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Afternoon all well we are home had a great weekend but nice to be home. X

Hadn't realised you were just having a long weekend Becky  Glad you had a good time though.

I've been spending the day quietly doing some journalling and adding bits to the little book I made at the Play Day with a craft buddy recently.  Should really have been doing some painting but hey!!  

Not the nicest weather - feel sorry for anyone who came down to the seaside.  thought the thunder storms in the night might have cleared the rain away.  Silly me, I've forgotten that when you are working the nice weather is during the week!

I felt for you when you mentioned climbing hills Vonny - they certainly do come as a shock when you haven't done any for however short a time.  Hope you can get back into the hiking boots very soon

Well it wasn't a bank holiday here but I decided to have one anyway  Laughing I am making a Graphic 45 year book from the Time to Flourish papers. Lots of cutting out and sticking, not a lot of stamping ……… but I think it will be a lovely book to work with when it is finished.

It absolutely bucketed it down here at times - really heavy rain which came from no where! Tomorrow we have gales. The heating went on today for a couple of hours so I think summer is now over.

Walking is going very well at the moment - I can now come down the stairs without sounding like a hop along. Foot very swollen tonight but I did clean the kitchen this morning  Laughing

sounds like you both had a crafty day -and I like the idea of taking the extra bank holiday Jennie. Glad the walking is going well but go easy with the cleaning! Have you raised the foot of your bed? I put a duvet under my mattress which worked well.
I have now uncovered my wounds and they are looking good and healing nicely.
Agree that summer is over but did resist putting the heating on yesterday, mainly as the oven was on so this did warm up the downstairs nicely.
Been painting a pebble to see how it goes, ready for my group on thursday. Also laying out my quilt blocks to see how I want to sew them together -need 3 more so will make them when my friend comes for a sewing session on Friday.

So today is meteorological autumn.  Hmmm.  Think I'll hang on for the equinox which is 23 September - however awful the summer I still want to make it last a bit longer:) Am hoping to delay putting the heating on until the clocks go back.  Wonder how far I'll get

Your Graphic 45 book sounds lovely Jennie.  I still haven't got around to my Seaside book - hoping I can still access the tutorial Rolling Eyes

Today I am going to lengthen a necklace - haven't done any jewellery in years so should be fun Laughing
margaret rorie

Just seen your latest news on your blog Jennie - congrats on being asked to join another design team. You are becoming very famous in blogland!

The sun has come out here but I'm going to see a film this afternoon - there is a film festival on at our local cinema. Can't remember the name of the film but it's set in Greenland. Must get some ironing done before I go. Margaret

Thanks Margaret - yes I got an invite to join the design team at Our Creative Corner. One of my first challenge blogs! I was thrilled as it is an amazing team and I like that it really is free creativity, anything goes. My other big news will have to wait a little longer, but you might guess if I tell you they are BIG in the UK with Paints and Stamps  Laughing

There was certainly an Autumn chill in the air this morning. So that's it then ……. summer will have to wait until next year  Cool  Rolling Eyes

Terry was off sailing today so I had a great time in the craft room - basically made a mess but one thing was worth it ! Hope you enjoyed the film Margaret. I did wonder about going, but I was in for Tell Wiz on Friday evening and two hours was rather too long for me to sit  Very Happy

Congratulations Jennie.  Love seeing your work.  Hope you can tell us your next big news soon.  I can only think of two companies one in the north and one in the south   Am hoping it is the southern one as it will be interesting to see the Jennie approach Laughing

Hope you enjoyed the film Margaret

Congratulations Jennie and I am thinking about your other news can't wait to hear it, don't you overdo it with your foot now.
We went to Wales to our friends Mickie mind you I can't wait for a week Friday when we go to Yorkshire.
Sunny here today  just when I had decided to wear warmer clothes but I guess the kids have gone back to school so we will have nice weather for a while.
Miriam sends her love to you all she is feeling a bit grot and busy at work not really been crafting alot. x

Well it is blowing a hoolie here and the wind is from the north, so chilly. The heating went on for a bit this morning. However…… Terry and friend went off for a sail  Rolling Eyes

The boys, girls and grandchildren brought me a wonderful new sound system for my birthday and Robin came today to set it up as I had been struggling. It was a problem with the broadband connection and so (bless him) he has sorted out our WIFI, it took him over 2 hours but now everything is just flying  Shocked Even the printer is working  Very Happy What would we do without kids! Problem is everything is now plugged in behind the TV in the sitting room and it looks a bit like Jodrell Bank. Not sure what Terry will make of it when he gets home ……… being an electrical engineer  Laughing

Yesterday's weather was a treat - rain of biblical proportions in the morning and again in the afternoon.  Had to have the lights on.  Gave us all something to talk about Laughing

What a wonderful gift Jennie.  Shame about the spaghetti behind the telly.   Laughing  Never mind it will give the electrical engineer something to do when the sailing is over for the season8)

Thanks for news of Miriam Becky.  Such a shame she's not been well and having to work at the same time  Ugh!  Poor girl I do feel for her.

