looking over the sea sounds lovely.
Becky good that you are getting a bit more done
Jennie -glad you got a bit of sailing in -even more enjoyable if it is a little illicit.
Drove a little today which was fine but a little tight around the stitches.
One of the knitting groups I go to have made poppies for the last couple of years -they sell well and of course are re-usable, most people just make a doantion in following years  Smile

So glad you are feeling much better Becky.

Jennie, I think this might just be your year.  Laid up and sneaking off for an little illicit sailing  Laughing and more secrets to be revealed - is it another DT?, a magazine article?, designing your own stamps? oh the suspense!  Whatever, I am sure congratulations are definitely in order Laughing

Oh Vonny - well done for road testing the leg - however, do take it easy

I drove up to Sevenoaks today for  play day with a craft buddy.  The journey took a little longer than I, or indeed, TomTom anticipated due to the traffic calming scheme on the A21 (a tractor travelling almost the entire length).  Coming home it poured down most of the way which was an even greater traffic calming scheme Laughing None of it mattered, it had been a super day and nothing was going to spoil it for me.

Congrats on you more good news Jennie I saw the pic of you on Mrs Muir you naughty girl but that is why we are the rebel stampers  Laughing
Glad you had a good day with your friend Mickie it is lovely when you can meet up and play.
Have you still got stitches in Vonny but good you are driving again.
I am out for lunch with Zoe and Mum and then craft club tonight. x

Glad to hear that you are driving a little Vonny - I am hating having to rely on a lift everywhere, so in fact go nowhere  Laughing

I am sure you will have a lovely lunch Becky - alway nice not to cook! Terry's cooking is coming along but boy HUGE proportions and full of calories! I am managing the slow cooker now so hopefully we will get back to normal  Laughing

Yes I am having a very exciting time!

Feeling quite dozy this afternoon following yesterdays exertions.  Am supposed to be submitting my postcards for a swap today but am struggling to keep awake long enough to finish the artwork.   Rolling Eyes

Jennie you will have to take up jogging when you are back on your feet again - or perhaps join a Scottish Country Dance club - I recall that was quite physically demanding (calorie burning) and you can do it indoors.

Did you enjoy your lunch Becky?  Always nice to be waited on.  Have a good time at craft club

love those traffic calming schemes Mickie  Laughing  Around us there are long term roadworks as they are building loads of new houses and a new junction on the M1 -will take a year or 2 at least.
hope the lunch was good Becky and Jennie Terry obviuosly thinks the portions you give him are too small!
Scottish dancing might be difficult indoors -I sometimes try following line dances on You Tube but only have a tiny space in front of the PC so it isn't easy, and you can't see the screen once you have done a turn!

My lunch was lovely I had a carvery and the banoffee cheesecake.
Have you been starving Terry Jennie   Laughing although I do think it is a man thing.
We have loads of roadworks around at the mo it is a pain but guess it has to be done what annoys me is when roads are blocked off hundreds of bollards around and no one working.
Hope you have had a good sleep Mickie and you are better today.
Very Happy  Very Happy  at you line dancing in front of the puter Vonny you need to get a Wii there are supposed to be good. x

I think roads might be the new weather as conversation topics go Laughing In the summer we talk about road works and in the winter the conversation turns to pot holes - there's even a pot hole advisory telephone number Rolling Eyes

It must be a pain with all those road works near you Vonny.  They've been going on for years and years

We have a by pass under construction and this means that various roads are blocked off and creative thinking is required to find a route out of town.

it is a lovely day today so I think a walk along the sea front is in order.  Might even treat myself to an ice cream at the end of the it Laughing

Terry just doesn't read the bit at the top of the recipe - serves 6  Laughing

It is the SWI show here this weekend and I have finally got all my entries finished. It is always interesting to see everyone's fabulous vegetable and flowers given the weather here. Also the knitting, sewing and craft exhibits are very inspirational.

Tomorrow I am also on a knitting workshop - have your heard of two ended knitting Vonny? It is a Swedish/Nordic style of knitting and we are making a mobile phone case.  It looks like a woven fabric, so should be very interesting.  can do that with my foot up  Laughing

Have a lovely weekend everyone x

yum Becky. Still wouldn't have much room with a wii -do they doline dancing?
Jennie -could Terry learn to freeze dishes -then you would have a good stock for the future? Don't think I've heard of two ended knitting so would love to hear about it - The show sounds good too- i am going to Wooly Day tomorrow where people with woolly interests meet up and chat, spin, knit etc and share a lunch. always fun, informative and inspiring
Mickie -the last lot of roadworks on the M1 have been finished for a little while (so called widening but just adapting the hard shoulder into a lane!) This lot is a bit further north -you are right about being on a par with weather for a topic!

Yes Vonny they do a dance one Tegan has had me try but not quite the same sitting on a chair  Very Happy
Vonny and Jennie enjoy your weekend and Mickie enjoy your walk along the sea front have a 99 for me.
We are having a weekend in I threw quite a lot out yesterday so Keith's day today  Laughing x

Lovely morning so I thought I might do a bit in the garden but I've had to come in - it's too hot now.  Obviously a siesta is called for!  Will try again later.  I've not done too badly though so am guite pleased with myself.  Forecast for tomorrow is not good - might have to do some crafting Laughing  Laughing

All this talk of large portions and freezing reminded me that I did for a while do whatever the recipe said and then divided the cooked meal by the number of recommended portions, kept one for now and froze the rest in single portion containers.  For some reason when I had amassed a drawer full of meals I forgot I had them Rolling Eyes   So I shall have "surprise" meals for the foreseeable. Wink
margaret rorie

I had to smile at your story of the frozen meals Mickie - they will save you cooking on your busy days!

I went to the SWI show yesterday and Jennie was right - there were such a lot of beautiful things there. When I was leaving the Town Hall a large group of Scandinavian tourists were coming in - but they wanted to see the stained glass windows and not the crafts!

The pain of roadworks has reached Lerwick - a new high school is being built in the town with a huge roundabout so that's causing some delays - I could go a different route but I'm a creature of habit.

The sun is shining so I'm planning to do some weeding instead of going to the gym. Then I might do some crafting - I got some lovely Partridge in a Pear Tree stamps yesterday so need to try them out. Might get a Xmas card made for our challenge. Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone.

good luck with that xmas card Margaret  Smile
The morning was ok here and I did some dyeing then it rained but I had just about done. Did some spinning this afternoon (inside). We are having a Staycation this week (planned before my accident) and are focussing on woolly related activities -tomorrow I will be doing some carding (preparing fleece by brushing it)..... and getting my stitches out  Smile Forum Index -> General
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