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Morning ladies well damp,dull and cold here. Mum had her op ok then phoned early yesterday morning she couldn't do her eye drops so off we went round she hadn't taken the lids off  Very Happy. Today I am staying in we are having the guttering cleared and windows cleaned {hence the weather} and our man is coming to look at the stairlift fingers crossed he can get it sorted. x
margaret rorie

I had a great weekend in Unst - we did some yoga, went for walks and seemed to eat a lot! The house was amazing so I've put some photos in my gallery. Now I'm back to the packing.

Hope you get your stairlift fixed Becky - it must be awful when it stops working.

had to laugh about your mum Becky -bet she was a bit embarrassed. hope your stair lift is now sorted.
Sounds like you had a fab weekend Margaret -the exercise is so good for you..but the food just counteracts it!

WEnt to the wool show at Bakewell and really enjoyed it. there were alot more sales selling dye related items and have learnt that it is probably minerals in my water giving me the interesting range of colours I've been getting -going to try with spring water next. Also learnt about using the all in one method where you add the mordant and dye at the same time -tried it today and it worked really well. Bought one lot of luxury fibre -Corriedale, yak and rose blend  Smile So now feeling really woolly  Laughing

Have found out that there is a knit and natter group at a local library on a Tues so aim to visit tomorrow and see what it is like

You sound to have had a lovely weekend Margaret.  Just what you need to preface all that packing and sorting and more packing

Your poor mum Becky, bet it will take a while for her to live that one down.  Hope she continues to recuperate well.  Have they managed to fix your stairlift?  I am living in hopes that you don't need a spare part that has to be sent for.

Interesting that the chemicals in the water interfere with the dyes Vonny.  Although you might be getting your very own colours.  Now that's not bad at all Wink

Happy/sad Book Club gathering at The Craft Barn yesterday.  Happy because always a good class and nice to see everyone but sad because it was the last trading day of the Craft Barn as a bricks and mortar shop.  However, classes and clubs will continue at alternative venues and will be accompanied by a pop up shop so will continue to get my crafty workshop fix and be able to spend my money Laughing

Art class today was so intense my shoulders ached with the tension Rolling Eyes  We were drawing matchboxes with a view to watercoloring them.  Suffice it, it took me all the morning to draw the three matchboxes and I understand the homework will be to colour them.  Everyone moaned and groaned at the task that was set but I think we all secretly enjoyed ourselves once we got going.  I did at one point remark that "in real life I would be doing this on a computer" much to the amusement of my fellow students   Took me a while to realise what I had said Rolling Eyes

I think I would work with a real matchbow mickie and alter it -would save a lot of work! Hope they turn out well.

Enjoyed the knit and natter at the libray -good to do something different. A lot of the ladies are newbie knitters/crocheters so it is great that people are getting into the craft. Rather warm in the library tho so it will be a T shirt next time I go.

Hope you have your stairlift sorted Becky - it must be so difficult without it. And your poor Mum - but glad it was something so simple.

Well a great weekend to be in Unst Margaret with such wonderful weather.  Looking forward to our booking next year  Very Happy

I could not DRAW a matchbox, but yes ALTER one would be fine Mickie! It is such a shame for the Craft Barn but I suppose better than closing all together.

Well it has been a bit quiet here as we have been decorating the windows, and I stress ONLY THE WINDOWS of the craft room, but it seems to have taken F O R E V E R !!!! Anyway it is looking very bright, the old brown butinox paint now having been covered (with several layers!) of white paint. Terrys new window surrounds and mock shutters look very good. So hopefully I shall be able to move everything which is stacked on one side of the room back into its rightful place tomorrow and get going on some crafting. I made some Stampin Up Christmas tags tonight on the dining room table - had to do something  Laughing

Well you have all been busy doing whatever. Stairlift is working he is not sure what he did but it is going fingers crossed it stays like that. Went to see my Dad yesterday he is keeping well radiotherapy seemed to help. having a day in and fingers crossed some crafting must do some cards so pleased I decided not to do Xmas cards that would just be to much stress.
Bet is was sad at The Craft Barn Mickie it is a shame when shops close but I guess so many people buy on-line me being one of them I guess bricks and mortar is to expensive to keep running at least you will still be able to carry on  doing the classes.  x

glad the window is looking good Jennie and that you can move things back soo -hopefully it will last at least 10 years! Smile
Glad the stairlift is working again Becky and hope you got some crafting done. You are absolutely right about not stressing yourself with Xmas cards -after all craft is supposed to be fun.
I like to buy is shops or at shows Becky but am being forced to go online with the poor range now at the shows. Luckily there is a very good shop in Leighton Buzzard. Also a local shop that had closed has just opened in new premises -will visit again but it had gone downhill. Perhapas a move has helped!
Been dyeing again today as I think the weather is going to get much colder soon so sitting in the shed won't be too nice- so making the most of it. Yesterday I bleded some of my dyed fleece and made Autumn coloured batts (fat layers of fibre ready to spin) so am now thinking about doing the other 3 seasons if they spin up ok.

