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W9 / Y6

Well I am up bright and early this morning  Very Happy At the moment I don't seem to be able to sleep past 6.30 but it does mean I get to catch up with some computer things before breakfast.

It is the last of our photography classes this morning but we start a new intermediate session in two weeks time. I have really enjoyed the classes and those going have been great fun. Lots of laughs and quite a few of us a bit challenged by all the technical stuff, so I haven't felt too silly asking questions.

The weekend seemed to have passed very quickly and I am now in packing mode for the Coventry weekend. A Workshop on Saturday with Michelle Webb and then Sunday with Andy Skinner. I really am looking forward to them both and of course meeting up with four of the Vintage Journey DT and other friends made online over the years.

The sun has just come out - I hope it stays !!!!!!

Morning Jennie you lucky thing a weekend of crafting what fun, you will have a lovely time.I have done one with Andy Skinner he is a nice guy.
I have a very quiet week in fact I am out tomorrow all day and then that is it so going to make the most of it. Very foggy here this morning so glad I am in Cas, Jasmine and Molly are popping in this morning don't seem to have seen the little ones for ages. x
margaret rorie

I'm up early today as I'm off to Citizens Advice shortly.  I seem to have had a busy weekend with Scrapbookers on Saturday and then a Yoga and Meditation day yesterday.  As I was taking the Scrapbooking session it was a bit more stressful than usual but folk seemed to get a layout done so that was fine. Yoga and meditation go very well together and the teachers complemented each other.  I seem to have got out of the habit of doing yoga at home but will need to get back to it as I'm not going to a yoga class now.  

Have just realised that I've not made this month's tag so will try to get it done tonight.

Margaret, well done for leading the scrapbboking class -at least you got some relaxation the next day to counteract the stress  Smile
Hope you enjoy being with the little people Becky and your day out tomorrow

Jennie the photography sounds like good fun and it is good if you feel you can ask those silly questions (as they are not silly to you) - I bet packing the craft stuff is much harder than deciding on clothes -sounds like it will be great

Line dancing this morning but we now have 2 weeks off as the teacher is on holiday. Need to make a card for a retirement this afternoon so must get to it.

You'll love Coventry Jennie - can see you are back in the swing of things Laughing

Glad you scrapbooking class went well Margaret - makes all the difference when folk go home with a something nicely completed.  You seem to be getting busier and busier

Hope your day went according to plan Becky.

Line dancing must be good exercise Vonny - shame you have to have two weeks off.  Perhaps practicing round the house might be fun? Wink

Did Kathy Byrne's Stampboard class yesterday at The Craft barn, well, not the barn itself but in Sandy's home.  (Sandy and her husband are the Craft Barn).  I thought it very brave of them to continue with some of the classes from their dining room for the time being.  We had a lot of laughs and I came away with a lot of ideas for Christmas presents.  The journey there and back was not a lot of fun though - varying degrees of fog both ways so was pretty tired when I got home.  

I, too, was up early this morning - no art class but instead an Art Society mixed media workshop.  Had a lovely time and some good work was produced by everyone who attended.

A very grey day here and having spent the morning catching up with purchases and banking in the town I am just off for my daily walk in Scalloway. Such a busy life  Very Happy

Margaret gave us a super layout on Saturday and working in monochrome was very interesting. I see Margaret has suggested it for an ATC theme, so I hope you will all go for that! I really love my layout - I used a lovely photograph of Caitlyn. Once we get a better day I 'll get a photograph of it.

I would love to do line dancing it always look so much fun. Glad the Craft Barn are still offering workshops albeit in their dining room. A bit like me at the moment - but I quite like four around the dining room table. Lots of fun!

Counting the sleeps till Coventry - soooooo excited. I just realised Mickie that yet another month has gone by and I still haven't returned your Andy Skinner usb stick. I think of it every month, but just not at the right time  Rolling Eyes Sorry about that.

Worry not Jennie  Laughing  You'll just have to let me know what you did at Coventry

Monochrome sounds good to me.  Can hardly believe we are discussing next year's list already.  Seems only yesterday we were discussing this year's.  Someone please find a way to slow down time

Been out gallivanting again today!  Went with a friend to The Towner in Eastbourne - they have a Duncan Grant that I would love to have and I just had to keep going back to it Rolling Eyes  We followed this with a trip to a nearby fish and chip restaurant and then called in at The Range on our way home where my friend was like a child let loose in a toy shop - we both had great fun playing those seasonal soft toys (you know the ones where you press the hand or foot or something and the toy bursts into song and action)!  

