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Morning all we have a beautiful day here please don't let it get too hot.Steroids have really kicked in feeling so much better just have to be careful not to overdo it. Hope you have a good journey home  Jennie. What are you all up to today anything good I am in but might pop out later with Keith. x
margaret rorie

At the moment I'm sitting in the sun going through my emails - I've got a  new phone and can go on the Internet in Orkney even though we don't have a phone line. The wonders of modern technology! Off to  aqua zumba shortly.

Glad you're feeling better Becky.

good to hear you are feeling better Becky -long may it last. Beautiful day here to -went line dancing in the morning but decided not to go to knitting group in the afternoon -sat in the garden instead! Have a different knitting group tomorrow anyway -have lots of dyeing to take along so we can hopefully get on with planning our knitted nature trail  Smile

Hectic couple of days - on Sunday I did a Workshop with Birdie Haywood at her home in Wadhurst with three other craft buddies.  Birdie is a polymer clay expert and we learned to use Fimo Professional quality clay to make some pieces of jewellery - will post a pic when I have a moment.  Afterwards I popped over to Crowborough to catch up with another craft buddy who had come down from Preston that day for the Clarity Retreat!  We had dinner together and then I drove home the scenic route Rolling Eyes   Really must ee about updating the TomTom

Then yesterday I was just contemplating getting up when the phone went and an art buddy was asking how much longer I would be.  Oops!  I had forgot Suffice it that I got there in record timed we spend the day painting her studio.  After which I had to dash home via the supermarket, to make dinner for my friend

Today,let it be known I am having very lazy day Wink

I'm so glad the steroids finally kicked in Becky and you're feeling yourself again.

Knitted Nature Trail sounds lie a lot of fun Vonny.  

Happy new phone Margaret - as you say the wonders of technology!  Speaking of which, did you see the size of the satellite they want to send through same to find anther galaxy?  It is not much bigger than your new SIM card!

Hope you are all using sun cream or lotion

hope you feel rested now Mickie -you definitely deserved a day off  Smile
Such a ncie day again I was out in the garden spinning -this is why I am getting no crafting done -plan to finish my ATCs tomorrow morning before going out on a picnic with ex work colleagues -lets hope it stays dry!

Morning all looks like another lovely day here. Gosh Mickie I need a lie down just reading your post you are a busy lady. Mobile phones are a good send Margaret except when you are in a place with no signal  Laughing any news on the moving house front yet. Vonny like the idea of a knitted nature trail that will be fun. We are off out to lunch today with Dad he announced the other day he is getting married don't ask he is losing the plot   Very Happy love him dearly. x

Hi All just popping in quickly to say hello and yes I'm back! Arrived home late Monday evening and spent yesterday settling Aimee back in - and me as well  Laughing Strange to not be in a 30 foot by 9 foot continually moving space! We had a great time despite the horrendous wet weather - I have never seen rain like it!

Will catch up with you all as soon as I can. Terry is only about six hours from arriving and then of course I have to clear the boat, do eight week's washing etc.  Crying or Very sad  Crying or Very sad  Crying or Very sad

Glad to hear you are feeling better Becky and I take it Margaret that you have finally MOVED !!!

Speak soon.
margaret rorie

Glad you enjoyed your holiday Jennie despite the weather. We haven't moved yet - must phone the lawyer tomorrow and see if anything is happening on the house front. We came back up on the boat last night - the boat was very busy with camper vans and caravans but at least I didn't have to reverse on to the boat. Very Happy looking forward to getting back to my crafting.

Good to have you back Jennie glad you had a lovely time even with the bad weather but I guess as a sailor you have to except it. Having a day in but have craft club tonight so think I will do some stamping and then do colouring tonight. x

glad to see you back Jennie -and that you had a good time in  spite of the weather -perhaps you'll get some sun now you are on land! I don't think I have enough clothes for 8 weeks of washing!

Have been sorting through old Craft Stampers today (having 15 years worth this is only the start) -the old ones are amazingly uninspiring but guess they seemed good at the time. I am keeping articles that I think are things I will actually do -often masterclasses -others are hitting the bin (literally as I am throwing them out of the window  Shocked ) or will go to the charity shop or friends.

We don't change very often ............. Laughing

Laughing  Laughing do you actually have a shower on the boat. We have rain this morning but as I am staying in not bothered. x

well there are only the two of you I guess!

Looking at the date for this week we are coming up to another birthday. Do we want to do a swap to celebrate? I have been sorting my Craft Stampers and saw this today

Click to see full size image

thought we could perhaps do an inchie swap of some sort -e.g make an inchie for each person (all the same or different) then send to host with SAE and then get the same number of different ones back. Then could make the number up to 9 as needed as in the project. Think we would need an agreed colour scheme tho
what do you think? Or have you got any other ideas?

Think that is a great idea Vonny something different and yes I think a colour tone is needed are you going to Stamparama tomorrow.Well we have rain and a strong wind [not me] not sure what we are doing we have to take a case round to Mum's and take my new tablet back it won't switch on.x

likely to go to Stamperama tomorrow -got in the mood today doing some journaling -especially as the weather is cold and windy ( tho not really rained today)
shame about the tablet -it is exciting to get new toys so very disappointing when they don't work -suggest you try the new one at the shop  Smile

Becky that is awful. Completely spoils the joy of a new toy. You did check that the battery was in and that it was charged? Otherwise, get them to check the replacement in the shop and perhaps set it up for you.  

Helen Chilton is demoing for Thats Crafty at Stamperama so do go and see what she does Vonny.  She really is great fun.  Had a workshop with her yesterday where we made lovely noticeboards.  I still have the paint stuck under my nails Rolling Eyes  Laughing

Love your idea to mark our birthday Vonny.   Please count me in.

Happy Sunday everyone
margaret rorie

Great idea to celebrate our birthday Vonny. I would like to take part too.

It was Shetland Scrapbookers yesterday which Jennie led showing us some lovely embellishments. You can see us on our blog.  The weather has changed here and we've got fog today. Going out to friends for a meal later so don't need to cook!
Shame your new tablet won't work Becky - hope the shop can sort it.

I did see the That's Crafty demos going on but didn't know it was Helen Chilton doing them. Paperartsy were doing their thing too but I didn't find a lot of inspiration at the show -the stamps that were there were not really what I wanted-I did get a few more pots of infusions and a few stencils tho so have something to play with -only thing is can't find my other infusions at the moment -know I put them somewhere safe tho!

Just line dancing and house work today -a day of sewing is planned for tomorrow.

I will set up a new topic in swaps for the birthday inchies. Forum Index -> General
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