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Morning all well went to TK Maxx it was so busy and the queue to pay was a joke so will go back when not so busy.  Keith has to post some thing today so will pop out with him but that is all we have to do  we will pop into Lidl's and get some rolls.I am not good with clocks going back so was up early. x

beautiful day here so went for a walk on the hills, then did the housework. My parents are coming round this afternoon for a meal for my Dad's birthday so it will be good to catch up.
My rubberstamping stuff is feeling very left out at the moment  Sad

Lovely day here too, if a little chilly first thing.

I'm with you Becky - I do wish they'd leave the clocks alone.  Takes me a while to get used to the change.  Haven't been to TK Maxx in ages - they do have some interesting alterables sometimes but otherwise our local store just resembles a glorified jumble sale.  Maybe I go at the wrong time

Sounds like you had a good day Vonny.  I'm sure your rubber stamps will see some action soon what with the long dark evenings and all that Laughing

Art class went well today.  I think I had a slight glimmer of understanding with the watercolour so there is hope.  No class next Monday but will still get my arty fix as have a mixed media workshop booked through the local Art Society.  Which is why there is no art class - the lady who does the bookings got her dates mixed up Rolling Eyes

Have a friend coming down tomorrow for the day.  It will be nice to go off and do something non craft room orientated.   In fact, it might just spur me on to unpack and sort out another box or two when I get back in there on Thursday afternoon.

Glad you won't miss your fix Mickie  Laughing
Have been swimmin g and to knitting group this morning and getting insurance quotes this afternoon -borin! Hope to get the stamps out next  Smile

Morning back home now love the dogs but it is nice to sleep in my own bed.Out for lunch today with Zoe,Tegan, Libby and Mum which will be nice.
I got back to TK Maxx and brought a bag and some Derwent pastel pencils.
I am sure you rubber stamps will be back in use very soon Vonny and glad you don't have to miss your arty fix Mickie have fun with your friend x

got a go with my stamps yesterday and got started on ATCs for Novemebr so feeling virtuous.
My volunteering group today has been cancelled so have a 'free' afternoon. Have some knitting to sort out as I made a mistake but after that not sure what I will do with the time.
Hope you had a good lunch Becky -and the pastel pencils sound good -perhaps a bit less messy??

Shall have to have another look at our TK Maxx - I'm sure I haven't seen anything arty in ours but then as I said before, I haven't been for a long time.  Have fun with the pencils Becky.  I like to use mine over a chalked picture to give some emphasis to shapes/outlines

Glad to see you are back to stamping Vonny -Think I shall be doing a bit this afternoon.  Funny how you miss the stamps isn't it?!

The weather was glorious the day my friend came down and as she had never been to this part of tyre country before I decided to show her where I live, well as much as could be done in the time available!  So we did a little bit of history. this being 1066 Country after all Wink Went to an old smuggling pub for a lovely lunch, followed by a walk round the duck pond in the village where I go to an art club, then back the scenic route to have coffee in our iconic Grade I
Listed De La Warr Pavilion where we sat overlooking the sea and took in an art exhibition on our way out.  Her comments really made me appreciate how lucky I am to live where I do.  These things are all too easily taken for granted and sometimes you need a complete stranger to open your eyes again to the beauty of where you live

Yesterday was up at the crack of dawn to travel to the Harry Potter Studio Tour.  Very interesting and you don't need to have a child with you either Laughing All the sets and props we saw were the ones used in the films, there was someone there demonstrating how to make wands as used in the films, original costumes were dotted about all over the place.  We saw the floating candles and how that was done, walked through the dining hall as set out for one of the films, walked through the train, down Diagon Alley, round Hogwarts, marvelled at the triple decker Knight Bus, peeked into the cupboard under the stairs in the house where Harry had to sleep, the list goes on and on.  There was Butterbeer to be had in the cafe - thought it might be a bit on the sweet side so didn't bother but could see the kids enjoying it

Of course we got home late and very tired so getting up this morning was a bit of a challenge but Art Club called and glad I went because two of the most talented people, without being asked  took time out of what they were doing to help me with my watercolouring and drawing.  I thought that was a really kind thing to do

Heavens I can't believe it is Thursday and I've not been around hardly at all. You all sound extremely busy and all very interesting. I have been doing poinsettia workshops here at the house this week and a rose one last Friday, so prepping etc. takes a bit of time. Also trying to catch up with DT stuff given a week's decorating out of my schedule! And also trying to walk each day as well.

Will do better and catch up with you all soon. xxxx

Morning all well you have been busy glad you managed to have a play with your stamps Vonny.I so agree you Mickie you  need a fresh pair of eyes to make you realise you have lovely things around you.You are certainly back to being busy Jennie. Nothing planned for today but my journal ought to come out. x

Can't believe I have a whole day at home today and had to spend most of it so far reinstalling my printer and associated software.  Not what I had in mind at all Rolling Eyes

Shall now be doing some journalling

Mickie -the day spent with your friend sounds wonderful, as does your Harry Potter visit. Sorry your day at home was spent sorting your printer tho -you always think you will have loads of time to get things done, but don't!
Jennie glad you are keeping up with th walking -sounds like you are very busy with the DT work and workshops.
Popped into the craft shop that has moved locally and have booked on a workshop to try them out -it is a very fancy looking Xmas card using die cuts etc, not my usual thiag at all. they do a different workshop every week and link them, so currently they are focussing on die cuts and are moving on to colouring next but these will at first include die cuts too -they also seem to follow create and craft quite closely- I haven't watched it for years!
Got a friend coming round tomorrow for a sewing session so that will be fun  Smile Forum Index -> General
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