Mickie -how did the necklace go? Hope you could find eveything you needed as you hadn't done it for a while. i have a pendant sitting on my desk waiting for a beaded chain to be made for it.

Jennie- good to get everything working and I'm sure it will get tidied up nicely later too

Margaret it's a bit of a shame to have to go to the cinema when the sun is actually shining -hope the film was good.

Becky I am wearing more clothes too -it was only 8* C this morning! And thanks for the update from Miriam.

Knitting group this morning -one lady there is also into weaving, spinning and dyeing and everyone else looks a bit bemused by our conversations! some lovelt cake today too so I succumbed (spelling??)

You sound to have had a lovely time at the knitting group Vonny.  I can empathise with everyone else though.  I spent two days at the Clarity Retreat listening to my pal and the woman sitting next to her chatter on about choral music and productions they had been involved in both of them being dedicated choir members

The necklace went well.  I was so surprised at the ease in which I slipped back into wrapping silver wire as I recall struggling with the technique back in the day.  I feel I need to do some more.  The shop I used to buy my beads, etc, from closed a couple of years ago so will have to see if I can find another locally - so much easier when you can see/choose the beads before you buy, especially the natural gemstones.  In the meantime I have a couple of broken bead necklaces I could make whole again...

It is certainly cooler this evening.  Might have to wrap myself up in the sofa rug to watch telly later.  I remain determined not to put any heating on yet! Laughing

I used a blanket several times Mickie but hope to wait till after Yorkshire to put heating on not as brave as you to wait till Oct.
Glad you have everything up and running Jennie kids are a godsend sometimes.
I have friends who talk about gems and jewellery haven't got any idea what they are talking about I have done some but very basic my wrist don't like the turning they do does that make any sense
Warmer clothes are coming with me to Yorkshire  
Yesterday was a lovely day sun shining got washing dried looks as though we have the same today having a day in got craft club tonight. x

Had the heating on today  Crying or Very sad

I am wearing a shawl as it is my neck that feels the chill -and keep telling myself it isn't cold! More hot tea helps too! Yorkshire will probably be even colder Becky so warm clothes are a must I think. Harrogate has a wonderful button shop so if you need any for anything that's the place to visit (Duttons). Looking forward to seeing you on11th too -just realised it is our birthday week which is very appropriate

Glad the necklace went well Mickie -i agrre that you do need to see beads before buying -are there andy gemstone shows near you? I have been to a few before and they have an amzing array of products.

A local craft shop that I have just rediscovered is now closing down -must admit it looked a bit of a tip last time I visited. They say they are looking for new premises, but we shall see.

Beautiful day here.  Met a craft buddy for lunch and neither of us even had a light jacket!  Now that the sun's gone in it is a little on the chilly side so am wearing a poncho.  

I've found running up and down the stairs to be a good warm up routine and keeps me fitter Rolling Eyes  So I can see why your succumbed to putting the heating on Jennie

I have found some more beads so will have a jewellery session soon.  I don't have a problem with the wrists Becky but my hands can get very grumpy.

There's a C&H Fabrics in Eastbourne and they do glass, wood and plastic beads, as indeed, does Hobbycraft but what I am interested in are the jaspers and other stones. Will have to see what my old mate Google has to say, although with the crafting and the art I'm not sure I want to devote too much time to jewellery.  

Do hope the craft shop does re-open Vonny.  Such a shame so many are closing down.

got the new Craft Stamper today -missed it completely on the shelves as the front cover is very different! It is now apparantly a mag for mixed media artists. Lots of 3D projects but some cards still -and stamps do still feature everywhere. Only had a flick through but don't like the small fonts used in some of the step by step instructions -some of the other page layouts also seem a bit empty with space not used well. Am reserving full judgement until I have read it in detail!

I have just finished knitting a poncho Mickie and it is just blocking (being stretched) then it needs one seam to finish it -think I will have it just in time!  Laughing
margaret rorie

I'm not that keen on the direction that Craft Stamper seems to be going - I'm not into mixed media so like lots of ideas for cards. Very few projects this month that I will be trying although I do like the freebie owl stamp. Very Happy

Having a quiet night catching up on the Great Bake Off which I missed - unfortunately I know who had to leave as it was in the paper.

