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Morning all Friday we were told by the doc's to have the talk about Dad going he is now in hosp with what they think is a urine infection he has gone doo lally {i mean that in the nicest sense} but aggressive verbally and physical which is not nice  especially for the nurses we saw him yesterday. Today I am going crafting with friends so hope to relax I am shattered. xx
PS we have the sun today  Very Happy

sorry to hear about your Dad -hopefully when the infection is sorted he will settle down.  Hope you had a good time crafting and managed to forget your worries for a while - I do find that crafting helps take my mind off things
I'm moving forward with the knitted nature trail and have posters ready for people to sign up to knit or crochet items. Just a tweak or two and they will be out in public by the end of the month -let's hope people are interested  Smile

Crafting is really the best thing when your world is going topsy turvey I find.

I'm sorry your Dad has a urine infection Becky - but glad they are able to treat him.  Not easy for you.

I'm sure people will be interested in the knitted nature trail - super idea and your clearing the pond took my thoughts back a good few years when Terry Wogan had a "campaign" going on his morning radio show to "raise the Raleigh from Carshalton Duckpond!

I"m not feeling on top of the world.  Think I might have a touch of man 'flu.  Hmmm, that's what you get for having a 'flu jab according to the ladies at today's coffee morning!  Hopefully, I'll be so much improved by morning............

I am sure people will be very interested in doing something Vonny it sounds fun.
Hope you are feeling better Mickie and it isn't man flu  I had my flu jab and no reaction.
We had the talk with the Doctor yesterday Dad is very poorly and it could go either way and we have said DNR  he was more settled yesterday but having a conversation with him is so funny as he is still very confused and comes out with weird stuff not Dad at all. I am a bit all over the place but going to have a few hours crafting I have some new Paperartsy stamps I want to play with before going to see Dad. xx

So sorry about your Dad Becky. Hope he will be back to his usual self soon. Just had an unexpected 6 day stay in hospital myself  after emergency admission - came out yesterday. They are bleak places at times..very glad to be home.
margaret rorie

Sorry to hear about your dad Becky - a very worrying time for you all.

Hope you are on the mend Sarah - you always feel better in your own house.

I haven't got any time for crafting at present as I'm writing an essay for my Viking course. I've decided to do it on Norse place-names in Scotland which is very interesting.

We were in Orkney again at the weekend for a surprise birthday party for my sister-in-law who was 80. Once she got over the shock she was really pleased - most of her family and close friends were there.

sounds a good celebration Margaret -and hope the essay is going well, it does sound interesting.
Sorry to hear how things are with your Dad Becky -at least you are near enough to visit him -let's hope things improve
Sarah -glad to hear you are home and convalescing.

did some spinning today, then went for a walk on some local hills that I rarely visit -only got a little bit wet! Need to do some quilt designing now and am hoping the software (pretty old) still works

Nothing like a family gathering for a special occasion Margaret.  Good luck with the essay

Hope your program worked Vonny - is the quilt for a special occasion too?

Hope your recovery goes according to plan Sarah.  If ever proof were needed hospitals are definite proof that there's no place like home Wink

Becky what are your new PaperArtsy stamps?  I'm rather taken by those quirky ones by the new designer whose name I have forgotten.  Rolling Eyes

Went out to Battle this morning with a friend.  We went to see an art exhibition which we enjoyed and then we hit the shops...............!  Haven't been for a while and am amazed how many businesses have opened/closed in the last year.  But then a sleepy village Battle is not (actually it is a town).  They're celebrating 950 years since The Battle.

