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Well the start to another week isn't it easy to slip back into a routine after being away I love going away but if I am honest a week is too long can cope with a few days. My last workshop tonight using spectrum noir pens although I am having a extra one as I missed last week, I do understand them more now but will have to keep using them like a fool I didn't take them last week so it is like learning all over again  Very Happy. Not sure what weather is doing but I am doing washing and I better get it dry before the rain.

   Becky x

I agree Becky - no matter how fabulous your time away it is always nice to get home.

Washing and hoovering done here so now I am prepping for my workshops coming up in November. It is a nice day here at the moment, but it looks as though we have a wild couple of days ahead of us!

I feel a song coming on... It's so nice to go travelling...........

My cold continues - popped out for something to deter the coughing but the choices were so complicated I come home empty handed!  Nearly bought a remedy for Man flu though.  Well, if it works for them it has to be good Laughing

There's a lovely sunset as I type - hope that means a nice day tomorrow.

Mickie x

hope your cough gets sorted soon mickie -these do seem to hand on after the cold has gone. i like ricola cough sweets.

Went to Bakewell wool gathering yesterday. Was quite restrained as I have been buting quite a lot of fibre and yarn recently. Bought some yarn to make Xmas gifts so need to get on with those soon. Mike bought me a beautiful hook (to pull yarn through hole in spinning wheel) but unlikely to find time to use it before Sat as this week is manic!

Hopefully your cough is now improving Mickie - something I hate as it always seems to mean sleepless nights.

I seem to have been very busy this week prepping my next workshops - one scrapbooking Saturday and four 3 hour taster sessions. Always a lot of work!  I have also completed a couple of Design Team pieces as well, so tomorrow I am going to do something for myself for a change. Seems ages since I had an experimental day  Laughing Most of it goes in the bin, but I really enjoy it.

Hope the wind is settling down wherever you are - it seems to be coming back again here at the moment  Laughing

The Riccola sweets are having a soothing effect on my throat thank you Vonny.  However, the cough is still with me.  Not had a cold like this for a very long time and I really do hope this is it for the winter.

I had a blind fitted to my bedroom window this morning and the chap couldn't get out of the house fast enough.  Should I have mentioned that I a unlikely to have ebola?!

The wind has abated Jennie but the rain is back.  It looks like February out there.  Glad I am not going anywhere today.  I shall be tackling the pile of birthday cards and little presents I need to do for November which will very soon be upon us.  Nice way to spend the day I think.

Do hope you get rid of the cough soon Mickie.
You are so busy Jennie how do you cope glad to hear you can have some time to yourself to play.
Been out this morning done my shopping I now have 2 days at home bliss.

    Becky x
margaret rorie

I can't believe how quickly this week is going! I've managed to do quite a lot of crafting this week and have got one special card done for next month. Two more to do! At least I've made enough Xmas cards already which is quite a nice feeling. Still have to do our recycled one - got as far as looking in the box of rejected bits!

Hope your cough gets better Mickie -  it's very wearing when it goes on for ages.

Jennie - I put in for your 3 hour scrapbooking class but presume there still aren't enough people as it was advertised on the radio tonight. Hope it does go ahead especially as you are prepping for it. Have a good weekend everyone. Margaret

Jennie i think you work harder now than when you got a wage for it! but I bet it is more enjoyable  Smile
Glad the sweets helped a bit Mickie and hope the cough goes soon -very tiring especailly if it keeps you awake.
Mickie and Margaret sounds like you have a busy time around Nov with cards and gifts.
I have just started some xmas gift knitting -don't do a lot but have a favourite fingerless glove pattern that I am making for my piano teacher -so she can play and keep her hands warm.
Did some weaving on cardboard looms with group today but it didn't go very well as rather fiddly for them so I may try some small peg lloms (called speed looms in the catalogue). Once it's nov I will start Xmas things  Smile

I am sure I am no busier than anyone else!!

Sorry to hear the cough is still with you Mickie - laughed at the blind man though!

Thanks for booking on the scrapbooking Margaret - I thought they were all going ahead but perhaps not  Shocked I hope you won't be too disappointed - it is for beginners!! I made a nice hanging for the mixed media workshop today so I hope that goes ahead.

I am in awe of you all being so organised for Christmas. I have two cards made and they were DT pieces earlier this month.  I have just been laying out some bits and pieces for others while waiting for some glue to dry. So I must get going.  Callum has asked me to knit him a teddy bear so I have just started on that.

Just off to look up speed looms Vonny - sounds interesting.

I had to re -read Becky's post re the blind man  Laughing
Speed looms are just peg looms Jennie but not made of sturdy wood. We got 12 small ones (which can clip together to make bigger ones) so lots of people can have a go at once. I picked up a booklet at Bakewell Woolgatherong which includes how to make a cicrcular piece on a peg loom -very interesting.
Off to woolly day tomorrow to spin, natter and share lunch with like minded people  Smile
margaret rorie

Jennie - I got a letter today to say I have got on your scrapbooking course. I know it's for beginners but I think it's a lovely way to spend a morning. And I have lots of photos I still want to scrap.

A question for everyone - did we do something to mark our 3rd birthday? I decided to make a book about Rebel Stampers and I can't find anything about this.

Must go and gather my stuff for tomorrow's Scrapbookers' meeting. We have a committee meeting first so no time to do this in the morning.

I had a laugh about the blind man too!  Very Happy  Vonny I hope your weaving is more successful next week. Margaret

It is really weird Margaret but I can't find anything either!  I do know that one year I did an A4 page with a cup cakes and candles from which I cut nine ATCs.  Before cutting the page up I did take a colour copy of it and I cannot find that either, although I do know I still have it.  Funnily enough I can find no ATCs from anyone else on the subject Rolling Eyes

Sorry the weaving wasn't successful Vonny.  Better luck next week.

Hope you are all having a good day

I don't think we did do anything for our 3rd birthday -in fact we hardly seem to mention it at all! I know I was just finishing work ..and then broke my wrist and there seems to have been a bit going on with everyone then.
margaret rorie

That explains why I can't find anything. We did ATCs for 1 and 2 and a little book for 4.

I've started my page on friendship but feel it needs more on it but I'm not sure what. Hope for some inspiration tomorrow.

Morning all hope you all remember to put your clocks back I did still woke up early though we are dog sitting for Zoe I sleep in Libby's bed it is so comfortable but she has the room so hot it is like a sauna.Off out today to spend time with a friend we will eat out so at least Keith won't have to cook when we get back.

        Becky x

enjoy your meal out Becky. Sounds like you need a new bed!
Hoping to do my pages this afternoon now I have done the boring bits like write an agenda Forum Index -> General
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