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Morning all had great fun catching up with Mickie yesterday at show spent some money  Laughing  so won't be eating for a while and later today hoping to get to The Craft Barn. Keith is off for his Spitfire Experience this morning so my plan is to try and have a play while he is gone.

    Becky x

hope he enjoys it and that you get some quality crafting done  Smile
Been patchworking today- lovely

Hope Keith enjoyed the Spitfire.  It was good to see you guys on Sunday I haven't been to a show in ages and I had forgotten how expensive they can be Laughing  As you say Becky, we don't have to eat and some of us might even benefit from a lean larder Laughing

I bought some Pro-Marker storage from the MDF man.  Such a shame he doesn't trade online.  They looked quite dinky at the show but in my little Craft Room they seem huge.  Am applying the little grey cells to the situation and I think I might have come up with the solution, which will entail a trip to B&Q in the morning!  Are you going to decorate yours Becky?

Have been having internet problems but seems ok now.  Just had a lovely thunderstorm so maybe that has sorted out the airwaves.  Fingers crossed.

Hope your patch working was successful Vonny.  You don't seem to have been doing much of it lately and I do like to see what you make.

Sorry to say that a Southampton Reunion is not on the cards  Crying or Very sad I spent this weekend with my friends trying to book our flights to New York and we save 250 on flights if we go the week before, so yes we are going the week before  Very Happy but this won't leave me enough time to come to Southampton and then get back home and then back south again. Hopefully we might be able to arrange something another time?

Been a bit hectic here - I taught a workshop on Saturday (scrapbooking) which went well and then another this morning (inking and stamping). Think it went ok but had somebody who kind of thought they knew better (about everything!). I got to the stage I really wondered why they came. But I kept my cool (hopefully!) and I hope that those who really came to do inking and stamping really enjoyed it.  Been a busy time packing and unpacking and Terry had to rush in the mini misters this morning which ended up in the wrong box! Now teaching the next three Tuesday mornings - a bit of a trial run but it may be too much!
margaret rorie

Sorry you had a difficult person at your workshop today Jennie - I promise I won't say a word next week! I'm looking forward to a morning of uninterrupted crafting.

Becky and Mickie -  glad the show was worthwhile for you both. It must be hard not to spend money at these events.

Weather here has changed and we've now got north wind and it feels bitterly cold! I suppose it is to be expected at this time of the year.

Have managed to get this month's tag finished today so now need to get on with some special birthday cards.  Margaret

Always a joy to have you in the class Margaret!

Love to see what you purchased Mickie and Becky - never too sure what is for sale at these shows. Do you get to see really new, freshly launched products?

Agree with Margaret, bitterly cold here today. Just off to meet a friend for coffee - we have not seen each other for four years, she lives here in Shetland and we haven;t even bumped into each other!

Shame about the reunion Jennie.  As you say, another time.

Was sorry to see you had a "clever" person in your class, maybe they were just lonely.  Still, it makes it difficult to teach so, well done for keeping your cool and here's to the next three sessions, may they be easier on the patience and much more fun,

It is getting a bit chilly down here too Margaret.  We have had a good run for our money though.  Must say I do like the long dark winter evenings although I don't seem to be getting any more done than I ever did.

Still have my tag to do and this is the first time I haven't had to ponder on what to do!

Sounds like you are going to build an extension for your Pro Maker storage Mickie  Laughing Haven't done much patchwork at all over the summer as it was so nice I spent a lot of time in the garden spinning and knitting. now it is getting colder I will be doing more patchwork and quilting. One quilt is very nearly finished (hand sewing the binding is the last task) so should be able to share a pic soon. these are quilts I started at least 2 years ago but gradually getting them finished.

Shame the Southampton meet won't happen but I'm sure that something else will come along -after all 250 is not to be sneezed at. Shame about the know it all lady Jennie but I'm sure you handled it well -and good luck for the next classes - a busy week for you.

Well the "clever" lady emailed me yesterday and said how much she enjoyed the class  Shocked

Yes a shame about a get together, but I will let you know when I am "passing" south again as it would really be lovely to catch up with everyone.

Looking forward to seeing the photographs of your quilts Vonny.

Well I am back home and now have 2 whole days to myself which will be bliss . I got some stamps well we both did designed by Ryn she is from Canada and they are new to this country I will take a pic later and post it.It is very cold here now so heating is very much on  Laughing I am not getting cold.

Sorry the catch up won't be happening hopefully we will be able to do it at some time.

Keith loved his Spitfire Experience got a puncture on way back so had to get RAC out and I must say he was brilliant running around for us to get it fixed I have to say Mobility is very good and getting help out to you.

  Becky x

Well, that was a turn up for the books Jennie.  Just goes to show you never can tell.  Ouch, two cliches in one sentence Rolling Eyes

Glad Keith enjoyed the experience and you are safe home despite the puncture.  

I have loaded up my ProMarkers and have to report that they are much easier now I can see the colours.  I put a sticky circle coloured appropriately, on the end of each pen some time ago to make things a bit easier but I see the new pens come with the ends already colour coded.

Becky I am impressed with the new Ryn stamps.  You are definitely guaranteed a good impression with such deep etching on really thick rubber.

Hoping for great things in the catch up stakes today.

I agree with your cliches Mickie  Laughing You obviuosyl did a good job with her Jennie!
Becky enjoy your new stamps.

Had an easy craft session with my group today as I found some foam small wreathes and Xmas themed small shapes (with peel off sticky on) whihc we all used to make a wreath. Glitter and some punched flowers were also added by those who wished. Everyone was pleased with them. i have got some snowflakes for another session and the shapes will make easy cards!

Sorry not been around body gave up a bit had planned days in and they never happened Libs was taken into Hosp with chest infection and we had to pick Tegan up from school she is a joy to have around so proud of her but it is also very tiring for me. I now have 2 days where I can stay in and play just have 1 more atc to do and then a tag and I plan to do some challenges this month don't seem to be getting them done.

     Becky x

Sorry to hear your troubles Becky.  Hope Libs will be home soon.  How did your play session go?

I  continue to remain behind but have managed to get birthday cards done - one just seconds before I had to hand it over Rolling Eyes  Sure this is not good for the blood pressure Wink Keeps me on my toes though!

Went to Mini Book Club at the Craft Barn yesterday.  We made the case structure to hold two mini books, which now needs to be decorated.  Also made the base of one of the mini books to go inside, this also needs to be decorated and then one more book to make and I can shout hurrah!  Actually, they are really fun to make even if the instructions sometimes give the brain a good workout

It is pouring down with rain here, which is probably appropriate for Remembrance Sunday.  Hopefully, this means that I will get some serious catching up done this afternoon!

lovley and sunny here for Remembrance services -shame it wasn't the same with you Mickie
Hope Libs gets well soon Becky
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