Up at stupid o clock can't sleep it is lovely and quiet blinkin cold though.
Sorry you have been poorly Sarah hope you are on the mend now and resting at home.
Those are the stamps I have Mickie designers her  name  is Elena  Guzinska I have 2 of the big sets and some minis  just want to find the time to have a good play.
Sound like you had a good time Margaret and have fun with our essay.
Hope you managed to design a quilt Vonny and your software was ok.
Will go and see Dad today he wasn't good yesterday Sarah the doctor looking after him is lovely and very good she was worried and called the  top man  who actually then came to see Dad lovely man and very good went to listen to dad'a breathing just as Dad stopped breathing so had to wait till he started again so good that he saw it for himself. I am hoping that I can still do the workshop on Saturday I have been so looking forward to it although I am shattered so not sure a lot will get done. I will stop rambling now hope you all have a lovely day  x

Sorry to be catching up with all the news so late. So sorry to hear about your Dad Becky - a tiring and emotional time for you all.

And Sarah I hope you are now on the mend now that you are home and Mickie your "flu" has left you!

All your other exploits sound so very interesting, especially the knitting/crochet trail Vonny. I am doing some crochet for a blanket at the moment - I am too tired with all the panto stuff to be able to concentrate on much else. I saw Alison's (Craftrog) finished blanket on FB so thought I would give it a go with all the small balls of wool I seem to have left over from projects.

We have decided at the last minute to get the boat tonight and visit the family in Kirriemuir. Terry is now fully recovered other than coping with a wrist in plaster and getting a little bored! so I thought a few days in another house with some distractions would be good for him ....... and me  Laughing

Good for you Jennie - won't be too long before you have to lay Mrs Muir up for the winter.

Speaking of which, it is definitely winter today!  The Man flu is still with me but I'm courageously soldiering on............ahem!  Cough!  

I have no gas fire at the moment so I have to put an electric fire on of an evening and of course, I wait for as long as I can before doing that.  Be glad when the spare part arrives for the gas fire!  Fingers crossed for tomorrow please everyone  Wink

Have fingers crossed for you Becky that you can still get to the workshop on Saturday and also that you manage to get a good night's sleep before then too.

hope you get to the workshop Becky, it will take your mind off things even if you are tired -where are you doing it?

Jennie -enjoy your little jaunt -hope it isn't too cold  Smile

Mickie -glad you are not letting the flu take over -but do look after yourself too
Got the quilt programme to work -I am making a half bed quilt(!) as Mike gets too hot with a full size one so it is just for my half of the bed. Am going to use a sawtooth star just in two colours as I have some fabric I want to use (one has cute birds on it). Once I get started will post a pic or two. the program lets you combine various blocks in different ways and change the fabrics/colours just by clicking a mouse. It can even work out how much fabric you need! And you can save your designs too -

Glad your father got the right attention when he needed it Becky. Do hope he picks up now and hope you get to your workshop.

I am beginning to feel better.. don't remember the last time I was flopping around at home on a Friday morning! A lot can change in a week.  In a day in fact.  I went to work on Thursday feeling not great but ok with paracetemol and was admitted with sepsis that evening. Keep an eye on that man flu, Mickie!

Looking forward to doing some crafting anyway (the silver lining). Vonny, a half bed quilt is a brilliant idea.  Just what we need - except its always me who gets overheated.

Woohoo!!  Battery housing for the fire arrived today!  Well I collected it from the Post Office - installed it and whoosh!  Lit the fire - just to check if all was now well.   It will be lovely to have glowing coals this evening

Enjoy your unaccustomed Friday at home Sarah.  Glad your recovery going well.  Just shows what a difference a few hours can make though.

Think you are on to a winner there Vonny with your half quilt.  Won't take so long to sew either Laughing

Had a message from someone on holiday in Mexico and coming home today or tomorrow.  They've been told they will be coming back to snow.  Now there's a cheery thought as she doesn't live too far from Redhill and I'm doing a class at the Craft Barn in Lingfield tomorrow - best take some hot soup with me then.........  Rolling Eyes

Glad you got your fire up and running and enjoy your workshop Mickie.
Jennie hope you and Terry enjoy a few days away try to relax.
I am going to workshop bu twill have my phone close by I  am going to finish early to go and see Dad and then catch up with my brother's and sister's 1 is over from America so that will be nice. Dad is up and down like a yo-yo he is on gateway to end of life care but how long that will be nobody know but I don't think he will be coming home  Crying or Very sad Forum Index -> General
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