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Morning all from a damp and dull  Southampton.Got some of the card I like yesterday at show also some stamps Tim Holtz ones we were only there for a a couple of hours if that. Going to my friend for a crafting day so that will be fun. It will be the 1st time I have been out all day since last Tuesday  Laughing
My Dad has decided he is not going to die and has bounced back I really don't want to go through that again the question now is back home and sort out 24 hour care or a care/nursing home will be seeing him tomorrow. xx
margaret rorie

Becky - glad  your dad is feeling better and not giving up the fight yet.

It's been a nice day here again so I thought I'd go for a walk to break in a pair of shoes I'd had for a while but never worn. Disaster - the soles started disintegrating! I've attached a photo. So I came home to see what the problem was and it seems that this is a common problem with Clarks shoes with synthetic soles. If you don't wear them regularly then they disintegrate. Glad I bought them in a sale - can't do anything as I don't have the receipt.

Click to see full size image

great news about your Dad Becky -even if there is more sorting out to do  Smile
Margaret that is really bad about the shoes -I often buy shoes in a sale for the following year -and also wouldn't wear them during the summer anyway. Am about to go and check the couple of Clarks pairs I have!

I have a couple of pairs of Clarke shoes I sort of tried them on in shop and one pair I can't get on my feet so will have to keep a eye on them.
Going to see Dad today 1st time in a week although I still don't feel 100% think I am over the lurgy. Blinkin cold here today so will wrap up warm. x

That's an astonishing picture Margaret!  Totally puts me off buying Clarks shoes in the future.  I would definitely try taking them back, even without a receipt.  They will know from the model that they aren't that old and from the condition of the rest of the shoe that you haven't worn them out.

I have never seen that before Margaret. Ive got shoes here that don't get worn from one year to the next depending on the weather !

And talking of the weather - we have finally slipped into winter weather - windy and wet and rather chilly. BUT we've had a fabulous run of weather up here in the north and it has been wonderful to see leaves on trees turning a lovely colour.

Panto goes from hectic to  frenetic although we had a great weekend in the Theatre doing all the choreography. Well everyone else did I had to get all the moves written down in order to work on now that our choreographer has gone back to Edinburgh  Laughing It's one of those pantos where the producer/director has ended up with rather more responsibility than usual which is why I am so stretched. But I keep thinking of all the weight i might be losing  Laughing although I did spend this morning at the hospital getting x-rays on my knee which is very unstable at the moment. It has given way a few times resulting in a couple of falls which is not good.  And that was before the G&T .........  Laughing

the panto does sound like really hard work this year Jennie -sorry that your knees are playing up -try to be careful, don't want you falling off the stage Smile
hope you had a good visit with your Dad Becky and glad you are feeling a bit better.
Went to Swindon yesterday to a shopping outlet -they have 3 different chocolate shops there! Also a Tefal shop where you could buy individual saucepans which was great as a couple of ours are the worse for wear.

Morning all well it is dry here.Had a busy week so today I am having a day in and plan to enjoy it. Jennie you be careful running around on a dodgy knee you don't want to be laid up again.. You had a good choice of chocolate then Vonny I think so many of these outlet centres have the same shops it would be nice to go to one which is different. We have asked for a meeting at the hosp they are sorting a care package for Dad to go home the problem being he will be going back to a empty house it is not good at sitting down and staying there so goodness knows what is going to happen.

hope you get it sorted soon Becky -it is a lot of stress for you and your Dad.
did a little fabric shopping this morning then worked on the tag book this afternoon  Smile

Sorry I've been AWOL - such a busy week. Nice to catch up with you all now though.

Becky, excellent news about your dad.  Hope you get the care package in place quickly - that should give him a few daily "visitors" to stop him getting bored.

Do be extra careful Jennie - don't want you doing any damage!  

Margaret I think you should send your shoes back to Clarks - or at least in the first instance, send them the photo.  In our climate it is unreasonable for us to to be expected to wear the same shoes all the year round - imagine, sandals in the snow Rolling Eyes

Not so bothered by the chocolate shops but ooooh!  A shop where you don't have to buy a whole set of pans sounds brilliant.  I have a couple of saucepans that ought to be replaced.  If I'm ever over that way.........

Jennie I'm sorry winter has arrived.  We are having our second Indian Summer I think.  17 degrees C yesterday!  

My busy week has been a mix of Art group, Art class and going to an Art exhibition.  With attendant lunches of course Rolling Eyes  Wednesday I did a keepsake/Memory book class at home.  Just two people.  It went well and I might do more on an ad hoc basis.  Today I'm off to another watercolour workshop.

Gosh Mickie you are busy how do you do it  I am shattered and all I am doing is visiting Dad we are going in today and then having a couple of days off I have cancelled the plans for tomorrow so we can have a day in. Don't forget the clocks change tonight. x
margaret rorie

Had a lovely morning at Shetland Scrapbookers yesterday - the theme was to do a layout using a poem or song. I wanted to use a photo from the Jutland commeration so I found a suitable poem. I even had time to finish a second layout! I've put them in the gallery.

Mickie - you seem to have been so busy this week. You'll need a quiet weekend to recuperate.

Hope a care package can be put in place for your dad, Becky. A worrying time for you.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

had a lovely crafting session with friends yesterday -worked on some xmas cards. Went to a local craft fair this morning then did some work in the garden. managed to get a rose thorn in my hand -pulled it straight out but below my thumb is now all swollen and sore. Hope it is ok tomorrow as I want to drive.
Like the idea of a poem on a page Margaret tho sometimes it can be hard to find what you want.
I agree that you sound very busy Mickie.
Becky hope you had a good day of rest  Smile

The workshop was great - everyone produced a painting - bar me that is.  However, I did sign up for a series of classes with the lady as I really liked her teaching style.  Nietzsche said "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger".  On that basis I might make a very strong corpse  Wink

Had a lovely day just chilling and making a miniature book for a friend's birthday present.  

Hope your thumb is ok by tomorrow Vonny.

thinking of you Becky.  Hope you get some "you" time in amongst all you have to do right now

Hope you all enjoyed the extra hour in bed this morning Rolling Eyes  Laughing

Evening all.....

I hope you are all ok....

Before I went on holiday I felt like I was in a bad place!  I needed the break so much - had a lovely time in Portugal.  Came back to cold weather and my tumble drier packed in!  So it's been all go really!  Today is the 1st time I have crafted..... so I am so sorry to be late with my swaps etc.  

I haven't even thought about Christmas crafting yet!  Other than there is no way I can make a card for every member of staff in my offices - I've now got nearly 400 staff!

glad you had a good break Miriam.
Re Xmas cards -making charity donations instead of giving cards can be a great way to make sure no-one gets missed and also puts the money to a good use. I used to do this and send an e mail to all those taking part with names on it and a greeting. you could even delegate this task!

vonny wrote:
glad you had a good break Miriam.
Re Xmas cards -making charity donations instead of giving cards can be a great way to make sure no-one gets missed and also puts the money to a good use. I used to do this and send an e mail to all those taking part with names on it and a greeting. you could even delegate this task!

Great idea Vonny! Forum Index -> General
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