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Morning all we have the sun shining but very chilly.

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View from my bedroom PIC was taken at 7-30 this morning

Hope you all have a lovely day

  Becky x

lovely to see the sea. Same weather here and am just going for a little walk to enjoy the sun.
My Gelli plate book came this morning so will be studying that later -maybe sitting in the garden

Well it started off nice and sunny but by lunchtime it was overcast, chilly and threatening rain.  3pm it poured down.  Admittedly the gardens need it and I don't have to go out again today so not all bad.........................I guess.

Art class was filmed this morning, which was a bit disconcerting at first but it didn't take long before we forgot the camera was there.

Need to make some birthday cards this afternoon so many birthdays in May Wink

Evening all.....

Busy day today.... trying to pace myself though Smile

Not sure if you are aware, but Wendy at the Stamp Attic is retiring and so selling up - LOADS of bargains!  

I'm a the Stamp Attic both Saturday and Sunday - will be tired but really wanted to do the last workshops ever!!

Looking forward to catching up Sunday Miriam just leave some stuff in the shop for me are you staying over Sat night

  Becky x

Miriam and Becky, you are going to have such a good (but maybe a little sad) time.  Don't forget to let us see what projects you will have done

Lovely sunny day today - might even spend a moment or two in the garden.  Postie has a thick quilted sleeveless jacket on, so its obviously not as tropical out there as it looks Rolling Eyes

Have a great get together Becky and Miriam.

The sun has been shining here but it is still freezing. Even the greenhouse required fleece and a jacket ! No gardening yet, but I decided today to tidy up all my wools and spinning fleece. I think I have nearly as much as paper and inks  Wink

same here Jennie!
Sunny but cold here today -no sitting in the garden for me. Went to a local town with good craft shop but it was closed and no opening times- disappointing  Sad
Had a go at making a few little books from some of my Gelli paper. Have posted in my gallery.

Morning ladies it is horrid here today very wet nothing planned but as we are going home tomorrow so only have today to do things but looks as though it not nice anywhere.

    Becky x
margaret rorie

Lovely day here today although still cool - still it's nice to see the sun.  I was at the cinema this afternoon with some friends. On Wed afternoons the cinema does a special "senior" screening so today it was Woman in Gold starring Helen Mirren. I enjoyed it - a good story.

The Folk Festival starts here tomorrow so I'll have a busy few days going to concerts and helping on the club bar. Thankfully the essay is finished  - just need to delete 300 words and do a final check. Phew!

Off to do some crafting now - want to make some cards for challenges. My new distress ink has arrived so will need to see what it's like.

well done for finshing the essay Margaret -sounds like it is just in time  Very Happy Enjoy the music (and the bar!)

Have been playing with my Gelli plate today -it really is addictive. Did better this time than before -some paper has som much paint on it's now more like card!

Just heard my volunteering session has been cancelled tomorrow so feels like a holiday!

Enjoy your "holiday" Vonny!

Congratulations on getting the essay finished Margaret.   Enjoy the festival. Love the idea of a "senior" screening.  

Hope you can get to be in the garden soon Jennie.  It is so nice when you can at least sit and have a mid morning cuppa in the sunshine

Inky Fingers yesterday was super.  We decorated a cloth bag.  Well, in my case half decorated - still have the back to go!  Haven't any cloth paints so will have to finish it next week.  

Might get some paints on Sunday as I admiring a workshop with Lindsey Mason.  Really excited about that.

Mickie there is an additive you can use with acryclic paints to make them into fabric paints- might be a cheaper option?

This predictable spelling thing is getting ridiculous/comical depending on your view.  I notice that on Sunday I will be "admiring" a workshop with Linsay Mason.  How on earth so they get that from an obviously typoed "attending"? Rolling Eyes

Anyway, like the sound of the additive Vonny.  Will look into that.

Well back home and the weather has come back with us.

Have fun at the folk festival I am sure up in Shetland you have more hours in a day then us you and Jennie don't stop.

Hope you enjoyed your day hol Vonny

Enjoy your workshop Mickie even if you are admiring  Laughing predictive text is weird I have a few of Lindsey Mason stamps I am doing a workshop with Kate Crane tomorrow which I am so looking forward too.

Had a lazy day yesterday think it will be the same today although I must do a card and I want to do some background pages brought a new journal on hol well I brought 3 they were a great price  Laughing not sure why but I never finish a journal book not sure why  Confused

  Becky x

I'm not entirely sure that you are supposed to finish a journal completely Becky, so it's ok to keep buying more Laughing I hope it is anyway because I keep making them

I am dosed up with the Cold and Flu pills in the hopes that I shall be ok to do tomorrow's workshop.  Three times now I have tried to do Linsey Mason's class and twice I have failed to get on it. Fingers crossed I shan't miss out a third time.

Hope you have got better weather for your festival Margaret and Jennie.  Have a good time

Happy holidays Vonny

hope you have made the workshop mickie! also that Miriam and Becky are enjoying theirs.

Visited a couple of local craft shops yesterday but very disappointing -one seems to have stopped doing stamps- just has a few sad ones lurking on the shelf.

Quiet today -trying some paier mache on a balloon to make a bowl -popped the first one which gave me a fright!  Shocked Forum Index -> General
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