So serious crafting must be done tomorrow so I can catch up with birthdays, UFOs and outstanding swaps

Morning all never got to craft with my friends it was cancelled so it will be next week now but took Bobby out for something to eat which was nice. Keith has got a stinking cold so we are staying in the warm so I am crafting I have a few challenges to catch up with. You are all very busy and sounds as though you are having fun x

goodness you all seem to be packing ever more in! Glad all the arty things went well Mickie, as well as eating out of course. i have tried line dancing along to You Tube but there is not much room by the PC -it is how I learnt some of the dances when I started tho

Sorry your crafting session was cancelled Becky and hope Keith feels better soon.

Monochrome seems good to me but my take on it is that it is tones of one colour not necessarily black and white/grayscale -is that correct? It's fun to be thinking of themes again Smile

That's right Vonny; in arty terms, hue, value and intensity of one colour. Wink I hadn't actually thought of learning dance from YouTube but now you mention it, it makes perfect sense!   Where would we be without YouTube?  Laughing

Sorry to hear Keith is not well Becky.  Hope he gets well soon but doesn't pass it onto you.

So much for serious crafting today.  Spent much of it catching up with my telly viewing Rolling Eyes Trouble is, the Skandi drama means that I have to watch and read the sub-titles as my Swedish is not so good.  Anyway, I have the evening to do what I can.  Will concentrate on the swaps and the UFOs will just have to remain as such

Has anyone read read The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel books?  If you enjoyed the films then I would urge you to read the books.  I am listening to book 1 and it is brilliantly funny with layer of pathos and hope

Thanks for the tip about the Marigold books Mickie. I will try and get them downloaded onto my kindle.

Well I've been working away like mad trying to get everything done today as tomorrow will be packing and repacking I think. However, for some reason I decided to defrost the freezer at 7 pm - no idea what I was thinking.

It was the SWI choir this afternoon - always fun and a laugh. Christmas carols this week, so I am so (NOT) in the mood for Chirstmas  Rolling Eyes

Sorry to hear that Keith has a cold Becky - I think colds are very underrated as they can really be absolutely stinkers and I hate the them. I hope you don't get it - probably too late now anyway. My arm is still sore from last week's flu jab !

Yes to me monochrome is hues and that was what Margaret taught. But so many people just think black and white.
margaret rorie

Since we've been discussing "monochrome" I thought I'd put my scrapbooker's layout in my gallery.  I was honoured (and a little scared) at being asked to lead the session!  My layout was quite clean and simple and used shades of blue. A great way to use up scraps of patterned paper.

Hope you have a great time away Jennie and come back with lots of ideas.

I agree with you Jennie that it seems too early to be thinking of Xmas although I am planning to make my cakes this weekend. I thought I'd better get them done before I pack away the tins!

Christmas lunch came up in our discussions at Art Club this morning - really feels far to early to be thinking about the festive season.  Had a pub lunch afterwards and the Christmas decs were coming out along with the Christmas menus.  Called into Sainsbury on the way home and, yes, the decs, the food etc were all coming out.  Now for me, this could all wait until after Bonfire Night Rolling Eyes  Bah! Humbug! that's me Laughing

Will you be in your new home for Christmas Margaret?  Good idea to get the baking out of the way before packing away the tins Laughing  Laughing

Raining here now but not cold so not all bad.  I say not cold - it isn't tropical either but I didn't need a coat on my travels earlier.  Just decorated the back seat of my car with it Laughing
margaret rorie

We've had fog all day today so no planes which means no newspapers - one of the disadvantages of living here.  Hope the fog lifts for you getting away Jennie - there's nothing worse than disrupted travel plans.

I agree with you Mickie about Xmas - it seems too early to start having Xmas dinner!  We were hoping to get moved before Xmas but now I'm not so sure.  It all depends on the person buying our house getting her house sold.  I'm just packing boxes gradually and not thinking too much as there's no point in worrying.