You have all been busy people - like the sound of your dyeing Vonny - the seasons aspect of it that is Laughing  Do hope the blending comes out as you want and I shall look forward to the photos

I don't mind buying online but some things need to be better described, particularly the size of the stamps.  I know I am not the only one caught out by the Prima stamps of the girls faces - couldn't believe the size when it arrived and I used it in a book page just to say I have used it.  Had to be a book page because anything else wouldn't have been large enough to accommodate the stamp!  So, in future I shall email the online retailer prior to purchasing if I am at all in doubt as to size.

Having said that I have just spent the last two days re-arranging my craft room.  What a job Rolling Eyes So on the subject of stamps I am loathe to buy any more.  Well at least not for the time being Wink

Glad your stairlift is back in action Becky.  I have been up and down the stairs so many times in the last 36 hours that I really could do with the benefit of one.   It must have been a difficult few days for you.

Good thing Terry can sort your windows Jennie - would cost an absolute fortune if you had to get someone in to do them.  Did notice that your craft room was list on the list Laughing

Morning ladies I do agree with you Vonny craft shows have been poor this year I am going to Portsmouth show on the 31st so will see what they is guess it will be mostly Xmas.
Been to ENT this morning muscles in my throat aren't working properly which has been affecting my voice so have to go for speech therapy. I am now at home about to craft. x

sorry to hear about your voice Becky -I'm sure the therapist will be able to help, will be interested to hear what is suggested -I didn't do any adult voice work in my entire career  Shocked  -but I did mainly work with children!
I agree about stamp sizes Mickie and sorry you  got caught out. think it would be good if they placed them next to a standard A6 card as even measurements don't always give you the right idea. Good for you sorting your craft room..and finding lots of stamps you'd forgotten about. Also think of the calories you burnt up going up and down the stairs.
Did some work in the garden today so it is looking quite tidy -now ready for winter. then knitting this afternoon and labelling various dye samples from the week.
Woolly day when we go and spin with like minded people tomorrow.

Sorry to hear about our voice Becky - take it you won't be doing too much singing for the time being Wink

Vonny could do with a woolly day here - it is a bit on the chilly side.  On the subject of wool and chilly; I do get very cold hands - in the really cold winter months they can develop a blue tinge which means I cannot wear purple or mauve nail varnish.  (I know, its' very sad on more than one level Laughing ).  However, a very nice lady in my art class saw my plight and knitted me a pair of fingerless mitts.  I was very touched and most grateful to her when I found even wearing them scrunched up on the wrists that my hands were lovely and warm.

Now when I was ploughing through my craft room, I did come across my extensive knitting needle collection.  I can feel a knitting session coming on - these mitts might become my winter fashion statement

Hope you remember the clocks went back. Mickie the gloves sound lovely I have some and I also have wrist warmers which as you say are lovely and warm will have to dig mine out as I agree with you it is getting colder. Well Keith is soundo and I am up with the dogs. We have to pop home this morning so we are going to TK Maxx and Home Sense which has just opened in Hedge End. What are you all up too. x

Continuing with the craft room project but am beginning to get bored Rolling Eyes Just when I think I'm about done I come across another couple of boxes or bags in another room!

Have a journal page just screaming to get out of my head and into the journal too Wink

In the meantime, I am going too have my Sunday Skandi fix, which also means I shall be putting my feet up for a couple of hours

Becky hope you enjoyed the shopping!
I find wrist warmers especailly helpful when driving as my sleeves often gape open so I get chilly. Fingerless gloves can be made from a rectangle of knitting that you sew up the side, just leaving a gap for your thumb. However if you want fancier ones and need a pattern then is a knitters social media site with lots of free patterns that you can search -so you put in various search words and then can search the results too if you wish. Favourite patterns can be stored in your library or downloaded.
Went for a walk this morning (only to the supermarket as we needed bread) then did some spinning this afternoon and the ironing!
margaret rorie

I went to see Benedict Cumberbatch as Hamlet this afternoon - really enjoyed it. Certainly a great way to see excellent drama when you can't get to London.  I hadn't done Hamlet at school so didn't know the story - what an admission!

Managed to get my owl ATCs done today - I like owls so the stamp appealed to me. Been sorting out more paperwork this evening as we continue to declutter. Going to tidy the garage tomorrow so we can store more boxes. I'm trying to do a little every day as time allows.

Sorry to hear about your voice Becky - hope the speech therapy helps. Your nail varnish problem made me smile Mickie - you have your priorities right! Before I had my hip done I couldn't reach down to put nail varnish on my toe nails and it really upset me.

Looks like we're all having a bit of a late night tonight - must be a consequence of this morning's extra hours sleep Laughing

Glad you enjoyed Hamlet Margaret - I hadn't realised just how many of the cliches and other sayings we use today originated in that play.  I feel for you decluttering your home; I've had enough just decluttering the craft room and I'm not quite finished yet Rolling Eyes

Thanks for the link Vonny.  I think I'll go and see what they can offer me in leg warmers.  I can't imagine what it would be like to have warm toes all winter but I'm sure it would be lovely

I'm off to my bed now so nite nite everyone.  Hope you all get a good night's rest Forum Index -> General
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