Well I am in agreement re Craft Stamper as much as I have 3d things I have so many I made running out of space I love my journalling which tends to be flat work but we will wait and see.
Had a day out at Paulton's park yesterday for Jasmine's 2nd birthday it was great fun and at least it was dry,then a wedding reception in the evening so now having the weekend in hopefully crafting well that is the plan. x

I like much of what is in the Craft Stamper and can see that some of the projects can be quite easily adapted to cards.  I think it is all about techniques and will definitely inspire my journalling/altered books

Yes, that's me embracing change Rolling Eyes I keep seeing "If things never changed there would be no butterflies"  and I like butterflies. Wink

Went to The Jerwood to see the Lowry by the Sea and Quentin Blake exhibitions.  Very good.  For all there was not a stick man in sight it the sea paintings were obviously Lowry.  He does a very good angry sea.  

Have Art Society meeting this afternoon so I think a quiet evening is to be had to gather up my strength for my D'arcy workshop tomorrow. We shall be doing an "inside out" canvas.  I'm trying not to do too much 3d work as I am rapidly running out of room.  However, I was not going to pass up the chance of a D'arcy class Laughing

In that I am moving much much more into the mixed media arena I find that Trish Laltimer really has moved CStamper into another league. I got the feeling it was at an either do or or die stage and she has taken it by the horns and gone with it. I still really miss Scrapbook365 so I wouldn't want to see CS go the same way. I have got to know Trish on two DTs and she really is quite a genuine and hardworking person so I do wish her well.

Wifi is just horrendous at the moment - I can get on to the internet but email is struggling. I just wish we had something more reliable here  Sad

I am now on my own for a week as Terry and Robin are both away. So fridges and cupboards are full of food and I shall just craft  Laughing  Laughing  Laughing

Have fun Jennie are you safe to be left alone  Laughing Hope you enjoyed your workshop Mickie and you have another canvas to hang on the wall.
I am having a play day did some gessoing last night so ready for me this morning. x

glad I am not the only one with space issues about 3D creations -at least with cards they are useful rather than just art. I agree that the techniques can be used on cards (or anything really) too. the subscription gift has not tempted me at all!

Jennie enjoy your peace to craft (and eat!) -good job you are now mobile!

Mickie -like the butterfly thought and glad you enjoyed the exhibitions. An insdie out canvas sounds interesting!

Becky- hope you get time to work on the gessoing  Smile

It has been a baeutiful day here so don't feel I could waste it being inside. Went for a walk (found a pair of boots with shorter tongues so that was ok) then did some dyeing (with bay leaves -saw them mentioned somewhere as giving greeny grey -I shall see) and have been spinning -lovely. It is cooling down now tho.
Back to line dancing tomorrow then a craft session with friends and an evening Craft and Coffee session -the iorst of our reg monthly Mon evening ones -so a pretty hectic day

Well with the Art Society watercolour demo yesterday afternoon and the workshop with Darcy today I have had a fabulous weekend.  If you get the chance for a workshop with Darcy it would be a shame to miss it.  Just need to do final finishing off and I will post a photo.

I don't hang anything on the walls - they're already full Rolling Eyes If it is a small piece, say under 12x12 I prop it on the mantelpiece for a short while and then it goes in the "I've done that" box, or if it is 12x12 or larger it goes on a stand on a low storage cupboard until the next piece of work has been completed at which time whatever was on the stand gets relegated to the.....(guess where?) .... the "I've done that"  box:lol:

Such glorious weather today too.  And no, well hardly any, traffic. Who could ask for more?!  We were able to sit out and have our lunch, which was very nice.  

Hope your bay leaf dye turned out well Vonny.  Did you spin outside?  That conjures up such a tranquil picture.  Having said that you are a busy girl - two craft sessions and line dancing in one day - mind that foot

Becky how about getting together with your craft club and holding an exhibition of work?  You could sell some too - that would make room for more 3D work.    Just a thought..........!  

Agree with you Jennie about Craft Stamper.  Should really miss it if it disappeared.   Enjoy your crafty week and also food as you like it

Not heard of the bay leaf for dyeing. Sounds interesting Vonny.And yes I love getting the chance to spin outside - not actually had the opportunity this year.  Glad that you managed a walk too. I can now do 15 mins (out and back) to the end of the road - at a snail's pace  Laughing Aimee is not too chuffed as that is all she is getting for a walk this week.

Like you Mickie I have one or two frames which get the most up to date piece and then it goes into an album or box. although I do keep things out in the craft room for a bit of inspiration. Mind you it is heaving at the moment  Laughing I have friends coming to craft here on Friday - I will have to have a tidy up before then.

It has been very wet and misty today and quite chilly. I have had the heating on but now it is too hot ! So that is the first week of September passed ……… horrendous how quick the time goes. Forum Index -> General
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