Must get back to my Old Norse!  Very Happy

made Xmas decorations with my group today as there is only 3 weeks with each group now I alternate between 2 of them so had to get started. Have been waiting for some sewn Xmas decorations so hope they arrive before Xmas.

thanks for the monochrome info -love those technical terms Mickie Smile Have been looking to see if there is a Luton Art exhibiton this year -it seems that it has been deferred as the museum where it is normally held is being renovated.

Knitting group then meeting a friend for a spinning session tomorrow so pretty busy

Well I've been holding my breath all day as apart from the very early flights (where the plane is already here from the night before) nothing has gone or got in all day. Just before it got dark the fog seemed to clear a bit and then within minutes I couldn't see the fence in the garden !!!! But . yay! they have got a couple of planes in to the Airport in the last hour and the two important ones - those that go in the morning and which I am on - are scheduled to land any minute.  So phew !!! Was beginning to think I might not make it. As long as I can get to Edinburgh I can always get a train.

Yes Christmas .. I have got all my Christmas stamps, dies and papers out, but really it does seem so early given that the temperature here today was 12 degrees. Better than a summer day  Rolling Eyes I have managed to order a few presents. I found some books which can be made personal, so Callum is getting the boy who lost his name (he finds the letters as the story progresses) and Caitlyn is hopping along with Peppa Pig. So I have made a start  Very Happy

Anyway . hopefully speak to you all next Tuesday when I get home, rather than tomorrow  Very Happy  Very Happy  Very Happy

Morning all hope you get to take off Jennie and have a great time.
Sorry you have to wait to move  Margaret mind you she can't pull out can she I know the Scottish law is better than down here.
I learnt earlier in the year that monochrome can be the any colour as long as they are different hues.
I am so pleased I decided not to do Xmas cards I really don't need the stress. We have had rain here for the last three days and lots of it so glad I don't have to go out. x

Hope you got away alright this morning Jennie.  Enjoy yourself in Coventry and i hope you've left lots of room in your luggage for all the goodies you will be taking back Laughing

At art club everyone is busy painting a picture which will become their Christmas cards.  Much simpler way of doing it because all you do is paint a picture (did I say simple?) normal size, then scan it into your computer and print it out at required size, either directly onto card (job done) or onto thick paper to be cut out and matted and layered onto ready folded cards.  I'm painting a token Robin - didn't want anyone to think I wasn't up for doing cards this year Laughing  Laughing

Think we're in the monsoon season over here as well Becky.  Have decided I quite like the sound of the rain so if it could just hold off until I get time to sit and listen to it that would be fine Wink

We still have rain here doesn't seem to have stopped in the last 3 days. I have Libs for a couple of hours this afternoon and then the rest will come for tea later so have done a casserole. X

plenty of rain here too but better today -also had about 30  mins of sun yesterday afternoon!
Perhaps we could do our cards that way mickie -design one we like then just scan and print it -would vertainly cut down on the work so perhaps that's, an idea for next year Becky.
Went to a card making workshop -it was rather mainic as they don't usually have 8 people, thier 3 daughters were also there (and rather noisy at times) and the card had lots of different layers so was fairly comples to make. i enjoyed it tho and will go on another one, probably in the new year. The card is in my gallery

Have done a little stamping this afternoon (it seems to take me ages to actually finish a card) and tomorrow afternoon I am having a crafting session with friends so that will be a good catch up.

Made a birthday card for my friend today - I knew I was seeing my friend this evening and I had a bit of a panic at 5.30pm when I wasn't even half way finished.  It worked out alright in the end though Phew!  Seems to take me longer and longer to do these things nowadays.

Still haven't completed last months swaps elsewhere and I have all of this months to go Embarassed  So glad I decided not to do the Christmas cards this year Wink

Which reminds me Vonny, I think if we use stamped images and photocopy them we might be in breach of copyright law, although I do agree that would be easier than doing the cards individually - we aren't selling them after all

I think if it is your work Mickie that you are copying you are ok I always scan my backgrounds so I can print them off to use them and we are not making profit  x

love the new photo of you and Libs Becky  Very Happy
Hadn't thought of copyright but some stamp companies are angel and also I think it's not a problem if you aren't selling them -after all you could in fact stamp the same number- if there were 8 days in the week. Laughing

I think the sticking point comes in the photocopying.  All the angel companies stress that the stamp must not be reproduced by mechanical means and I have a feeling printing (which is what photocopying is in effect) comes into this category

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