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Happy Birthday to us seem to come round quicker each year. Well the sun is out this morning so have put washing on. We have decided we are going to have a extra day away so we are going on Thursday so I can go to That's Crafty he is so good to me so will find book at room at a premier inn and the go to the caravan Friday so that can be more of a easy day and then Colchester Zoo on Saturday Libby is so excited it will be lovely to spend time with them I shall be shattered though. What have you all got planned xx

I was born and brought up in Colchester Becky and I had a weekend job at the Zoo in the cafe when I was 16/17. Have a great day!

that sounds a good plan Becky -and I'm sure the zoo trip will be fab.
Jennie I can't really think of you anywhere but Shetland!!
Sunny and just a nice heat today -more sewing but did sit outside for a while to work out the next bit of the Jane Austen type slippers I am knitting

Gosh Jennie you're international Wink

Have a fabulous time Becky.

So the Exhibition is over for another year,  Finally got away just on 6pm so not too bad really.  Three of us fell into the cafe over the road and had home made Italian ice cream to celebrate.  The cafe has been here much longer than I have and I've never been in before.  Well, it's only been 34 years and I have been a bit busy  Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes

Are thee slippers for general wear Vonny, or just as bedroom slippers?  You'll have to post a picture the you've finished them

We have the sun again it had better stay still next week. You must show us the slippers you are knitting Vonny sounds interesting. Can you have a few quiet days now Mickie or is it on to the next thing  Smile  The zoo does look amazing you can feed the Giraffes and Elephants  so hopefully we will get to do that and I am looking forward to being with the kids it will be fun have never been that way will think of you Jennie. Off to see grandkids and shopping today if anyone is interested Andy Skinner is on Hochanda tonight at 8 and has 4 shows tomorrow. xx

well at least you tried the ice cream there at last Mickie!
The slippers will be decorative rather than practical I think -I may have to add a strap to help keep them on.
hope you get to do some feeding Becky!
Knitting group this morning then too hot to do much this afternoon.

Another busy day for me - been up to Redhill to learn the ropes of running the Craft Barn Blog!!  Got home around 6.00pm.  Traffic awful.  Brain gone to mush.  Can't remember a thing Rolling Eyes  Rolling Eyes

Shan't be doing anything tomorrow, nor am I going to go anywhere.  Feel the batteries need a serious re-charge Laughing

Are you going to be in control of The Craft Barn blog Mickie congrats and have fun  Very Happy  enjoy your day in I am doing the same I have to pack today as hoping to get off fairly early tomorrow I think I am going to be like a kid in a sweet shop tomorrow at That's Crafty   Laughing  lovely sunny day here again have put washing on. x
margaret rorie

I'm off down to Orkney on the boat this evening and then away on holiday with my sister next week. We're going on a bus tour in the Glasgow area to see some Charles Rennie Mackintosh buildings and also some gardens. We're really looking forward to the holiday - we're staying in a country house hotel on the Clyde with a pool and spa. No housework for a few days!

You all sound very busy.  Enjoy your trip away Becky - it will be nice to spend time with the family.

Your Jane Austen slippers sound intriguing Vonny - look forward to seeing a pic.

your break sounds lovely Margaret- I'm sure it will re charge your batteries.
Becky -enjoy that's Crafty -not that you need any encouragement -
Craft Barn blog -are you taking it over then Mickie or just helping out -think my brain would be mush if I spent all day doing IT.
More sewing today -seems to be my thing this week -must get on and plan some art and craft activities for my groups -not that anyone seems to have noticed that I've not contacted them!

did some mordanting today as I have used all the prepped yarn and fibre during the summer doing my dyeing projects. going to a small knitting and stitching fair in Dunstable tomorrow then afternoon tea which is being run by one of the ladies I volunteer with and a group of college students. think there is a quilt show at the fair too.
margaret rorie

Warm and sunny in Orkney today so sitting outside reading some stuff on the Vikings as my next module starts shortly.
Going to a talk this afternoon as part of the Orkney Science Festival - I've never been to it before but it is very popular. Off on my other holiday on Tuesday.

Have a good weekend everybody

Lovely day here so far, was quite taken aback by the rain yesterday.  Still, it meant I could stay in and make yet another attempt at tidying up the craft room Rolling Eyes  Needless to say I failed dismally.  In fact, I think I've made it worse.  Oh dear Wink

Your Glasgow trip sounds really good Margaret.  Enjoy.

Hope you are having a good time at the fair Vonny.

Becky, are you still on holiday?  Did you go for broke at That's Crafty?  It's nice to see there still are some good retail shops around.

Right, that's me for today I'm off to the Art Society Meeting

Have a lovely day everyone

hope the science Festival was interesting and fun Margaret -and another holiday?
Mickie -I expect you have just tidied things away so you can't find them .this week I have been looking everywhere for my infusions and Brushos -did find them eventually where they were in a nice tidy box!! At least when they were taking up space on my desk I could find them in a jiffy!
the fair was nice and I chatted to a few people but resisted buying anything except a seam ripper. Dunstable Quilters had their first show on too - some lovely work there -one lady was making a 365 day quilt where she had to make a block for every day of the year -won't be finished until the end of Dec. Some of the pieces were only an inch in size too  Surprised  After that went and had afternoon tea to support a group of students from Dunstable College -in as Community church and all nicely laid out.

Did some journaling and worked on my tag book page this afternoon -nice and messy.

Been in a bit of a panic this evening - after a day pacing myself with a bit of blog learning and a couple of episodes of Beck (Swedish police drama) was about to do some catch up crafting when it dawned on me that I'm off to Windsor Castle at 7:15am in the morning! Hair, nails, what to wear etc etc Laughing

You are right Vonny, I had tidied away a container of brads that look like screw heads.  Found them today in my project bag I take to book making with me.  Think it is the crafting equivalent of finding your purse in the freezer Embarassed

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