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Morning all we have got the sun here but it is very cold and we have had a frost. Hope you all had a good weekend I certainly enjoyed my day in yesterday. Today I am having my hair done and then tonight going to a Halloween fancy dress. x
margaret rorie

It's full here today but not cold. I've got my Vikings lecture at the local college this afternoon.

Enjoy your Hallowe'en party Becky.

frost??brrr Glad the workshop went well Becky -I know you will enjoy having your hair done -and the party should be fun -what are you going as??
Margaret hope the lecture was interesting.
My thumb is feeling a lot better but still a bit sore. Was able to drive tho the hand brake was difficult to use -only went a couple of mile to line dancing tho!
Have just done my tax return and am getting some money back -always good news.

Enjoy the party Becky... and the lecture Margaret.

Pleased you've managed to drive Vonny.  And money back from the tax man? - bonus!!

Quiet night for me - early night I think - exhausted already!

Back at work today. Attempts to take it easy failed - was there from 7.30 to 7.30! Latest Italian earthquakes are 20km fron the house we have spent 3 years renovating! Historic cente of our nearest town has been shut off, church tower collapsed, loads of people in tents. lots of damage to buildings. Hopefully someone can check ours in next couple of days. Was ok after last series of quakes, also incredibly close.  Keep an eye on your thumb Vonny, don't let it get infected. Bit nervous about these things now.

So sorry to hear that about your lovely house Sarah. I do hope everything is ok.

No frost for us yet I'm happy to say.  We are getting a bit of a cold, light mist though.

Hope you get good news of your house Sarah - must be nerve wracking not being able to just pop round and see for yourself.

Well done getting a tax rebate Vonny.  Remember to spend it wisely - there's always those stamps you've been hankering after........ a bit more wool.......quilting fabric...............  Wink

Becky you'd make a wonderful witch.............. Laughing   Hope you enjoyed the party.

Had a lovely lunch today with a friend.  We had a Fish sharing platter - which was very tasty with some chips on the side and we ate and chatted and ate and chatted then chatted some more and before we knew it it was nearly tea time so we had coffee and went home Laughing

same here Sarah -hope it is ok -but at least you weren't in it to get hurt.
thumb continues to improve and only turning on the tap is a little painful today.
Since the clocks have gone back I have been having earlier nights anyway Miriam - it has been dark for so long it seems it is time to sleep!
Stitching group went well today until I spilt my water over my self and the lady who was next to me -luckily it wasn't coke!
Having lunch and a good natter with a friend tomorrow.

oh Sarah - stay safe - and I hope your house is ok.

Pleased your thumb is getting better Vonny.  A good natter sounds perfect!  Good job you had water!!

Mickie - the fish sharing platter sounds lovely Smile

Jennie, Margaret, Becky - I hope you are all ok too.

Very busy day today.  My mouth is really ulcerated (I get them every month because of my endo) and it really drags me down!  Treating myself to a glass of wine tonight!!

Gosh you have all been busy
Hope your house is ok Sarah
Hope your thumb carries on getting better Vonny I have a thumb that splits especially in the cold and it hurts and a tax refund  lucky you
I get mouth ulcers Miriam so know what you are going though.
No workshops or art class this week Mickie ?
What was the viking talk about Margaret.
I am having a day in finishing projects that I have started and should go in the post.

hope the wine numbs those ulcers Miriam -can't be nice  Sad
Mickie -love the way your lunches turn into tea as well! I managed to leave my lunch before the school run as the roads here get really busy and it takes me twice as long to get home then.
Dentist tomorrow then making calendars at art and craft group -should be fairly easy apart from getting the months in the right order.

Phew!  Feet just hit the ground - another busy arty crafty week for me!  

Did a workshop with Michele Illing on Saturday that I might have mentioned previously.  Anyway, she does a fortnightly class on a Friday, just down the road from the one I go to on a Monday.  So,  impressed with her teaching style and decided I might check out her class.  Did that today and continue to be impressed with the teaching style so have enrolled.  Shall not continue with the Monday class after February next.  

The Craft Barn blog continues successfully and this week I have a Zini stamp to give away.  All you have to do is comment on Wednesday's post saying which one is your favourite and what you would call it.  (PaperArtsy Eclectica mini stamp by Elena Zinsky).  Wendesday's post was a Christmas Card featuring three of the Zinis Wink

Art Society Meeting tomorrow and then I think I'll put my feet up and doze till Monday morning Rolling Eyes

You have to pass a big senior school to get to my house Vonny so I usually have to make sure I get back before 2.30pm which is when the parents/grandparents/etc start to clog up the road waiting for their little darlings - I am sure school finished later in my day.  However, they are all gone by tea time so no problem getting home after a long lunch!

It is pouring down now, the like of which has not been seen for a while.  Not quite biblical proportions.........................yet!  They say it will be cold tomorrow......................nice!

Good luck with the wine Miriam

How's the thumb Vonny?

Hope you are ok Becky

thumb id fully recovered now, thank you for asking Mickie
A friend came round today for a knit and natter session but a similar one tomorrow with another friend has been cancelled so will go on a trip round charity shops locally to get some more books  Smile
Your new classes sound good Mickie -you will be extra busy until the Mon one finished tho -need to go and check out the website too.

