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Week 14/ Y5

Sorry not to have been around but it has been a tad busy with the panto! Got a nasty cold for the last couple of nights so spent time trying to rest on Friday and Saturday  Laughing Thankfully the cough didn't develop until yesterday, so at least I managed to get all the singing done.  We all had a great time and I can't believe that the last three months of prepping and being on stage have now come to an end. Lots to get on with though.

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Just looked out of the window and it is snowing !!

Have a great week everyone x

Great pic Jennie glad you have had fun now you can rest for a while bet you don't though  Laughing .

Meet Molly Kirsten my new grandaughter born this morning at 1-30.

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The sun is shining here

  Becky x

Super photo Jennie - you must have a good photographer to call on .  Sorry you were not well towards the end and hope the cough goes quickly.  Mind you, if it makes you put your feet up and rest awhile, that will be no bad thing:wink:

Another super photo and congratulations on the new granddaughter Becky; she looks lovely.  Love her name too

Went to an end of course art exhibition this morning with a friend and I was really impressed with the work.  So much so that I've signed up for a twelve week art course starting end of February,  It will consist of six weeks drawing and six weeks water colour with the option of more courses to come.  It is local too, so no petrol costs.

Saw a beautiful painting depicting a man and his dog walking home in the evening snow.  There was also a Christmas card that the artist had had printed from his painting.  Way to go I thought........  

Maybe I shall be able to turn out a piece of work good enough to print off as Christmas cards next year...........without having to worry about copyright

love the photo Jennie -bet you are exhausted!

Congrats on another grand child Becky (what a prolific lot you are) -she looks very cute.

bit warmer today and line dancing warmed me up nicely too. Had a craft session yeserday and got my ATCs done for the month -also ate too much as usual so had to postone our evening dinner and just have toast! Been making mince pies today too.

Gosh Mickie you are going to be busy in the new year doing a art course.

It is certainly getting colder here we are off out to do some xmas shopping.

      Becky x

Went out for a Christmas Dinner last night with a women's group I belong to.  We went to the place where I got the Lemon Posset recipe.  Of course, I had to have that - it was lovely.  We were all so full afterwards and had to battle our way to our cars through what seemed like a mild hurricane.  Just was well we were weighed down with all that food as otherwise we might have blown away Laughing

Off to the same place again tonight with another set of friends and it looks like it will be more of the Lemon Possett.  Weather forecast not so bad for today so I guess I shall just waddle back to the car

sounds like a good excuse for eating a big meal mickie -also think you should get some shares in the place!

Started knitting a bag on size 15mm needles yesterday as will felt it in the machine -at least it grows quickly  Smile

Making xmas decorations with my group this week.

Hope you had another good meal Mickie I went out last night with my craft club lovely food and great company all in all a lovely evening.

Have fun with your Xmas decs Vonny sounds as though the group are enjoying it.

Met Molly yesterday she is so tiny and gorgeous had a lovely cuddle.
Having a day in just a few Xmas cards to write and then I am done.

    Becky x

There's a funny thing.  Had to log in to leave my reply!  anyway, here I am now.  Yes, the meal was lovely and the company excellent and today I am in training for tonight's meal which is in a totally different venue and a half hour drive away and then that's it for this week.

Think you are right about the shares Vonny.  Both parties have booked again for next year but I have managed to persuade them to do different weeks. Laughing

I have to do a quick birthday card now.  I have father and son with birthdays about now and I thought the father's birthday was the first of the two so made his card a while ago.  Just realised that actually, it is the son's birthday first so am now panicking!  Good old Lindsay Mason though - her stamps really do come to the rescue for a quick, boy's card.

I have done that loads of time Mickie  or I make a card for a birthday put it in my birthday box and forget so make another one  Laughing

We have the sun but boy it is cold nothing planned for weekend so going with the flow.

   Becky x
margaret rorie

Sorry I haven't been around this week - my sister and hubby were up for a few days as it was her birthday. Although the weather was quite poor with high winds and thunder and lightening we managed to do some sightseeing. We went out for a meal to celebrate her birthday - the meal was lovely. The only complaint was the main course was huge!

Congrats on becoming a granny again Becky - lovely photo of Molly.

Your art course sounds really good Mickie - isn't it nice to have tine to do these things?

Jennie - hope you're feeling better. The panto must be exhausting.

I'm off down to Orkney on Wed so hope the wind goes down as we're on the boat. I've iced the cakes today but still have to do the old paper ATC - have tried various designs but not entirely happy. Margaret Forum Index -> General
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