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hope both Becky and Mickie managed to get get to your workshops and enjoy them. Very sad that your Dad may not get back home Becky -at least he is near enough for you to keep visiting and supporting him
Glad things are improving for you Sarah -and you are managing to enjoy the time off!
Mickie the fire sounds great -is it real coal? Does take a bit of work if so.
Not been doing much but my mum and Dad coming round for a meal tomorrow evening so we will be able to catch up.

Phew!  Only Tuesday and I'm exhausted Rolling Eyes  Am trying to balance a really busy day with a quiet, relaxing day.  Well, that's the plan but mice and men do get in the way.  Had major update on the desktop this morning - has taken forever with countless restarts just to keep me off balance  Rolling Eyes   Dread to think what is in store for me - you guys were my first stop.

thanks Vonny, we did actually get to our workshops - I can speak for Becky because I saw the photos Wink

Helen's workshop had us stamping on and then making up 24 die cut bags, followed by stamping 24 ATCs each with different stamps so no two are alike and this was followed with colouring, painting, spritzing, glitzing and glittering them up.  Haven't got round to sticking them onto the bags yet.  The intention is for them to be attached to a garland I fix to the stair winder so there's still time to finish Rolling Eyes

The fire isn't real coal but certainly looks like it and behaves like it.  It is gas Vonny so the only real work is changing the batteries as necessary Laughing  I recall that fire lighting was never my strong point back in the day so just as well I can cheat a little now Wink

I'm feeling a bit exhausted too Mickie.  In fact even reading about everything you did in Helen's workshop made me feel quite weary!  Yesterday I went out to some local shops but think maybe I overdid it as have not got out of bed today. Luckily I have Hannah here to look after me.  Sorry about your Dad Becky.  It must be so hard when your parents get to that stage

Laughing Mickie I did get there but left a bit earlier than I wanted but Dad had had a bad day but had a fab day Mark is so nice.Dad was back to himself yesterday and then today he had a fall and is having a scan and a bit confused. We are having a day off tomorrow I am so tired it takes us 40 mins to get and sometimes longer then the visit and then home it is at least a 3hr trip.
Hope you are resting Sarah got the tag book today thank you. xx

Glad you enjoyed the workshop Becky.  Nice to have a little oasis in a sea of troubles.

So easy to outpace yourself Sarah - do take care.   Nice to have Hannah looking after you.

Well, I think the Man 'flu is on the wane at last.  Hurrah!  

Are we all taking our Vitamin D and eating lots of Kale?  No. me neither!  

I'm having an early night as off to Lingfield again tomorrow for another Inky Fingers session.  Woohoo!

Enjoy your workshop Mickie do you know what you are doing.I now have man-flu so won't be going to see Dad for a few days but it means I can stay in the warm. Will try and get some crafting done I am so far behind with everything including the inchies x. Portsmouth craft show is Sunday so will go to that it is only 30 mins to get there and it si a small one so won't be too long there,I need cardstock I use Anna Marie and she usually has a offer on so I will stock up.

I agree with Sarah -your workshop does sound like hard work Mickie -is it an advent calendar type thing?
Sarah and Becky you both need to take care of yourselves -it is easy to over do things when you feel a bit better.
I don't take vit D or eat kale (yuk!!) but at the first sign of cold/flu I take Echinacea -this tends to mean I get tired and a bit achy but don't get the full symptoms -have been like this for a few days now but improving.
Out for a meal last night with ex work colleagues. Was expecting a friend today but she has to visit the doctors so going to do some spinning on my own
Enjoy yet another workshop mickie -the ones I was going to with Brenda have stopped at the moment  Sad

Sorry you are feeling grot Vonny it is horrible isn't it I reckon Mickie passed it on to us  Laughing . I am just staying in and not doing a lot. I did finish the inchies and a couple of cards yesterday so hope to do some more today.

it could be worse Becky - I'm just taking it easy -glad you managed to get a little crafting done. I did some patchwork this morning and have the fabric ready for the quilting stage next
margaret rorie

Sorry I haven't been around this week - been busy writing my essay. It seems to have taken ages and then I had to cut it as I was over the word limit. I'll proof read it tomorrow and check my references then that's it! Very Happy hope to catch up with crafting as I've got behind.

Hope you're all feeling better now and that your dad is improving Becky. I got my flu jab this week - first time for me but had no ill effects apart from a sore arm. I've started taking vitamin D tablets too as they seem to be recommended and I know I don't go outside as much as I should at this time of year. I tend to jump in the car!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone.

Morning all well it is sunny here I feel almost human and I am going to a craft show. Hope you get your essay sorted Margaret I use to hate doing them at school. Hope you are feeling a bit better now Vonny.

Apologies to those with the Man 'flu.  It seems to be more like rubber 'flu as it keeps bouncing back.  Feel ok today though. Wink

Hope you get that you want at your craft show Becky.

Vonny the workshop was an Advent Calendar - still psyching myself up to stick it all together.   Still I have at least four weeks to do that.  Maybe I'll do so many a day..............................

Right, that's me for today, I'm off to tackle those pesky inches  Laughing

well done for getting the essay done Margaret  Smile
hope the show was good Becky- I enjoyed the wool show I went to on Bakewell on Saturday -it is a really friendly small show.
thanks for all you kind wishes but I haven't been REALLY ill -just achy and get tired easily. do make sure I sit down and have a rest more -means I am eating through my Sudoku puzzles at a very fast rate tho

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