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Morning all well we have rain to start the week with what fun. Taking Mum to hosp today for her eyes fingers crossed it is cataracts and can be sorted. x

rain here too. Stitches out but a couple of steri strips for 2-3 days so no shower for me yet! (except in the rain of course  Laughing )
Been carding as planned but does take a long time -it is fleece that I have dyed and I aim to blend some of it to make fancy clolurs before spinning it

Hope you managed to get some carding done I am having a quiet day got craft club tonight and I have put some washing on as it is dry here fingers crossed it will stay. x

Glad to hear you have moved on to having your stitches out Vonny. I got back from Glasgow late yesterday afternoon after a successful trip. X-rays showed good knitting of the bone, so I am out of the boot and off the crutches. I managed to get into a large pair of trainers this morning and just have a stick for balance. It seems a bit strange and I want to do so much, but it is still very painful!

Well done with the carding Vonny - Terry made me a carding machine a couple of Christmas's ago and it really is great. But I do spin a lot from tops. The two end Swedish knitting was very enjoyable and I finished my phone cover. Basically you wind a ball of wool onto a Noste Pinne so you can use both ends of the ball of wall and although you knit only with one strand you carry the other across the back so you end up with a beautiful thick knitted piece. Textured stitches made by having one yarn at the front and one at the back.

Click to see full size image

Worth googling to see what I mean! Working on another now with some handspun wool.

Right - off to do a little crafting  Very Happy
margaret rorie

Glad your foot is mending well Jennie - you'll need to be careful not to overdo things now you're off your crutches.  Love the knitting although couldn't picture how it was done. Sad

Vonny - hope you're able to do a bit more now you've got your stitches out.

A miserable day here after a couple of nice days. Was at the dentist yesterday to get the preparation done for a crown - the most painful part was paying for it! There is such a shortage of dentists here that I was forced to go private - luckily I can afford it but don't know what folk do who don't have that option.

Have got back to crafting again after being away - made a card for the Less is More challenge this afternoon.

got our washing dry this morning Becky before the rain came back. Did shopping with my mum this morning  then some spinning this afternoon.
Jennie -glad things are going well but take it easy. Had decided that 2 ended kntting meant from 2 ends of the same ball rather than from both ends of the knitting (!) but didn't kniw about the stitch effects, they look great. Anoither thing to try at some point  Smile
Margaret -although I have NHS dentist for check ups (with a fee) I have to pay in full for the hygienist -no idea how it works with other treatment but think there is a payment even for NHS unless you are exempt. Always seems an insult to pay for something that is painful -hope the rest of the treatment goes well.

I've had some dental work done too this week.   There must be something in the water - three of us a the same time almost. I have no idea how the charges work and I'm NHS.  It always seems a lot less to pay than I am lead to expect so no complaint there

I am terrified of the dentist.  Mine is such  lovely man I always want to ask him what a nice man like him is doing in a job like that Wink  Laughing

The knitting looks super Jennie and would be very warm to wear.  Glad you are off the crutches.  Sorry you still have discomfort.

Hope all is well with you now that you've no stitches Vonny.

I'm off for my monthly Inky Fingers day tomorrow and on Thursday I am off to margate with some art class pals to see the Grayson Perry exhibition at the Turner.  Might have to have a little lie down Friday to catch my breath Laughing  Laughing

let's hope the weather is a bit better tomorrow mickie and enjoy your exhibition.
Got soaked visitng Stevenage today -but found a tiny craft stall in the market with stamps and papers so bought myself a little treat Smile Had lunch out but as usual this made me sleepy for the rest of the afternoon  Laughing

Good to hear you are off your crutches Jennie and hope the pain subsides quickly I guess it is due to you putting weight on it again I love the phone case.
Hope you have a lovely time at the art gallery Mickie I must say you are very busy how on earth did you fit work in  Laughing
You were lucky Vonny finding a craft stall at a market.
Staying in today car has gone for a service but I am packing we are off to Wales  tomorrow for the weekend hope the weather is better. x

Hope you are having fun at the exhibition Mickie. Yes you are certainly packing an awful lot into your time!

I have just come back from a little walk - all ok, although I have the biggest pair of trainers on that I have and so walking a little oddly just because they are so big! I knew I saved them for something!

Not sure whether any of you watched the BBC News last night about the young man who had the brain tumour removed by ground breaking laser treatment. Well that was my cousin Reuben, his Mum and I are first cousins and more like sisters. It was amazing watching him, particularly singing when they had to wake him up and check his speech. Not a dry eye here. He is doing remarkably well but has a long way to go yet.

A grey day with drops of occasional rain, so I am hoping to do a bit more crafting this afternoon. It is lovely to be able to walk around  Laughing

I didn't see that Jennie ...but wow. hope it all goes well for him, he will have loads of people rooting for him.  Very Happy
Becky  -enjoy Wales and lets hope it is at least dry for you.
More woolly things done today, but did find a stamp for my Xmas card challenge so might get it made before the end of the month.

Didn't see the television news but I heard Reuben singing on a news item on the radio and was so impressed.  Good luck to him.  Good to see you are walking off the results of the large portions  Laughing

Hope it has stopped raining in Wales Becky - have a good time anyway

The Turner is an amazing gallery - the exhibitions were all free, beautifully laid out too.  I am so pleased I went despite the poor weather.  Had a little look around Margate too, there seems to be a lot going on and the town definitely has a buzz about it now.  Went some years ago and it was a pretty miserable place back then.  The Turner seems to have transformed the town.  

Going to the Jerwood in Hastings next week - they have Quentin Blake and Lowry by the sea which I think might both be quite interesting.

We got to Wales OK in the dry have been out today and still good well it is dry. I missed the news but found a link to Reuban and heard him singing.
I love Lowry paintings have fun Mickie. X

Happy Saturday everyone!  Started off beautiful but sadly, going downhill.  Expect we will have rain before bedtime Laughing

Have you all got your new Craft Stampers?  What a difference - love the freebie stamp too.  Lots of projects I should love to have a go at

Mickie you are getting very arty nowadays -any inspiration?? My CS subscription has run out and I have not been tempted by the offers so will have to go into Smiths later in the week to get my copy -sounds like it has had a shake up. Provided they don't lose sight of the fact it is a STAMPING mag then that is fine -I was thinking that there would be a lot more altered art now with the new editor -i will look forward to seeing it.
Becky -glad you have ahd some dry weather, hope it lasts a bit longer too. Once you are back we will need to pm re your visit to lovely Luton  Very Happy
margaret rorie

It was Scrapbookers this morning and one of the members took the session - she adapted an idea from Craft Stamper where you cut up up lots of patterned papers to create a patchwork background for a photo - it was very effective and a great way to use up scraps. Once I finish my page I'll post it in my gallery.

It's been nice here for the last few days so I decided to paint some of the outside of the house. Need to make the most of our decent weather!

Hope your cousin continues to make good progress  Jennie - isn't modern medicine amazing?

Hope you all enjoy the rest of the weekend. Margaret

look forward to seeing the scrapbooking Margaret -and hope it stays dry for the painintg -it's always a problem as it needs to be dry for the paint to dry.
Went for a walk today but can't wear my walking boots yet as the tongue is right where my stitches were, so we went somewhere with a proper path to make it easy -haven't climbed a hill for a while tho so it was hard work!
Having my parents round for a meal tomorrow so will have to have a bit of a tidy up  Smile Forum Index -> General
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