Glad to hear your thumb is now all better Vonny - any problems with any digit has such a knock on effect on everything one does, even a small cut!

Mickie - I really have to go and have a lie down when I read about your week. I thought I was busy, but heavens!

I am having a day off from the panto today - I decided to clear out the little room alongside our bedroom which seems to be such a dumping room for just about everything! We've had a fair bit of decorating done this year and everything gets put in there and then once decorated I decide I will go all minimalist and not put it back !! So far six bags for the dump and two for the charity shop. I swear the house has visibly lifted. Mind you I can hardly move now ........

Morning all how do do cope with such a busy week Mickie mind you Jennie is as bad I would be on the floor after 2 days. Hope work is a bit better now Sarah and you are coping ok. Glad your thumb is ok now Vonny  Very Happy it will make crafting and knitting easier. I saw Doc on Thursday and he told me off and that I have to rest so I am listening to him and having some time indoors now my Dad is on the mend I am not going to see him as much I feel guilty but can't keep up with it I am a walking zombie. xx

Morning all,

Everyone sounds so busy....  great news about your Dad Becky.... I'm sure he wouldn't want you to push yourself too hard!

I'm exhausted today.  Need to start making some Christmas cards!

Another manic day and probably another one tomorrow Rolling Eyes

An art buddy called me this morning to remind me of an art demo taking place today so went to that this morning then onto Art Society meeting this afternoon where due to sickness amongst the volunteers the rest of us had to double up and multi task (you can tell we are mostly women.........oh hush!  Did I say that out loud? Wink)  

Enjoyed the demo though, the artist was building up a background much like we would in layers and then instead of applying the focal point on top, she painted it with spray paint through lace.  

So................what is art? and what is craft?.......................blessed if I know Rolling Eyes

Been invited to a play day at a crafty friends tomorrow so that's my feet up till Monday out the door!  Will be a good day though, that's for sure.

Enjoy what's left of your weekend everyone

Glad you had a good time Mickie I am coming round to the idea that craft and art are the same I am enjoying mixed media and I certainly think that is similar to both and stamping is instead of drawing. I am enjoying my weekend in and doing just what I want to do brilliant it also allows me to recharge my batteries.

Thanks for your good wishes everyone. Finally found out yesterday that house looks ok, apart from a few superficial cracks in plaster.   As you say,  Vonnie, damage to houses fades into insignificance compared with the injuries and deaths that occurred in the August earthquake, but it is devastating for so many of our neighbours who have had their houses destroyed.  Most of the towns and villages around us have had a large part of their historic centres wrecked.

Miraculously we don't even seem to have had any breakages. I was particularly worried about a lamp I carried across Egypt and brought back on a plane by smuggling under a long skirt as it was so delicate I didn't want to put it in the hold and it wouldn't fit in overhead lockers. But even that seems to be OK. I guess it was because all our building work has been recently redone and had to meet very exacting antin-earthquake standards.  Very lucky.

That is lovely Sarah so glad there was no real damaged and that the lamp wasn't damaged at all are you leaving it in Italy or attempt to get it brought over here. xx

That's really good news Sarah about the house, and what a gorgeous lamp! And good news about your Dad too Becky.

The sun is shining here in between the showers, but it is BITTERLY cold! It has been pretty windy too. Winter has definitely arrived, but we have been lucky.

We had a pretty sleepless night as Aimee (the dog) kept waking us up, pawing us and wouldn't let us sleep. She even jumped on the bed a couple of times, which she has never done. We sussed eventually that it was one of the Fire Alarms going off downstairs - intermittently. The battery was going so it was bleeping now and then. How did she know that it was important? Or was she finding it very irritating ...... we'll never know. Needless to say it took us a while with stepladders etc. to find out which one! New batteries are now installed in all the alarms and here's hoping for a good night's sleep tonight  Laughing

Good news Sarah so pleased for you.  What a lovely lamp too.  I did smile at the image of you walking through customs with the lamp up your skirt Laughing

Hope you get a better night's sleep tonight Jennie - but what a clever dog Aimee is - nothing is going to happen while she's around

Bitterly cold here this evening - Am going to cuddle up to the fire and watch Strictly - my one woman protest is over Laughing  Laughing

Had a lovely day with friends playing with polymer clay, although we didn't realise how long it takes to condition the stuff so we got nothing baked.  Will have to do that tomorrow Rolling Eyes

sounds like she can be relied on in an emergency then Jennie -glad you sorted it out tho or you would have been awake for a few more nights. We have a bitter wind here too
Becky you need to look after yourself as well as your Dad so pleased you are doing as your Doctor told you -if you get ill you won't be able to visit him at all.
Miriam hope you are feeling a bit more rested
sarah -glad the house is ok -seems like the work paid off -and the vase is really amazing -worth the smuggling risks!!!
Spent yesterday cutting down trees in some local woods (where the knitted nature trail will go) -definitely a new experience -and I only ache a bit today  Smile Forum Index -> General
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