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Hope I got the week right -haven't started one of these for ages!
Gorgeous sunny day if a little cold. Have been busy with my spinning wheel again today but need to finish off ATCs asap.

It is a bit on the chilly side here too.  Lovely bright sunshine first thing and too warm to wear jacket to art class but I'm glad I took one with me anyway because it was definitely needed by the time I got home via Sainsbury - looking out of the window it is quite grey and I am minded that they have snow in Germany Sad

Have just posted my ATCs and Tag so feeling virtuous Laughing

Afternoon ladies bit late today had my hair done this morning then did some crafting got to finish my last Atc and then they will be in the post.Have you got your heating on yet Mickie or are you still being brave I have it on. x

A gorgeous day here, so I went for a walk around Scalloway this morning. Now walking for about 40 minutes at a time which is hopefully having some effect on my waistline  Laughing

Then I had to clear the area around the window in the craft room as Terry is replacing all the window surround from tomorrow morning. It;s a big job and the very last window in the house which he has not done. He did just about all of them when we moved in 20 years ago but for some reason this one got left and it does leak a bit in heavy rain. So looking forward to a leak free craft room  Laughing

Tonight we have been to see the new Macbeth film. Really brilliant although I am not really into the long speeches. Great filming of Scotland and amazing acting from the two leads and supporters.

And just now the northern lights, or the mirrie dancers as they are called here. Not too brightly coloured but a lovely green dancing around the silhouette of the church.

A lovely day
Very Happy

well done for clearing the window space Jennie -I'm sure it will be much better without the leaks  Smile I agree that Shakespeare is good but some of the speeches can go on a bit -not so bad if the seats are comfortable tho.
Did some more dyeing with madder today -was trying to get orangey/rust colours so didn't use a mordant....and got purple!!!Not what I expected at all -even checked the acidity of the water.
Hope to be going walking tomorrow if the weather is ok

Would have thought you would have got some lovely orange and rust colours Vonny! I am not really into dyeing the wool, but there was a lovely workshop here during Wool Week which used all natural ingredients - bark, seaweed, etc. They got some lovely colours. You'll have to think about coming up -lots of spinning too!  Very Happy

Well such a lovely day again yesterday, so I had another lovely walk with Aimee along the top of the hill. It is a rough track and the first time I have tried it since the op as I have finally managed to get my walking shoes on. Not so great today but we still haven't got the heating on either Very Happy

The window is half finished and I am working on the dining room table at the moment. Realising how lucky I am to have two tables in my own room.

I'm glad I am not the only "hardy" member of this little group.  No, still no heating on here either Laughing

Was hoping to do my walk to town along the sea front today but I have been clearing out my airing cupboard and have a single bed cover made of woven wool to take to the charity shop along with a few other bits.  All a bit too bulky/heavy to carry so the car it has to be.  I have, however, run (literally) up and down the stairs half a dozen times this morning to get the knees going. Rolling Eyes

All this talk of Shakespeare reminded me that I am going to see Hamlet with Benedict Cumberbatch (no, I'm not literally going with him - he's Hamlet!) tomorrow evening.  The theatre production is being relayed to our local cultural venue.  It is ages since I saw a Shakespeare play so looking forward to it
margaret rorie

Our local cinema is screening Hamlet later in the month so hoping to go - I've seen a few of these screenings and they are nearly as good as going to the theatre.  

Good news on the house selling - now under offer so back to the packing tomorrow.  Think I'll have an evening crafting to celebrate!

I'm going away on a yoga weekend to Unst  on Friday - the most northerly of the Shetland islands. We're staying in Belmont House which is a restored Georgian house - there is website so you can have a look. I'm really looking forward to the weekend - both for the yoga and also the visit to Unst.

We've got our tickets for the Hamlet screening here in Lerwick. I tend to switch off at some of the long speeches and watch the acting or production details  Laughing Mind you Benedict Cumberbatch may just keep me mesmerised  Laughing Do any of you know, or know of, Alison Bomber? She is the RSC voice coach and said she had a fabulous time with BC - lucky girl !

Have a great time in Unst Margaret - hopefully we will all get there for our weekend next year.

Morning all well it is dull here looks like it is to stay as well. I have had my heating on but am being good and turning it down at times.
Bet you are glad all viewings have finished Margaret Scotland do have the right idea when selling your house and have a lovely weekend away.
I am not into Shakespeare I am afraid but looking forward to the new Sherlock so I can have my Benedict Cumberbatch fix.
Got craft club tonight but that is it my life is very quiet at the mo. x

Jennie -the dyeing up there sounds great as does all of Wool Week -am sure I would love it if I could get up there  Smile We are going to Bakewell Woolgathering this Sunday which is a lovely little show -hope to talk to DEbbie Tomkiss about the madder, suspect it might be minerals giving me different colours!
Margaret, great that your house is under offer -let's hope it goes well now -and enjoy your yoga break.

enjoy your shakespeare everyone -these live screenings are very popular now!

Knitting group tomorrow morning then a ctah up afternoon I think to get ATCs ets finished and posted  Smile

Morning ladies well it is dull,overcast and cold today we are taking Mum to have a cataract done so that is our afternoon gone.My stairlift broke last night so have to contend with the stairs which is no fun at all ,slow cooker on feeling shattered hope you all have a great weekend  Laughing  Laughing x

Finally able to get back - been downloading and installing a new operating system today.  Not sure why it took so long but perhaps my getting engrossed in an audio book might be to blame Laughing

Have to tell you about Hamlet - it was fantastic and Cumberbatch was awesome.  Loved it and I am not Shakespeare's biggest fan.  Won't say anymore than that as don't want to spoil it for anyone.  Suffice it I am so glad I went.  Jennie I think you might not be switching off on the long speeches this time!

Sorry about your stairlift Becky.  Hope they can come and fix it quickly.  Hope your mum's op went ok - amazing the difference it makes.

Congratulations on selling your house Margaret.  You can relax for a bit now.  Enjoy your trip to Unst.

You will all be pleased to know that I have caved in and the heating is on, albeit on low.  Have also had to succumb to the winter duvet:roll: Forum Index -> General
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